41 Years Old...I Think Its Time I Really Do Something for Me. Mexico, MX

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I have NEVER had a flat stomach whether I was 117...

I have NEVER had a flat stomach whether I was 117 lbs to my current weight of 183 lbs. I have just been squared and narrow with no booty (inverted, V shape, GROSS). Im such a broad woman that Im praying to finally get a girly figure. I plan on getting a tummy tuck, lipo to back (upper and lower) and arms. Theres plenty of that to give my hips and booty but I am terrified altogether that its a lost cause. Although I will eventually need a breast augmentation I will need to save up for that.
My current situation is to lose 20-30 lbs although I workout 3-4 days a week the weight does not come off. Im shooting for July surgery but losing weight is really tough.

Nadia just emailed over the weekend!

Weds July 27th it is! Getting my deposit ready for them and she said we can visit in June to meet the doctor.

Deposits made for sugery and recovery house- (Our Friends House )!

After talking to Marvin on the phone I am going to stay 5-6 days at the recovery house Nadia recommended -Clubmedmx /(Our Friends House ). Has anyone stayed here? If so can you tell me anything about it?

Dr. Pantoja July 27 2016

Any other ladies scheduled around this date? I am getting a TT, MR lipo to arms, back and stomach and BBL. I will be staying at Clubmedmx /(Our Friends House ) and just looking to find some support. Im scared and excited and hoping to share the journey with someone!

Trying to lose some weight!

Ugh! This is hard! For the life of me my scale doesn't budge! I want to have a BMI closer to 25 than 30. I'm currently at 34 and I am struggling! I'm 183 and 5'4 and surgery is July 27. I'm truly hoping to get to 165 but it's not looking good.

The staff at Pantojas office

I just want to say I probably email Nadia 1-2 twice a week ( trust me I ask and offer a lot of info probably TMI to them) and they are always so responsive (under 24 hours). Im hoping I can meet them when my hubby and I go take a tour prior to surgery.

Lipo, tummy tuck and BBL?? Thoughts??

I'm seriously debating on the BBL only because of recovery. How is it possible??? Thing is I have a ton of fat to transfer from my tummy ,back and arms now and my butt is flat and small. I'm not interested in a round two So that is something I really want to think about. The only thing I want to do next us a breast lift in the future.

Met Dr Pantoja , Nadia and Marvin (recovery center at Our friends house).

Im glad I went for a face to face consultation with Dr. Pantoja. I was very excited to meet him but got some bad news as far as all the procedures I want done. I was supposed to get a tummy tuck and lipo but we are leaving out the lipo to do full abdominal lipo. I apparently was only quoted for lipo in the waist, lower and upper back and arms but for the look I want it I need my full abdomen done and he said he cannot do both die to risks. So now its just full lipo to abdomen, upper and lower back and arms and a BBL. Im discouraged because I wanted it all over with but if he knows thats what is best I will have to wait 8 months to get my tummy tuck. Marvin and Susanna were great as well. The recovery home was nice and I cannot wait to get round one done.

Having second thoughts about my choice of Doctor but I hope it just nerves. Seriously wish there were more before and after pics

Emailed Nadia a list of questions in hopes I can get my concerns answered

Time is flying! 7-27 is only a few weeks away!

Officially getting excited and letting my doubts go. I can be my own worst enemy but the office has been extremely supportive. I can only pray for a great outcome and remember Im doing this for me! Going to stay busy, clean, clean, clean and leave it in the lords hands!

One week until surgery!

I'm not sure if I'm nervous or excited. I have butterflies that's for sure!

On my way to Mexico!

Tomorrow is my day. Excited and nervous!

Full body lipo and BBL done. 1 day post op

I went in second so I've been prey out of it and just resting. The surgery was flawless from what I was told lol. And I'm already walking around but just saw that I'm so bruised!! I'm sore as time moves on or the anesthesia wears off. The only thing I didn't like was they sent me to my room at 11am or so and never really came back which was for the so called soothing massage (which wasn't) and to put the IV in I would have liked a simple "are you okay " but after that things got better however it wasn't a very quiet environment, I have not a bad thing to say about the Doctor except my booty is a lil bigger than I wanted ( but I know it will decrease). Feel free to inbox me with any questions.

Club Med- Recovery Home

Just in from Nadia

I was looking to your file and the doctor injected 1,250cc's per butt cheek and hip. He removed 4 1/2 liters of fat.

Here are my before pictures.

I'm 8 days post op today. Aunt flow decided to visit and OMG between that and the healing current pictures are the last thing I want to take. So I am scheduled for my first lymphatic massage out here tomorrow and I will be sure to snap some without the garment. I feel okay but it has definitely been overwhelming. I highly, highly recommend you stay at a recovery home. I stayed 4 nights and was back at Dr.P the morning of the 5th day and wished I could have stayed at least an extra day or 2. I stayed at Club Med if you have any questions please let me know. I had mixed feelings about the place but they were very helpful nonetheless.

Please keep in mind I have my garment on.

I literally have a waist and hips now with or without the garment though. My butt has not went down too bad but That wasn't my main priority I personally was aiming for more curves and so far I got what I wanted however I just think it is fair you ladies see me with no garment so I'll post those soon. It's a little scary since I had no tummy tuck but I really think it may help you.

Lipo only and BBL-no garment( day 11).

My waist is definitely defined and hope it gets better with time. My butt is there too something I'm not used to seeing. I'm hoping with diet and exercise I can improve my results. Lipo is painful! I had very aggressive lipo to my back, entire stomach, arms and flanks.

4 weeks post op LIPO only and BBL

I want to emphasize that this was only Lipo only and NO tummy tuck. Unless you're me you don't understand how happy I am so far. I had absolutely no curves as you can see in my before but he definitely put some in and I'm hoping I can really start a great program to lose some more weight and better these results. Recovery is great and I get lymphatic massage weekly.
First picture :is my flat butt before, than post op 2 weeks and the bottom 2 are today 4 weeks post op!
2nd picture my stomach results so far. He curved me wonderfully! Im hoping with proper diet and exercise it gets better!

Liposuction on full abdomen and BBL only!! 7 months post op

As you can tell I still need a tummy tuck but I'm still happy that I have some curves in my clothes. I had s pancake butt/sponge bob shape and plan on getting a tummy tuck really soon.

Im hoping to scheule something with Dr. Pantoja in Tijuana Mexico! Anxiously awaiting Nadias call or email that someone has canceled for the week of 7-25-16 or it will need to be pushed back all the way to September. Im working hard to make July happen. Nadia has been such an ANGEL answering my questions.

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