Extended TT, BBL, Lipo to Entire Back, Flanks, Waist, Abd., Inner Thighs - Mexico, MX

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I am in my mid 40's, I have a 21 yr old daughter,...

I am in my mid 40's, I have a 21 yr old daughter, and 8 & 9 yrs old boys. I am Asian. Ht 5'1", wt. 118lbs ( I gained 8 lbs for my BBL). I am having my surgery this Tuesday 10/1/2013. I chose Dr. Cardenas because she is the Queen of TT, and as I've read on RS reviews that her after care was great, not perfect but better than other surgeons. I already met her 3x. First, when I inquired about different surgeons in TJ. I had my lab works done at Kaiser, but my Hg was too low, so she told me to take more Iron with Vit.C. After a month I went back and had my Lab works done at her clinic (it's cheaper than her in the US). The third time was last week, I had EKG & another lab work, Hg is at 13, so I donated 500 cc of my blood in case I need it during my sx ( I am usually anemic), paid my DP for my sx and my stay at BCRH for 6 nights. Dr. Cardenas and her staff were so friendly and accommodating. I love these people :)
Preparations before SX:
Medications, supplies, exercises, etc. I've also been drinking a lot of water.
I will list everything when I have the chance, so I can also help others to recover fast.
I am a nurse, and I heard of the Hyperbaric O2 therapy( for faster recovery), I suggested it to Dr. Cardenas and she agreed about it. She even told me that the hospital near her clinic is offering it & she can get me a discounted price. She recommended me to have at least 2 to 3 therapies before my sx and 3-5 after my surgery, plus the lymphatic massages.
I had 1 O2 therapy done yesterday ( San Diego), then I'll have my 2nd tomorrow in TJ. I'll be staying at the Recovery House tomorrow ( Ronnie offered me a free night stay at his facility before my sx if I will get the 6 nights package), and they will drive me to my sx area on the 1st at 8 am.
I'll posts some pics after my sx.
Wish me luck, and requesting some prayers please. THANK YOU!

day of my becoming a Cardenas doll :)

Im having my sx today at 8am. Ill take my shower before Carmen will pick us up. I have my mom with me. We stayed here at Beauty Care last night and the staff are amazing and the food is healthy and yummy. Our fellow Cardenas dolls are so friendly and helpful. I packed too much, that's what they told me...lol...So, im planning to let my mom bring my other stuff, that are not needed, back when my BF will pick her up this Wednesday. We are 6 ladies here right now, and their results are beautiful. Cant wait to see mine :)

after sx

The sx yesterday went well. I had my own blood transfused due to slight hemorrhagic episode inside the ER. ( donated my blood a week before surgery in case of emergencies like this, I 've been anemic, and my Hg is low). They test my Hg this morning, it's 8 so I had another blood transfusion $180. Went back to Beauty Care. My first time to get off the hospital bed, and goodness! ....I thought my pain tolerance is high...but....oooohhhh boy....that's painful!!!! When the nurses put me to bed, I screamed .....lol....they immediately gave me the pain drip, that helped a lot....We ladies.... really need to suffer all this! Sacrifice. ...to be beautiful :)

3rd day po

Good day ladies! Yesterday was a bad day for me, I had Gastritis, Migraine, nausea and all over pain. I was not able to take meds by mouth, so I was in IV the whole day. The lab guy just came and took my blood. Hg check. my incisions & BB look great so far. Today is my first shower....yay! I was weak for the past 2 days. Can't even walk to the bathroom. Had diapers on..like an old lady...hahaha. . I might post some pics today after my shower...I might schedule my Hyperbaric O2 therapy today, and maybe a lymphatic massage, too. This is for now...

1st shower

I didn't know that taking a shower after sx was that difficult. A 5 minute shower was too long. My back was so stiff and painful, but it felt good and refreshing to have a quick shower. After that, Carmelita cleaned my incisions and BB. Here's some pics.

I need help

I can't upload the pictures from my phone. I tried the "add photo" on the edit update, but it didn't upload. Please help. Thank you.


massage & CG

I had my first lymphatic massage yesterday, she drained a lot of fluids, she opened the small incision near my coccyx, and it felt great!
This morning, Dr Cardenas brought me my boppy pillow (it's a MUST to have), and CG, and even showed me how to sit properly without straining my back(my complain-- too much pain).
After my shower this morning, Natty , the best nurse, put on my CG (size small) & it's only halfway up because I'm too swollen.
During my shower, they cleaned my room and changed my bed sheets.
I have no regrets so far in choosing Dr. Cardenas and Beauty Care Recovery House.


stitches, O2 therapy

Today, they removed the stitches at the lipo areas, and also my epidural cath. Had my 2nd Hyperbaric O2 Therapy.

15 days post op

15 days post op pics. Still swollen and bruised.

check up

Had my first check up today, and Dr. Cardenas removed my last drain. I also had another massage. I'm scheduled for another check up next week for the removal of my BB stitches.

Forgot. ...

I had 800 cc for each butt, and 100cc and 120cc in my hips.
I started to put Bio oil on my incisions to soften the scabs.

B B stitches removed

Went for my 2nd check up today with Dr. Cardenas. She took out my BB stitches. Asked a lot of questions as usual. ....

almost 6 weeks

I'm standing straight and started light workouts. I'll have another check up this Monday, my concerns: dark BB, what to do with slightly squared behind (sitting on it for straight weeks due to TT), when to start silicone gel sheets on incisions and Endermologie, and when to really workout.

6 weeks post op

I'm 6 wks post op yesterday. Had my check up last Monday. Dr. Cardenas told me that ...I can start putting on the silicone sheets at night (12hrs), then massage my incisions and BB with bio oil 3x during the day....I can start working out (not intense)...I can start Endermologie in 2 weeks time....I'll be using my CG either 12 hrs during the day or night....about my butt, she said I'm still swollen, so I need to go back on my 3rd month.
But so far, I'm loving my results. My confidence is back!

7 weeks

Still swollen, but getting better. Loving my results everyday :)

8 weeks

Scheduled my Endermologie starting next week for 5 sessions. Might help with my swelling, and even out the lumps and bumps at the areas that was lipoed.


Dr.Cardenas' office checked on me today. Asking for updates and concerns. That's nice :)
Had my 1st endermologie today. That felt so good! If it works, then I'll recommend it, but let's see.....After 5 treatments.

Before surgery

This was taken a day before sx, gained 8 lbs. I hate my abdomen with all those stretch marks, and my flat posterior.
Now...I have no regrets. ..loving my results..and I'm getting BA next year to complete my transformation.

almost 3 months post op

My third session for lipomassage/endermologie. Lower abdomen still swollen, but a lot of improvement to my entire body. I recommend this therapy, I found it at "Groupon" for 70% off.
Abt. my ETT, Keloids are flattening, thanks to biodermis silicone sheets.
Pictures were taken at the Endermologie clinic yesterday :)
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I've been wanting to do this for a very long time (17yrs). I researched for almost 3 yrs. to find the right surgeon. At last, I found one...Dr. Carmina Cardenas. Very compassionate, accommodating, caring professional, with a sculptor hand. She asked me to send her pictures of my incisions every 2 days to make sure that I don't have infections ( replied on the same day). Check up every week. She's amazing! I love my result! Her staff were hospitable, friendly, helpful & caring. Love them all! She is an amazing person. My experience with them so far, is....excellent!

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