Mommy Makeover (Mexico)

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I want to have Brazilian butt lift, Tummy tuck,...

I want to have Brazilian butt lift, Tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift. Has anyone had all four procedures done, Im thinking about having all of it done because it will be way cheaper... Someone who had it done, please give me your testimony. I want to know the good and the bad. I would love to hear your story

Mommy makeover

Im 8 weeks away from having my mommy makeover, I have decided to have the surgery with Dr. Balza. Im am so excited and scared, I keep hearing about people dying after and during surgery, but then I also hear that you are more likely to die of a car accident than surgery. This long wait is giving me anxiety. All I do is read realself reviews, im getting headaches from reading from my cell all day, when im not working. Anybody else having anxiety before surgery.

9 more days

I have 9 more days until surgery, I'm so excited, not looking forward to recovery but I will be worth it, my daughter is coming with me, she doesn't know that she has to help me wipe my butt and brush my teeth yet, yikes. I will keep y'all posted and I will post pictures after. I'm hoping to get a big butt and wide hips. I bought a six inch foam cushion and cut out a couple of layers so that my fat transfer will hold up. I have been talking with Psimmons she had the same surgery with the same doctor that I will be going with. She has been so helpful, I thank God for her. My husband is asking so how long does he have to wait to have sex, I told him maybe 6 weeks, I don't know, it depends how I feel. I just found out that I will be having my surgery at CER plastic surgery clinic, it's really nice going looking at the pictures.

Day of surgery 1-11-16

I'm waiting on the van to pick me up for surgery. I'm so excited, Beauty Recovery house is so nice and the staff is great!!!!!
My daughter is here with me. I'm so excited to be on the flat side with a butt. I will keep y'all updated...and I will post pictures later.

After surgery

Thank God surgery is over, they used epidural so I didn't get the two day drowsiness, I was in recovery I think about an hour. I got bbl, bl, lipo and tummy tuck. I wasn't in to much pain after surgery, it actually wasn't that bad, however I had a scratchy throat before surgery, do not have abd surgery if you have a cold or a cough, after surgery I had a cough that came in like a thief in the night, it hurts so bad, everyone I cough I cried, the surgery itself was fine, except for back pain from bending over to walk. I definitely was uncomfortable bc I couldn't lay back bc of the cough, I did get a slight fever after surgery, which is normal for me. Dr. Balza is a great Doctor, the staff RN, the doctors are so nice and beautiful, I had my surgery at CER Clinic in Tijuana, oh my gosh, it is so nice and clean, no joke its like 4.5 star, the surgical room to my room is moderm clean the bed my daughter slept in was leather and comfortable. Whe I was in recovery room, I ask thr nurse hoe many cc was injected in my buyt, she said 300cc, I said what, whete is my doctori was so mad, but when I talk to the doctor she said she put 800cc and 200 cc in my hips, I was hoping gor more, she sai I lost alot of blood and she didnt want to risk my life, I wanted lipo on my arms and inner thighs, but she couldn't do it. The second day back pain got worse, I will finish later I'm tired

2nd day of surgery

Surgery meds wore off on the second day, so the pain in my back got a little worse, bc you have to be hunched over when walking. I left out the preopt part. When I arrived at the hospital, I filled out paperwork, them I saw the cardiologist he did my ekg, I had my IV placed which took a couple of sticks, ouch....they took blood, everything came out normal. The doc came in an marked me up, the anthesiologist came in and asked me questions, 20 mins later the wheeled me in the operating room, it was spotless, I moved to the surgery table they asked me to get in a fetal position so they can put the epidural in, they put sleeping med in my IV so I was out before they put the epidural in, thank God, I do remember waking up twice when laying on my stomach it felt like she was liposuctioning my back, I said hey that hurts, then I was out. I remember waking up in recovery, I think the surgery was 6-7 hrs. I wanted her to do lipo on my inner thigh and my arms, but she said I was losing to much blood, she didnt want to risk my life, I was cool with that.
So before surgery I had a scratchy throat, already, so after surgery it turned into a big dry cough, it hurt so bad I just cried and cried, they gave me cough med and pain but it didnt work, with four surgeries I had the pain didnt even compare to the pain of coughing after tt, please note, dont be so anxious to get surgery if you have a cold, wait until your completly healed, the pain of coughing is no joke, my dr, said she took in 14 inches off my waist well thank God bc my waist was huge. I kinda wish I would have did the bbl later bc I have to lay on my back bc of the bl and tt, im scared my butt will get flat again.

3rd day of surgery

i left the hospital and went to Dr.Cardenas recovery house beauty enhance recovery house. That place to me is like 4 star, it was clean the bathroom was nice, the staff all of them was excellent, someone was there at all times, they feed you breakfast lunch dinner and snacks, the food is delicious. They bathe you, change your dressing, tuck you in at night, give your meds in time, if you needed something from the pharmacy they called the pharmacy the pharm delivers whatever you want. I would recommend that place to anyone, if I ever decided to go for round two, I would stay there again, they also have free wifi, and american channels. I didnt miss the tyler perry shows. For some reason the 4th day my back pain got worse, I had to use the walker at this point, I could barely stand. The 5 th day and so on the back pain got better, the 6th day I didnt need the walker, every now and then I got a little ache in my breast, but not bad. I stayed in Tijuana for 10 days, dr. took my breast drains out on day 4, it didnt hurt I was surprised.

Day 11 post opt

i got home 12 midnight last night, I was so happy to see my kids and husband, I dont think I can stay away that long again, today Im feeling better I have been able to stand up for longer periods of time, I have been trying not to sit on my butt as much but what else am I to do, my back and stomach is very very swollen, I cant wait until it goes down.. I bought this trifold 6 inch twin mattress to sleep on, I cut out the booty part so I wont put to much pressure back there, I ordered it off amazon $150, I also use two boppi pillows, im able to stand more straight up now, I have to remind myself to bend over a little. So far my incisions look good in the front. I know I have to wait, to see my end results but I want my butt to be a little bigger, round two please, maybe next year

18 days post opt

My doctor said that I can go get my drains taken out, so I went to a nearby ER in Ga, I paid $100 copay, for the doctor to tell me that he never took out drains before, so he will not take it out, he referred me to the burn clinic. So the next day I went to the burn clinic and paid $70 copay, they did take out the drains, one side hurt really bad when she took it out, the other side didnt hurt at all. They put a wet vaseline gauze then dry gauze on top, they also put it on the area that still had some draining, they said it was infected.. Well the next day when I was getting ready to take a shower the drain holes and that small area had the draining opened up big time, I sent pictures to Dr.Balza she told me to take off the vaseline gauze and only clean it with the spray and cover it with dry gauze, she said it was not infected. Thank God I listened to her, these american doctors know nothing.. The burn clinic in Ga, told me it will take a long time for the drain holes to close up, yeah if you put wet vaseline gauze on it.. My holes was worse that day of having the wet gauze in it, im so glad I listened to Balza, my drain holes were dry and closed up in a week. I am begining to think these doctors in the US, are incompetent.

Week 4 post opt

my back hurts from bending over, I still have a hard time standing straight up. I can only sleep on my back, bc when I try to sleep on my sides my boobs hurt.. This revovery period is so not fun, sometimes I feel like crying, theres no pain but just sore, I started itching in my stomach, my back and my hips, the itching is so bad, I get nauseate and I be wanting to cry, I tried all kinds of ointment, and it still inches. Overall, the surgery wasnt that bad, its the itching that is the worse, when my hips itch, its still kind of numb, so when I try to scratch it, I cant feel it, that sucks. I cant imagine how some people go to work after 2 and three weeks post opt, I couldnt do it, maybe bc im older 39yrs old. I dont know.

Before and after

Before surgery

After surgery

After surgery

Extended tummy tuck

Round 2 bbl done

I'm back home from Mexico, I stayed 4 nights I had R2 with Dr Balza she is awesome. No real pain just sore. She took out about 5000 cc of fat some of it was water. She put 900cc in each cheeck and 200 in the hips my hip measurement went from 40 to 44, I hope I keep most of it. The only aggervating thing is that I can lay or sit on my bottom so my neck hurts.
I stayed at Dr.Cardenas beauty recovery house. I love that place I got excellent care, the food is delicious, it's clean and the staff is very nice. I recommend Dr. Balza and beauty care recovery house if anyone wants to go to Mexico

7 weeks post opt

I'm now 7 weeks post opt round two bbl/ lipo on abd/inner thigh/arms, when I first got out of surgery I was so happy with my butt, but the swelling has gone down I lost a lot, but I can say it is still fuller than before, my measurements are 36 32 42, I was surprised it went down that much because I still haven't slept on my back nor have I sat on my butt, I use the dr. Miami booty buddy, I take it everywhere, people at work think I have hemorrhoids issue bc of the pillow, lol... I know I should be good to sleep on my back now, but I don't want to lose anymore, otherwise in a couple of years I will have to go back for round three. I really want an under arm scare arm lift, nobody will be able to tell you got it unless you show them your arm pits, I wouldn't mind a inner arm lift also, my inner thigh looks better than before but you can see the extra skin from the lipo. Overall I am satisfied, I had a great experience in Mexico with Dr .Balza and Dr. Cardenas recovery house, I'm so impressed with plastic surgery, I think I want to work in the field, I'm an RN, so that's right up my alley. I will post pictures later

Before and after pictures

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Balza is so nice, I emailed her like 1000 times before surgery, and she answered all my questions. I met her on the day of surgery she is so pretty and nice, she made me feel comfortable. She came to see me both mornings while in the hospital and she came to the recovery house to see me twice, I didn't have to go to her office. I will go back to her for any other plastic surgery that I might need.

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