Tummy Tuck, lipo, bbl- Tijuana, Mexico

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Hi everyone. I've been looking on this site for a...

Hi everyone. I've been looking on this site for a few weeks and finally made my decision to have a tummy tuck.
A lil bit about me, I'm 27 single mom of a 10yr old boy. Strugled with my weight since I had a my son, so after along consideration I have booked my sx.

So before I scheduled my suegery with Dr P I had contacted Dr Campos for only lipo of the abdomen, back, flanks and bbl he quoted me 5800. So then I asked if I could instead add a tummy tuck but their was no response. So Dr P it is.

surgery day

we arrive at dr pantojas ofice 9:03. We got lost, gps took us to the other side of TJ. But luckily we found our way to the clinic. So made it a family trip lol and my sisters came as well as their husbands. and my father had to make sure I would be ok so he came too.

Had blood work done as well as ekg. every thing good,except for cholesterol was high. But Dr. Jaime Sanchez Salazar the cardiologist who wad really nice said I would just need some life style changes to modifie that or he would not be seeing me for surgery clearance but for heart issues when im 40.
Dr. Pantoja came to my room to explain the procedures and to draw on me to see where his taking off and putting where. He then proceeded to the waiting are an explained the lengthly procedure to my father and family. They seemed relieved a lil by talking with him....so they decided to go get a hotel and food then come back.
I think his in surgery now but I believe is just Lipo so it shouldn't be to long. in the mean while I've had an IV put in with antibiotics and im going to get a massage done while u Waite.


2 mo post op

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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