Tummy Tuck,BBL,Implants with lift and Lipo 1 and 2nd round with Pantoja - Tijuana, MX

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Hi ladies well I've been wanting this for a while....

Hi ladies well I've been wanting this for a while. I want to change my current implants get tummy tuck,Lipo an bigger butt. :) So excited and ready. I was referred to pantoja by a friend. I am really excited and looking forward to this I can't wait to wear a bikini I am currently around 137-140 and 5;2. I am done having kids is time to bring sexy again. If any ladies have had all this procedures at the same time and want to give me advice or would like to recommend some tips please do so. :) I chose Pantoja because after reading all the reviews it seems like he would be able to accomplish the results I desired.

How I look now

So close to My surgery Date.

well I am so close to the big day less than 3 weeks away so far Nadia Dr. Pantoja Assistant has been on top of everything she is a total sweetheart She sure knows how to provide great customer service. :) Well ladies I need to go shopping for stuff that I need after surgery any suggestions??

Surgery May 26, 2014

I got to Pantoja Office around 8:30am I was scheduled at 9am. Well when I got there they sent me to go lab work done and an ultrasound which was downstairs from Pantoja Office. As I was waiting I met a lady name Lupe which now she has become of a good friend of mine from San Diego :) she was there for surgery we kept chatting as were waiting I was there also with my mother since my husband was not able to go to Mexico do to security reasons since he works for the government :(. But at least I had my mother who was there to support me and my step father also.
Well Pantoja has a great personality my mother loved him she thinks he is the biggest sweetheart! As he was marking me my mother told him OMg I am sold hope my daughter loves her results. He also offer my mother to come eat tacos :) so sweet he is an extremely caring person he talked so beautifully about his family so nice he is sure a hard working person who dedicates a lot in his career.

Well as I waited for my turn I checked in my recovery room nice decent room I was given a free massage from this amazing nice lady and OMG that was the best thing EVER.....it did sure helped me relaxed Thanks Pantoja :)

Well right before surgery around 1pm he came into the room asking if I had any questions before going into surgery and of course my parents had to put their opinion telling him that they didn't want my breast too big since I already had big breast and etc. I was like OMG how embarrassing I am an Adult I get my breast as big as I want, but pantoja answered my parents with a great response telling them "" I have to give the patient what she wants to make her happy if I don't do it some other surgeon will"
Well I think that was the best answer and omg I should had never took my parents too bad my husband wasn't able to attend with me to support me. Well as we got caught talking about the size of my implants Pantoja said well if there is not further questions I am ready and walked out he was so nice and respected my opinion about wanting to go bigger I had 490cc deflated breast before surgery. But as that happen I didn't really get to tell him how big I wanted my booty :( since the main focus was my breast I swear I wish I could go back and have gone alone to focus in talking to the doctor alone informing him what I really wanted in my butt that I wanted to go the like really big.

Well after surgery I woke up feeling good not drowsy at all, after care was great Pantoja comes into the room and checks to make sure you are doing good.

1week post op

My tummy tuck incision

3 weeks Post op

well so far I am liking my results my stomach is staring to look nice and I know I still have a lot of swollen to go away. I also want to say that I went to my 3 week follow up and I finally got my drains remove. My appointment was at 10am the office was full of patients as you see he is an extremely busy doctor. Well this was my first time seen the doctor since surgery he look at my breast and tummy tuck as he was removing my stitches and drain he said Omg your scars on your breast are looking good :) and since he was busy then the nurse continue to helped me and then Nadia his assistant came into the room and ask if I had any questions she also informed me that she has taken care of some forms that my job needed. She has been on top of things and is great to know that Pantoja assistant is on top of things. Thank you Nadia. I told the nurse and Nadia that I wasn't going to judge my butt yet and that I would wait to see my results in at least a month, But I honestly hope I get the fluff effect.


I had surgery Feberuary the 20th Second round LIPO and BBL my is been a month and my butt is looking juicy. I have created a support group in facebook for Pantoja dolls feel free to add me to write your support or review. I will add some pictures of my results to my group. I love pantoja and how great the customer service is in his office. Pantoja loyal Patient.



2nd round pictures

Surgery date was Feb 20 2015

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