68 Year Old Grandmother Trapped in a Old Ladies Body - Mexico

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Physically I am a single 68 year old Grandmother...

Physically I am a single 68 year old Grandmother trapped in a old ladies body who has enjoy all the fruits of my labor to the ninth degree. I had belonged to the eat, drink and be merry club. By that I mean, I have had issues with my weight all my life. Having tried every diet and every paid program out there from the liquid diet in the 80’s to the structured paid programs like Jenny Craig. I even tried the pork rind diet. Also, took ever kind of pill that was going to get me to the weight on my drivers license. I tried prescribe diet pills from Doctors in the 70’s to risking my health with Fen-Pen. Truth be told I loved Fen-Pen. I lost 80 pounds in three month and kept it off for a year and a half.

What wisdom of my years has taught me is I have to own the issue of my weight and not turn it over to someone else to cure me. I was like a alcoholic but instead I was a food-alcoholic who finally had to learned if I was going to get in front of this issue of weight I was going to have to own my own stuff. I had to learn to be 100 % accountable and responsible for my results to be permanent. To stop blaming everyone, as well as, everything else for my weight issues. When the light bulb final came on of I had to own it myself I discovered the Eat for Your Blood Type program. For me, it has to be a way of life not a diet I am going on and when I get to my goal I go back to my old ways of eat, drink and be merry. I have successfully proven through the years, I am disciplined and can loose the weight. On this journey I could safely say I have lost and gained over 800 pounds. My weight has fluctuated from 255 pounds down to 135 pounds. Being a blood type O demands I be very physically active. I function best at that level for my 5 foot 7 inch frame.

Eighteen years ago, I had liposuction on my saddle bags, stomach and inner thighs. At the time, the Doctor told me “you can not regain any weight or the skin on my stomach will sag”. Of course, I did not listen to the Doctor so here I am today with very sagging skin. It is beyond embarrassing, to the point, I have chosen to remain celibate. I chose not to have a man see what I think I am hiding under all my big shirts. No matter how much weight I loose that skin is there. The medical profession calls my condition dog ears. I have finally figured out how to control my weight by myself with the Eat for Your Blood Type program so now I am ready to get rid of the dog ears hanging around.

In my quest for the perfect plan to remove this hanging skin, a Tummy Tuck was the answer. Which means the skin is removed but, also, they restitch the stomach muscles back together. I interviewed 5 Doctors in 3 different States, as well as, 2 Doctors in Tijuana Mexico. In my interview process the pricing and procedures were all over the board. The reason I have put off having the Tummy Tuck and interview so my Doctors was all of them promised me the same thing. Their promise was I “would be in a lot of pain” with the procedure. My thinking is why would I purposely pay for something that is going to cause me so much pain.

Until I interview Dr. Carmina Cardenas in Tijuana Mexico. I had found Dr. Carmina through a friend whose sister had gone to Dr. Carmina for a facial procedure and was very happy with her and her results. Dr. Carmina looked at me and said this is a very painful procedure, I know I have had this done myself. Because she knows how painful the days are after the procedure her nursing staff administers, at the Beauty Care Recovery House, a epidural through a pain pump to me as needed. Yippie, I have found my Doctor and the cost for the procedure is $5220 way below anything I found in the States.

My schedule date is the 16th of November. The way the procedure works is you are picked up at the Mexican Boarder and taken to the Beauty Care Recovery House one day before your surgery to get nested in. On the 17th the day of the Tummy Tuck surgery Dr Carmina does the procedure at her clinic (by the way it is right next store to the Hospital) and then the next day I am taken to the Beauty Care Recovery House. Dr. Carmina recommends you stay at the house for 10 days but I opted for 14 days. Because of my age and no one to take care of me back at my home, I felt it would be safer for me to extend my stay. The Beauty Care Recovery House has three nurses on staff which afford me 24/7 care + full time kitchen help who proved 3 meals a day. So of like being on a cruise ship. The Beauty Care Recovery House is the only facility, to my knowledge, that is medical approved by what we in the States call American Medical Association.

Well that is my story and yes it is long but I think all in all a good read. My final words or thought is if you are thinking of having any work done one of the questions you need to ask the Doctor is have you had this work done to yourself ? Yes, we all asked the question would you do this type of procedure to your wife or mother. But have you experienced what this procedure really felt like and if so would you have done it how you were taught in Medical School or make radically changes from the norm.

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