41, 4 Kids and 5 Grandkids... Tummy Tuck Way over Due - Mexico

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I've always wanted to have a flat tummy but...

I've always wanted to have a flat tummy but becoming a mommy at the very young age of 15 it was impossible. Excess skin never goes away, as a lady gets older everything gets worse so word of advice young ladies take care of your body ????
So I decided to go with Doctor P my surgery is may 17th 2016 I'll be getting extended tummy tuck with the muscle repair of course, BBL, lipo on my arms, legs, entire back and my blubber handles lol. He said can't do my boobies until November or December said it just wouldn't be safe. I hear Dr P is the best tummy tuck and fat grafting and the price is like ... WOW haha.
I'll be flying from Denver to San Diego on the 16th and will be staying at club med mex I paid for a week but I'm wondering if maybe I should stay two weeks instead??? How long do the drains stay in??? I'd like to stay long enough to get my drains out but we'll see what happens. I'm excited but also scared. God bless all you beautys out there ????
If anyone has any advice for me please please please give it to me.

41 Years Old, Kids Are Grown Now It's Time for Me

I'm 41 years old and have been wanting to get a TT FOR quite awhile
now. I've been looking into different doctors for a few months ( in and
out of the states) as most of you know plastic surgery in the U. S. Is
extremely expensive and not all results are great. I decided to go with
Dr. Panjota for my TT,BBL, LIPO on my back, arms & inner thighs. The
first date givin to me was August 8th but really want the surgery
before summer so Nadia bumped me up to May 17th. I can't explain the
mixed feelings I am having but I know one thing is for sure I AM
EXCITECD! Scared but excited. One fear I have is what if my labs come
back and I can't do it? Another what if I die? Third is what if I look
all nasty still after the fact, how long does it take to get the drains
out, does it stink, how long before I can walk normal, how am I gonna
sleep or sit? What am I gonna need to take with me? Should I buy bigger
or smaller clothes for after the surgery? How long do I really need to
stay In the recovery home? I'm 5'3 and now weigh 170 lbs and curious if
I'm to fat to do the surgery. So many questions and no answers.

Tummy tuck, BBL and lots of lipo

I had my surgery with dr P may 17, 2016 and I'm happy I did it. I still have a pouch on my tummy that's kinda lopsided but my booty looks pretty good. Keep in mind I was pushin 185 when I went In for my surgery and I'm at about 145 now and I'm 5'3 so Dr. P had his work cut out for him when he worked on me lol. I'd like to go back and have my boobs done and some body contouring aside from prly having to have a mini tummy tuck done as well unless lipo will take care of the issue which I really don't think but I guess I'll find out soon enough.
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