Loving the New ME..... Thanks to Dr. G!!! Tummy Tuck, BBL, Arm Lift, & Lipo

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So I am really about to do this thang! I found...

So I am really about to do this thang! I found this site by accident or should I say a BLESSING....... It has helped me in so many ways..... I lost weight and wanted to do something about my body. My weight was 260lbs and I now weight 200lbs at 5'9. I first found a doctor on here that would be near the Texas border, and was please with his cost and all that I would receive. (Epic Fail) However after I did not get any calls returned nor emails. I took this as a sign from God! I was very disappointed and felt that maybe this might not be such a good idea going across the Border to have these procedures done. This doctor set a date with me and everything, and I still have NOT received a call back from him or his assistance.....REALLY???? Then I ran across a Saint by the name of Dr. G (Dr. Victor Gutierrez) From day one he and his Angel Elsa has been on it.... Do you hear ME!!!! I have received so much professionalism from him and ALL of my questions have been answered in a timely manner. I made my deposit on yesterday and all my Blood has been done and looks Great! (Per Dr G) My date and flight has been booked and I already have the names of my drivers and numbers that will be picking me and my Husband up from the Airport. I will be staying at the Recovery House after my surgery until I leave. Only staying at the Hotel Hacienda Del Rio for a day only. I have NEVER did anything like this before in my LIFE and I must say I am nervous and Excited! However I serve and Trust a Mighty GOD and I know he will KEEP ME! But at the end of the day I have to use common sense that he gave me and find the Best doctor for me. Dr G is that MAN!!!! I have not had my procedures done yet but based on his Medical and Professional background I trust I am in good hands. Plus I have talked to some of his past patients and they LOVE his work and how he caters to his patients needs. Now I was not going to do a review because I am a person that does not put my personal business out on Blast.... But I know I will need some support from others like myself on this Life Changing journey..... Why am I doing this??? I have ALWAYS been told I am Beautiful and I have a personality that is BIGGER than LIFE!!! Now it is time to get this BOSSDIVA'S Body up to part to match up with Everything else.... Come share my journey on me finally becoming full circle on the inside and soon to be outside!

What A DIva is Working with!

My current situation before my surgery in March.... My Tummy, Arms & Bootay needs The Works!!!

Clothes ON! Clothes OFF! This DON'T Make No DAMN SENSE!!!!!!

So I have been on hear seeing all of the unique pictures you DIVA'S have posted of your Tummy's, Booty's, & Arm's. All of which I'm going to get done in less than a month. So I started taking some nude pics of myself and almost threw my Android across the floor!!!! Here I was thinking I was a DAMN Stallion with clothes ON of course. When I saw my pics I got so SAD & Depressed... When I step out on the Scene I AM A DIVA.... On Point from Head to Toe!!! But when I get home and take my clothes off... I DON'T SEE ME!!!! So I posted a few pics, but I just can't post all of them. So sad... You can't even see my face on here and I am still uncomfortable with my Naked Body! Now don't get it Twisted... My Hubby Loves him some BossDiva!!! Plus somebody is always up in My Face! But it is ME that is somehow NOT seeing my Naked Body as a whole with My Attitude, Personality, & My Confidence that I have when I wear my clothes.... So regardless if Clothes ON! Or Clothes OFF! This DIVA is about to get this Body to become FULL CIRCLE.... This Summer BOSSDIVA will Not Make No Damn Sense..... While walking like a STALLION on the Beach in Jamaica in JULY 2015! HA!

Look at that FATTY!

This will SOOOO BE ME!!!!

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This video gave me a glimpse of what I can expect or should be getting after my BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT SURGERY .... I want this KILLER WALK & do plan on DROPPING IT LIKE IT'S HOT!!!???? ???? ???? Just like that...The first chance I get..... LOL...BOOM! ???? So since it freezing and snowing here in the Texas area. I was not able to go to work today. I have been walking around the house and practicing this walk & Booty Shake! Don't Judge Me.... Just getting ready for My New FATTY..... #SummerTimeFine

2 weeks til The Flat Side & That ANACONDA HUN!!!

Although I'm a Newbie on here.... I have been on here long enough to have posted pics on what sx I'm getting done. I have focused so much on my Tummy (The one I hate the most) that I forgot to post some up close & personal pics of My ANACONDA!!! LOL... Yeah RIGHT??? While I feel my butt could get some much needed improvements, many have said they would not be able to tell with certain clothes. Also depending on how I'm posing with no clothes on like the pic above. You would swear I have a Big Ole Butt... NOT!!! What I do have is some Child Bearing Hips HUNNI... Like My GrandMa use to call them.... My hubby is so excited he watches me Naked now and says once you have your Tummy Tuck you will be so small because..... Y'all I'm ALL Tummy plus Hips, Breast, & Legs! Now I need that Booty to match up with the rest of ME. By the way I want to give a Shout Out to My Hubby! He is the Best.... He has ALWAYS made me feel so SEXY no matter what and he is a man that loves him some Curves. So he keeps telling me you have the Breast & Hips already... Now you bout to Get that AZZZZ!! LAWD what I'sss gon do with you Women??? LOL Love My Bossman.... #2Weeks&IKeepLookingBackAtIT #CauseThat'sWhatIWillBEDoingFromnowOn

As of Today..... One Week to Go!!!!

Time has a way of sneaking up on you very quickly... As I was seeing all of the other RS Divas have their sx and update us on all of their recovery concerns. I wondered when my time would be near? Well it is getting very close & I am so READY to GET ER DONE!! I will Fly out on this coming Sunday and I have started packing and getting everything prepared. I have a lot of mixed emotions at this time and I just want to come back to my family in good health. I Trust My God to see this come to pass.... I listed a picture of my supplies I have already. I ordered the GELZONE and I still have not bought a Squeem yet. Not sure if you are suppose to wait til after the TT to see what your results will be? Maybe some of you VETS can help me out on this questions? I already have a Bloopy pillow for my Fatty so I'm good to go on that.... If there are any last minute pointers you guys can give I would appreciate it. #EXCITED

Recovery House NOT Recovery House....I Could SCREAM RIGHT NOW!!!! REALLY?????

I called today to get a follow up on everything before my surgery on this coming Tuesday (March 17th). Just to make sure all was going fine, Then I was told by Elsa that the Recovery House told her that my husband could no longer stay in the room with me because they had over booked and I would have to double up with another patient. I know it is not her fault and she was just as upset as I was, but my husband will be by my side POINT BLANK!!! Plus on top of that we had to rush my Mom to the Hospital today. I'm over here praying and trying to keep it ALL TOGETHER..... This would be happening 6 days before my surgery and 4 days before we fly out of town. Now she said she will work something out and is looking into two other Recovery Houses for me and even some hotels. Just when I thought that everything was going WELL.... Guess NOT!!! #PrayerForADiva #LordBuildAFence :(

ON MY WAY DIVAS!!!! At the Airport....

Well ladies I'm on the plane at this very moment and will land in San Degio in a few hours. I will be picked up and taken to our room. I will do my last remaining testing in the morning and my mark ups later Monday evening. I will be headed into surgery on Tuesday morning (March 17th) at around 9am. I ask that you All keep me in your prayers and I will keep you guys updated when I'm able. Also say a prayer for my mom she is still in the hospital as I take this Life Changing experience. I Trust My God for his protection and Healing arms of protection for me & my mom. Thank God in Advance for my Full and Safe Recovery in Jesus name AMEN!!!!

Met Dr G & Elsa!!!!! My Hotel Room.....

Today has been Awesome! I met with Dr. G & Elsa and finished my tests. We had a Wonderful Brunch and sat and talked about EVERYTHING!!! He paid for the meal and headed back to his office. Not sure what happened but my blood count went down from 13.7 to 12.5. I did just get off my cycle so that might have a little to do with that. Dr G still wanted to be safe and stated he will probably not be able to do Agresssive Lipo for saftey reasons. I totally Respect him for that. My daughter called to tell me her car got towed when she went to visit my mom at the hospital. It costed her $180 to get the car back plus for the taxi to get over there. I told her it was $5 to park. Hard Lesson to Learn. She said Sorry Mommy I should have listened.... Well that has been my day so far. Eating my last dinner before my surgery and about to have my mark up done for the surgery in the morning. Thank you All for the Prayers for me & my mom. If the Lord says the same I will be A New & Improved DIVA this time tomorrow. Will keep you guys posted. MUCH MY BEAUTIFUL DIVAS!!!

Sorry DIVA'S!!!! Did NOT Mean to GO MIA........

Well ladies it has been a moth as of today since i had my surgery with Dr. G! First off i want to THANK EVERYONE that has been checking in on me. The calls, emails, EVERYTHING!!! With my mom being in the hospital at the same time as this was going on, it was really rough on me. I wanted to be there more for her. She has been moved to Rehab now and is still under doctors care. So again Thanks to all that keep her in prayer! Trusting in God for his Healing Power! This to will Pass......

Now Diva's I had Not really realized that I had four procedures done at one time. I had a Extended Tummy Tuck, Arm Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, & AGGRESSIVE LIPO on My Back & Sides!!! Wow!!! Talk about Who's the BOSS..... ME THAT"S WHO! When I tell you Dr. G Took Care of me.... HE DID THAT!!! I did not realize that I had the Aggressive Lipo until afterwards. He said that I barley even had any bleeding and he was able to go ahead with the Aggressive Lipo... We were not sure if I was able to because went down to 12.5. However I was really happy to hear that and very please with his work. I Must say my whole experience with Dr G. was everything I could Dream of and even now after everything he still checks in with me to see how I'm doing as well as my mom..... That really means so much to me... He wants to see pics to see how I'm improving and asks how I'm feeling.... I must say I was Very Pleased when I found out Dr. G had put 1300cc's in each Bun Hun! Lol.... He got to spend a lot of time with my Hubby and I can tell you they had there share of talks on how to mold that Booty ;).... I was Amazed of that and very pleased..... My Arms are healing wonderfully and look Awesome...... Now when I when I tell you he removed the BEAST (FAT). He REMOVED THE BEAST!!!! My Sides and Back are still swollen but are definitely shaping into the hourglass shape I've wanted. Also Dr. G said he was looking to give me that shelf look in my Booty area so it will just stick out like BAM!!!! Now as for my Tummy Tuck there are NO WORDS to explain on how I feel about that... First off my Scar is PERFECT!!! I mean REALLY PERFECT!!! It is in the right place and it is low and looks amazing! I was concerned with my scar looking right with all of the horror stories I have heard about with some of the ladies with other doctors. Dr. G was nice, fun, and Professional. He made me feel comfortable and I would Highly recommend him, he knows what he is doing and it is NOT just about the money with him.... As for me being MIA I have had to deal with my mom being sick and her well being and of course my own issue of just having my surgery. I did not have much pain after my surgery and felt really good. However after coming home a week later after my surgery it was really difficult because i have been limited on what I was able to do and that is were it hit me on what all I had done. That really got to me and I felt Hopeless and like a burden at times. :( But when I tell you my Husband has been Great! He has been GREAT!!!! He really takes care me and I'm so Grateful for him. It was times I just didn't know what to do..... So i just didn't have the desire to report back on here because of my own emotional roller coaster I have been going thru. I have not had to been down like this and it affected me in a way of not wanting to speak on me being limited. However I'm getting stronger everyday and I have went back to work. So I know things will get even much better as time passes. Again than Thanks for all of the support, prayers, calls, & messages. I did not mean to g MIA.... I was just trying to cope with it all. I posted a few pics but will have to post more later. At work and don't have access to them all. I know its still so much I'm missing to tell you guys like about the Recovery House, More Pics & etc.... But I have talked long enough.... Until next time :)

Mark Up Pics..... However a Markdown for some of the RealSelf Diva's

Hello Diva's!!! On my last update my pics did not post for some reason. I made a mental note to post Asap. Well Asap just happens to be now.... If you read my previous post you would understand my situation. I had 4 procedures done at one time. (My Choice & glad I did). This was better for me & my family as I did not want to come back & forth to have surgeries done with a ill mother that I take care and that lives with me. Now while Everything with Dr. G went extremely well. I was still overwhelmed with my surgery and returning home to my mom still being in the hospital. Since then as of today she is still in rehab and is to come home on the 16th. However on this pass Sunday i lost my Step mom to Cancer she was 62 and was a Wonderful step mom to me. So I now have to deal with this along with being there for my Dad and siblings. This news did not go well with My Mom as she was very close to my Step mom, they had a really good relationship. So now I'm concerned about her spirit now and mindset. Well Enough about my issues.....


Now to the reason why I have some MARKDOWNS for some of REALSELF DIVA"S on here. For the most part the Diva's on here have been AWESOME!!!!! But there have been some VERY RUDE & UNCONCERNED ones that have obviously Not read my Story because had you there is no way you would be making Heartless remarks about some Damn Pics when I'm dealing with some Life & Death issues on my end.... Now I understand the pics are important and mean a lot. Especially after a surgery, but I think we need to be more understanding to each individual before we go in In-boxes (Private Messages) demanding pics and and making comments about how it would shole have been nice to have seen pics..... When clearly your concern is only for your on personal gain!
I get that is why you are on here for research and to get all the information you can to make your own decisions. BUT DON"T BE RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL, UNCARING, Or THIRSTY for some DAMN PICS!!! For the Ladies that rather asked about my pics instead of MY RECOVERY, STATE OF MIND, MOM, Or ANYTHING to let me know you have Heart..... PLEASE KEEP OFF OF MY PROFILE..... This really hurts to write this but I had to say something as I was warned by some Diva's on here that this would happen and to ignore them. But DAMN!!! NEVER TO THIS LEVEL..... As for the other RealSelf Diva's Thanks for checking on me & my Family here are some Markup pics and there are a lot more to come.... Now I have to go out of town and plan a funeral. ;( Continue to keep me in your Prayers! As For you Picture Lurkers!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!

Unfortunate News & Updated Pics!!!

Well RS Divas for those of you that have been following me and know my story you know what I have been thru right after my surgery. Let me do a quick re cap for those that don't.... I had my surgery March 17th and I had a Tummy Tuck, Brazilian Butt Lift, Arm Lift, & Lipo all at the same time. (My Choice due to my ill mom would not be able to keep coming back for other procedures) My experience was Wonderful with Dr. G and I was truly Blessed to have had him and Elsa by my side..... However shortly after I got home on April 12th I lost my Step mom age 62 from Cancer! (F*CK CANCER) Then my Mom immediately went into the hospital for a total of 3 time along with Rehab... My mom and Step mom were very close and loved each other and was very close. I then was not on here much and really did not feel like posting my after surgery pics.... However I really had some Great Divas on here that always checked in on me to see how I was doing. So for that THANK YOU VERY MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!

Unfortunately my Mom also passed on May 1st and I had to lay her to rest on May 7th which was 3 days before Mothers Day! It has been really rough on me and I just decided to post pics and I ask that you all keep ME IN PRAYER IN MY TIME OF LOST!!! I NEVER knew that I would have went thru all of this shortly after my surgery and I know that it was only God and the Great care from Dr. G that I have NOT LOST MIND SO FAR!!!!

Trying to stay Strong..... Miss you Mama!!!! #HEARTBROKEN
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. G was Heaven Sent and I would highly Recommend him for a number of reasons. First he is passionate about his work and takes the time out to talk to you and get to know about and your situation. He makes you feel very comfortable and safe. When my husband and I met him for the first time my husband understood why I chose him based on his approach to all of our concerns. Elsa is also a great with what she does to make sure are as comfortable at all times. Dr. G did a wonderful job and I was very pleased with all of my procedures. He always answered my questions and made me feel as if I was his only patient. His aftercare has been amazing and I know I have made the right choice with him. His work speaks for itself and my healing and recovery has been nothing but wonderful. So Dr. G to me has been truly a Blessing and his talents and gifts is changing lives for the better every day!

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