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I have been watching dra. Carmina Cardenas work...

I have been watching dra. Carmina Cardenas work since June 2014! Her tummy tucks look amazing. I have an in person consultation with her this Saturday 6/11 because I had 3 c sections in 4 years and have a ton of scar tissue and a incision hernia so I want to make sure I am a good candidate. I want to have a TT with Lipo of my upper and lower back and arms.

Went for the in person consultation

So my official quote for extended TT, Lipo to my arms and upper& lower back with a fat transfer to my butt is $6,900. I am thinking to get the package for an additional $1030 that includes 5 days in the recovery house, faja, medicine and iron transfusion if I need it. Dra. Carmina Cardenas is so sweet she explained to me what I should expect from my results how the process will go etc. I feel really confident! I did my labs with dra Carmina Cardenas (labs are $90) and I set my date for July 5, 2016. I will only have to move my date if my hemo is low let's hope not! I will post before pictures soon. As a warning I have had 3 c sections and have lost about 100lbs since my highest full term weight so it not a pretty sight lol. I am going to post them because I know how much everyone else's photos helped me to choose this amazing dr!

Blood transfusion?

I am weighing my options my hemo is 13.6 I am taking blood builders and surgery is 7/5. I want to know how common is it to need a transfusion after surgery? I don't really want someone else's blood, I could do a donation before surgery but that means a big trip 4 hrs away. What are the possibilities that I would even need a transfusion?

Wish pics

Wish pics

I moved my surgery appointment to 6/30!

I moved my surgery appointment to 6/30 because I am so excited and I got the $$ I was waiting in sooner! I will arrive in TJ in 6/29 before noon. I am so excited! I took some before pics... I am just so glad I am getting this surgery. Dra Cardenas suggest you take blood builder vitamins to help with your hemoglobin. I have included a photo. The correct cost of my surgery is $6,909 for tummy tuck with muscle repair, Lipo upper and lower back + arms with fat transfer to the hips and butt I am also getting the 5 day beauty care recovery package for an additional $1030. This way I have time to get my recovery started off on the right foot. I am a busy body with 3 young kids so if I was to go straight home I would likely not take the time to take care of me 1st

Tummy tuck tomorrow!

My surgery is tomorrow! I am super excited, I went into dra Carminas office and paid my balance and took my before pictures. I also signed some documents that went over the risks of surgery. I decided to stay with my husband the night before my surgery and there is this really nice hotel called Hacienda Del Rio. I have stayed at the Holiday Inn last time but this hotel is way nicer and less expensive + the bed is more comfortable. My surgery isn't until 12 tomorrow so I am going to get my hair braided in the morning. Drop my stuff off at the recovery house so I don't have to worry about moving it after surgery, then head over to the hospital!

Surgery is today

So I have a few quick tips that I have learned. Verizon has a service Called travel pass and they've only charge $2 a day and you use your normal plan. You can use your Google maps navigation but it's easier to find things if you use google then just hit directions from there. I have attached a couple photos of the hospital/ surgery center.

Photos of hospital

Photo of hospital

1 day after surgery.

Surgery went well I don't remember them putting me to sleep, putting in my catheter or epidural, but I know all that stuff happend I do remember waking up while she was doing Lipo in my back it DIDNT hurt at all. I just remembered telling them

"It doesn't hurt but I know she is doing Lipo on my back and I'm awake. Then I don't remember anything else.

I feel really tight but I'm not in any actual pain. Right now I don't regret doing this at all but I expect this to be a little bit of a roller coaster ride just because the other reviews I have read. Below are the pictures from when she marked me and this morning the first time I seen myself.

2 days post op.

Some things I wish I would have brought. For going from the hospital to the recovery house some really loose sweat pants. I thought I brought my biggest pair of underwear but I should have brought some underwear that were way to big so they fit because my butt is so swollen! The recovery house is really beautiful and the staff is really helpful and caring. I am still not in much pain, the pulling feels the same as from my c section only major difference is I'm really tight and I can't stand up straight.

Photo where you can see incision.

Stats from surgery

Stats from surgery

Rocio stopped by today to bring me flowers.

Rocio is such a sweet heart she brought me flowers. She is so helpful and coordinates all the things that I want. I am thinking about getting juvaderm in my lips tomorrow. I also got a lymphatic massage today it hurt a little but it was such a good pain. It helped me drain some of the swelling from my back! I am getting another massage tomorrow too!

Photos from surgery

I asked dra. Carmina to take photos from during surgery so here they are!
1. 4.62 lb skin flap you can see my c section scar.

2. After abdominal wall repair.

3. Before the abdominal wall repair.


I had Dra. Carmina Cardenas do my lips today! She did an awesome job and I think they look so natural. She did 1 full syringe

Little scare.

So yesterday I woke up from a nap and my faja and under shirt were covered in blood from where my front drain was. I emailed dra Cardenas and to my surprise she answered me even on a Saturday night! She said it was superficial and that if the blood wasn't bright red it wasn't anything to be concerned with. I am fine now.

17 days post op

I am walking without a walker, I still drain a little out of my incision. The area above my incision is really hard. I am almost standing up straight.

6 weeks post op

Quick update I'm doing well, however I get really stiff when I walk a lot or do too much. I still wear my garment at all times except for when washing or showering. My belly button has been a slow healing process, I went to dr Cardenas she said if it closes we can do a revision, however I would really like to avoid that, so I am trying the marble trick. I notices the hole is bigger when I remove the marvel but by the time I am done showering it is getting really small again ????. I am overall happy with my results so far! And I have lost 10 lbs since surgery.

One more photo

Pre op compared to 6 weeks post op!

Before and after round 1

Doing good I still experienced tightness where the abdominal wall repair was done... but it doesn't hurt.

I went for round 2 on 12/1/2016 because I still thought my sides and upper abdominal, around my rib cage was fat. And I wanted a much bigger butt. I have a separate review for that. The before and after is just before and after round 1.
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