Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair, Full Body Lipo and Fat Grafting to the Butt -Tijuana, Mexico

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I am a mother of 3 all 8 years apart. I just...

I am a mother of 3 all 8 years apart. I just cannot keep the weight off. I did HCG and ended up with a nice shape again, but you have to eat so differently or you gain back quickly. As I said I had a nice shape while standing up. If I bent over my lower stomach was ugly with loose skin. I felt like a dog that just had pups. Standing up no prob.
I want to rid all of this and be able to live out the feeling sexy me again with my hubby as not feeling sexy in your own body really does affect how you are with your spouse, lover, whatever. I want to feel that I look good again feeling.

Countdown is on!!!

I know the 20th is going to come so fast. I'm so happy I had my primary Dr do my labs because she called me back today and said she wants to rerun a few of them as my potassium is low POTASSIUM Range should be 3.5 - 5.0 mEq/L mine is 3.4 and my blood clotting factors are high meaning my blood should clot between 25 - 37 Sec and mine doesn't clot until 46 sec. She said it is no big deal but definitely something that should be known especially for something like this. She said she would like to see results again right before my surgery.
She also wants me to eat some bananas to get my potassium up, but I just started HCG today as I want to lose at least 15 lbs before surgery. I feel the less I weigh the more the PS can take to give me better results. I would have liked to have had more time but I asked just a few weeks ago what was the soonest I could get in and the Assistant threw Jan 14th and Jan 20th. Then I asked soonest in Feb and was told Feb 3 and 10th. Keep in mind I got a quote the end of Sept, I was just unsure of exactly when I wanted to do it. Also I have a retreat to go to Feb 21st to Feb 23rd so figured I better do Jan 20th and hope I am up to the retreat. Also didn't want to push out any further as I have been reading how slow the healing is and I want to look good and be the majority of healed come June so I can actually feel good in a swimsuit.
Oh by the way here are my before photos. I am also going to do measurements so I know exactly how much I've went down after my swelling is gone.
Thing that really sucks is I am going to lose 1/2 of my tattoo. Thats going to look funny, don't know how I'm gonna fix that one yet. I wasn't going to get a tummy tuck just for that reason, but then thought the thing I hate the most besides my thighs and ass are my stretch marks. Lipo will not remove those or the old wrinkly skin look they exhibit, so yes to rid those and that look I will deal with my 1/2 tattoo.


I hope everyone had a good time lastnight :-) I stayed home and was asleep before 10:30pm :-( I just don't feel safe going to these kind of events anymore, there is just too much madness going on now a days. It's so sad but true. I would rather be safe. I had all my fun when I was younger. However Kat Williams was here and I didn't even know he was coming until lastnight. I would have liked to have went to that. Maybe next year we will go to a resort or something. With my surgery fast approaching a night out would've been nice. I probably only have 4 more days I can drink a drink. Haven't drank in years, but have been going on a few date nights with my hubby and decided to have a red beer and it was so good, I set up another date the next weekend for happy hour. LOL limited myself to only 2, but they were soooo good.
Anyway while I'm rambling I'm heading out the door to LA to the Fashion district to see what they have for garments. Got some nice spanx there before and they are heavy duty so figured I would see before I end up paying an arm and a leg.

Wasted Trip

I went to the fashion district today in LA, drove for 30-40 min just to find out there were only like 5 stores open out of like 80. I was so disappointed. I really thought even though it was New Years day that this place would be open as they are outside stores. I guess I will have to go during the week. I just hate driving down there as it is such a busy area and parking is crazy. You really have to search for parking because they have lots that say $3-$5 but in really small letters it says every 15 min. I went today because the hubby was off and he took me, that way he can drive while I look on sidewalk for the stores cause there are so many stores you can't tell where everything is. It's like a big swapmeet but all the stores have roll down doors or a glass door. Really crazy place, but prices are good. I got some nice spanx down there and figured I would see what they have for garments because I remembered seeing the full body suits but don't know how they are made and if they will work. Even if $40-$50, sure beats $100+ I'm going to be charged elsewhere. If anyone is from LA and knows if this place has nice garments let me know, if not I will let you all know once I go down again.


So even though I know what a tummy tuck is ect, I wanted to SEE how exactly it was done so I looked up videos that show the procedure. Now keep in mind I have a strong stomach lol, however this was definitely something I should not have watched. It was so gross looking, I thought I knew how they were done NOT. I thought you were just cut open with a scalpel, boy was I wrong and to see the way everything is actually done WOW didn't see that coming. Kinda scared me, but I'm still doing it cause I know the results are going to be fabulous and even though the method is crazy thats what these Drs are trained to do right??!! LOL the word of the day is don't go searching for what you really don't want or need to know.

I didn't know where to post my Drs photo

Wasn't sure how to post my Drs photo yet without filling out a review for a procedure I haven't yet done. Hopefully this works. She is one of the top surgeons on here.

Gotta love the Government

Sooooo I have my passport, but my husband did not so in Nov we applied for one so he could be there with me for my surgery as well as Drive me to and from Mexico. So a few weeks ago when we should have received the passport he gets a letter asking for 5 more docs proving who he is because his CA lic was too recent for them, so he sent the info in. We have been waiting since and called ect... all we get is that they are processing it and no other info is avail. Then TODAY we get another letter saying he is ineligible because he owes back child support WTF!!! are you serious??? Shouldn't this question or info indicating things that may prevent you be on the application or disclosed? Or asked at the damn interview? I am LIVID!! And of course they are closed, so first thing Monday morning I told my husband to call them and tell them he needs his Birth Certificate back right away because all he has is a copy and I don't think the border will accept that. I was going to book a room but wasn't sure where exactly yet and was planning on doing it this weekend, now that is on hold until I find out about his birth certificate. I guess I could pay $18 today and order another one and hope it gets here on time but damn I have 14 days to surgery and A LOT to still do and get in order including my taxes. I am one stressed chick LOL UUUUHHHGGGG!!! I just need to know where the hell to book a room. Worse case senerio my husband can take me to the border and I can have a transportation company or taxi meet me there and my husband stay in Chula Vista and then and Transportation company take me back to the border to meet my hubby, but that is such a hassel and my f***** $$$$$.

Who knew Ordering a garment was so difficult?

I found a garment I really want, but first need to check with PS to make sure the back is high enough. But I feel the garment I want is a good choice because it is also a shaper. I am adding a photo, has anyone else ever used one of these? If so what were your thoughts?

My PS staff is the BOMB!!!!

I asked if it were possible to have lipo done to my neck and under chin too since I will be under and asked Fatemiah what the additional charge would be and she said she will throw it in at no cost. LOVE IT!!!! Just gotta get a garment.

Bad enough I'm counting my days..........

So I am counting down the days 9 to go and I get an email that tells me my son whom is a young actor telling me he was chosen to be in this fashion show I really wanted him to get. There were soooooo many kids and adults that tried out for this I was sure we hadn't gotten it because he auditioned on Dec 8th and no word (Which happens in this industry). Here I receive this email with a contract stating he will not miss any Rehearsals, fittings ect... as this is a BIG Black tie event. I am soooo excited he got it, but my surgery is on the 20th of Jan, I leave on the 19th and 1st rehearsal I just found out is tomorrow, which is fine. The second one is on the 19th and so on. The so on is okay, but the 19th is a problem because the rehearsals are late. If they were early there would be no problem. So here I am waiting to hear back from them to see how we can work this out. Then to top it all off, my husband and I are scheduled to attend a seminar from Feb 21-23 in San Diego. This Fashion Show is Feb 22nd almost 3 hrs away. Can we say BAD timing!!! AWWWWW I don't know what to do. We booked the Seminar over a month ago, but this too is SUPER important to his future. Sorry guys I just wanted to vent.

Pictures of All of my lovely Garments

Here are pictures of all my lovely garments. LOL the only thing I seem to be missing from being a mummy are all the bandages.

2 more days until SURGERY!!!!

I figured I would post some more before pictures since the other ones I chickened out on being in the nude and just threw on some under garments. LOL I could've at least put on matching stuff :-) I figured my real before and after pics are going to help someone else, so what the heck. These pictures are from the beginning of this past week. Oh and I got me new garment and LOOK I have a nice lifted round booty!!!

Feeling so ill.

I felt a slight cough coming on so decided to get on top of it and use this cough medicine from my primary Dr that has vicodin in it which is supposed to tame any cough. BIG MISTAKE!!! I was sooooo nauseated, moody, had a horrific headache and was drug tired, was unable to sleep, felt miserable all the way up to falling asleep at 10pm last night and still feeling ill this morning like I have a sour stomach, eyes feel heavy. Couldn't sleep past 6am. UUUUHHHHGGGG!!! I hope it wears off soon. Will not be taking anymore of that stuff. Gotta stick to the over the counter stuff. LOL


How many of you use this? Does it make a difference? There is only a few companies I see that carry it, and only 1 at a reasonable price.

Update from surgery I had on Jan 20th

Alright ladies I had my surgery on Jan 20th, stayed 1 night and 1/2 of today. Boy am I SOAR!!!! I didn't sleep very well. The nurses are great, lol they come in VERY often. Dr Cardenas is a very honest and up front Dr. I had liposuction like 11-13 years ago after my 2nd child, had a third child 9 years later. Because of this I had ripples as you could see in my pictures from before surgery. Dr Cardenas said she could not do lipo to this area and a tummy tuck because of the fibrostic accumulation, but would look once she pulled the flap up. Opon doing this she said the scar tissue was very hard and aggressive and she straightened things out as much as she could, but couldn't really straighten that out flat. Also because of the previous liposuction it caused me to get either a higher scar or a lower one with a small vertical one. I chose the lower one with the vertical scarring. More scarring than I wanted but hey she saved my whole tattoo. LOL I can't wait to see my results. The bending over is killing me the worst because my muscles want to tighten up. She also asked me what kind of booty I wanted and if I wanted a shelf. I opted out and told her I am not in my 20's and just wanted a lift and a bit of a rounder butt, she said turned out nice so we will see. I wished I wasn't so damn soar!! Also she did bloodwork before allowing me to leave and my damn hemoglobin was low. She wanted to do a blood transfusion and I declined. She said since I wasn't feeling dizzy and hadn't and had been living with the my low levels that my body was probably used to it, but if I started feeling dizzy, extra tires or weak to come back and get it. I'm hoping I don't need it. Thats just weird to have a strangers blood being pumped into me. She really wanted me to do it, but I will monitor myself closely. She did order me a few epi type pens to use which helps to clot the blood. That made me feel more confident. She also gave me her direct number and asked me to send her pictures every 2 days. I will put pics up in a few days.

What a journey

Sorry guys I haven't been updating on a regular basis. It has only been a week since my surgery, but I feel like it has been a month. This has been the longest week of my life. I have been so soar and not being able to do anything but sit ALL day long sounds like something someone would love to be able to do. Not me, it's driving me crazy!!!! I can't do anything and then to top it off I have had a big problem with my hemoglobin since my surgery. As I indicated the surgeon wanted to give me a blood transfusion and I declined. Unfortunately 2 days later I found myself in the ER for 14 hrs and ended up getting 2 bags of blood as my levels had dropped down to 7. The day after my surgery it was at 8.6, which I felt alright but the first night of being home my ears kept having this sound like an ultrasound constantly running and I could hear my pulse in my head and neck area. I was miserable. I figured it was either my blood pressure was raised or the fact I had lipo done under my chin and this was just the aftermath of having this done. I dealt with this the first day, but on the 2nd day home I had the sound in my ears, my heart rate would raise just walking to the bathroom and the throbbing in my head just would not subside. I called my surgeon and told her how I was feeling as I had missed her call earlier, she too thought it was my blood pressure med not being strong enough as the med I take is a very mild diuretic. I figured I would just relax and see if it would subside on its own and put a heating pad on the back of my neck to try to help alleviate my headache. So to make a long story short it got worse as the night came and I could not sleep so got up and went to the ER where they did an EKG, Ultrasound of my heart, chest xray of my lungs and heart, 6 tubes of blood, 2 bags of Potassium, a nasty warm very orange salty Potassium drink, 2 bags of Saline, 2 doses of morphine which made me eventually throw up and the nausea meds they gave me after I threw up wasn't working, but I had to wait an hour to try a different one. On top of this I was up and down so much and wasn't in my garment yet, only a wrap and every Dr wanting to see the incisions ect... I believe this in itself is a BIG reason I am more soar than I should be. Anyway after my 2 bags of blood, which takes 3 hrs for each bag was finished my levels game back up to a 8.6, still low but better. I refused to stay at the ER any longer as I had already been there 14 hrs, no food, no sleep in 2 days and it was the noisiest place ever. I followed up with my Dr the next day had blood work done again, my levels were up to 10. Normal is 13-16 so I wasn't horrible. Then had to do blood work again yesterday, my levels dropped to 9.6 but she said we will recheck on Wed and Fri and then figure out where to go next. This all sucks, but the good thing is after the Transfusion my ears stopped with the noise, my chest no longer was pounding and I was able to sleep. I think the Tramodol was messing with my sleep as when I stopped using it I could sleep. Strange. Oh and ladies I have been sleeping in my recliner which is nice, but when it comes to shifting around to get comfy and all you do it go further back and theres no way to get back up except to have someone else push the recliner down or you have to figure out how to pull yourself up no fun. I switched to the couch with 2 dining room table chairs to prop my legs up on. Works a lot better but I broke down and have a hospital bed coming today. My advice is rent a hospital bed, or get a recliner that puts you up into a standing position. I have had one miserable Journey. And ladies make sure after and extensive procedure that they test your hemoglobin and if it is 9 and under GET the transfusion. It will help you heal better and help you to not end up going through the work up that I did, as it makes the healing process so hard if you do it the way I did. I was just too proud and couldn't imagine someone else's blood in my body. My levels were in the 13-14 range before Surgery so as you can see I was in the normal range.

Hey Everyone sorry for the long disappearance. Here are updated pics

I am including before and after pics. I am still really swollen. I walked a little this past week, will increase my distance next week. Want to join a gym but know I will be limited. Still soar from the lipo and tummy tuck. I sleep in my bed, but with pillows tucked under my sides. I will love when I can sleep normal without all the extra cushioning. LOL I know when I have lost a pillow or rolled over too far as it is painful!! My PS Dr Cardenas has been nothing but great!!! She emails and calls and has her assistant call to check up on me at least 1x or more per week. She has me still send her pictures and had me sending every few days after surgery. She is a VERY caring and compassionate Surgeon. I am so happy with my Surgeon Choice. I heard through the grapevine about people who had never even met her or knew anyone that used her that she had a high infection rate. I don't know how that is as when I stayed I physically saw someone there cleaning all the time.
The surgery room was VERY clean and everyone was very clean and attentive. The nurses were on top of everything at all times from checking on me constantly, emptying my drains, staying on top of my pain management, taking me to the restroom, making sure I was warm enough, checking my sutures ect... helping me shower, making sure I knew how to properly walk and correct me if I wasn't bent over enough. I even had mandatory blood work required by my PS before I was allowed to go home. My hemoglobin ended up being on the low side and the Dr did not want me to leave and suggested a blood transfusion, but I refused and told her I was fine and wanted to go home to rest. On that note ladies, if at all possible try to stay at the facility for at least 3-5 days or make sure you have an electric hospital bed before you come home. I tried the recliner thing and was miserable. I could get in and lay back but could not get back up or was a very painful experience when I did. I even tried to sit on the couch with pillows surrounding me and feet up on a chair. Very uncomfortable. I could get up easier, but was miserable. My personal experience I would suggest a wheel chair (for going places, I had many Drs appts because of my hemoglobin issue and having to go to the ER, getting blood transfusion and getting blood drawn every 2 days for 2 weeks) A shower chair (ladies don't try to be he woman and stand. I thought mrs toughy that I am I didn't need anything, lol) and the hospital bed is a MUST HAVE. or at least it was for me. The tummy tuck never really bothered me except for the walking hunched over (which kills the back) and the tightness of not being able to stretch. The most painful thing for me I think was the lipo and fat deposits done at the same thing. I think it was too much for me to have so much done and so many areas done at one time and the tummy tuck all at once. My bruising was soooooo bad I think that in conjuction with everything I had done was just tooo much to bear. I have a very high pain tolerance or at least used to. If I had to do this all over there is no way in hell I would have everything done at one time. Again each person heals differently and maybe since my hemoglobin dropped so dangerously low it made everything so much more painful. I have several areas that I wanted lipo in that the Dr by law was only able to take so much. She asked me what areas were the most important with notifying me of that and I told her pretty much everywhere, so a little was taken from each of those areas. :-( Unfortunately it wasn't as much as I thought it would be, so if I don't lose enough to be happy with those areas by this summer I will be getting only lipo done, which I think will put me where I want to be. I am including before and after pics and 3.5 weeks post op pics. Sorry guys as some are graphic, but I don't want to candy coat anything. I will again update soon.

Addition to previous post

Wasn't sure how many pics I could post at 1 time so broke it down into 2 postings. Also I forgot to mention above in reference to Dr Cardenas so called infection rate that I personally did not have any type of infection nor did the person that I befriended that had surgery by her a few days before mine. Just wanted to clear that up for those of you going off of these false accusations. Most infections are caused be people after they go home because they themselves don't properly care for themselves after returning home, or they aren't properly cleaning the wound. I personally washed with hepa cleanse from your local rite aide 3 days before surgery and for 2 weeks after on the surgery sites. And making sure you wear a under shirt under your garment and cleaning your garment every 2 days. for the first week and a half I actually cut big strips of disposable bed pads and put them on the surgical site and put the tank top/undershirt over it and tucked my shirt inside the garment and changed these daily. Again it's all about how you care for the area afterwards. My PS paid CLOSE attention to my flap ( the area where the 2 pieces of skin are re-sewn together making sure they don't over lap from the pulling of skin) I had to have a tummy tuck from hip to hip and a little area vertically because of lipo I had 12 years ago and had a lot of scar tissue under my skin in my upper region of my stomach where you see the little roll above my ribs in my before pics) Anyway here are the remaining pics.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I kept calling her Dr Carmina in the beginning, so I wanted to Correct that in the even someone else would like to use her of get a quote. I think people are getting her confused with a Laura Cardina or Laura Carmina. Anyway my PS is Dr Carmina Cardenas. She is the BEST!!!!! If ever need to I will definitely use her again.

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