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Hello:) I am 29 years old and after years of...

Hello:) I am 29 years old and after years of wanting a breast augmentation on April 28, 2014 I will be having the breast augmentation along with a tt, bbl and lipo. I will be getting my work done with Dr. Isabel Balza from Tijuana Mexico I chose to go with her because she does really good work, she herself has been in contact with me from the beginning from emails to phone calls, and when I met her in person I loved her and knew she was the one, she was the only surgeon i looked into that was in Mexico the rest were in San Diego California and Scottsdale Arizona, Dr. Balza gave me a great price for ask the work I want/need done. Has anyone had all this work done at once? I read one girl who went to Campos and had all this done and she looked great, I would like to hear from anyone who has done ask this work. Thank you!

This is what I look like now 2.4.2014

I weigh 151 and I'm only 5 ft tall tomorrow 2.5.2014 I start my healthy eating again to try to lose some weight before my April surgery. four years ago I had lost 29 lbs weighing 127 so I know I can do it.

Before pic back view...ewww

Undecided...please help

I have been going back and forth on weather i should have the bbl at the same time as all the other procedures, I do not want to compromise the new booty. I really need help from my fellow rs girls that have had all this work done or know of some one....please girls help me out!!!! My husband and doctor think it'll be fine but I want to hear from you all....thanks;)

Need advice...

I am really looking to get some advice from someone who had a bbl, tt, ba, and lipo all at the same time...I am thinking of going through with it all but would really appreciate to hear from someone who's already done it....thanks;)

Before pictures

24 days left...

As of today Thursday March 27th I have 24 days left before my surgery, as you all know it was moved up a week so instead of the 28th it will be the 21st.....I thought I was done feeling nervous and worried about all the what if's but as of last night I am getting worried about something going horribly wrong (like dying) during/after surgery, I have a good relationship with God but I feel wrong for asking him to protect me during a vain procedure...Lord knows I been wanting this surgery since my 1st baby was born ( 10 years ago)...To all the ladies that pray, please keep me in your prayers!!!!!

20 days left...

About a month ago I had my hemoglobin checked and it was 12.9 I started taking 520 mg of iron pills daily, It did mess with my bowel movements (I am regular and have at least 3 bowel movements a day) I go once a day maybe twice but it's worth it...I had posted that I wanted to lose weight before the surgery aaaannnndddd...that was an epic fail, but I will go back on my juicing and do lots of cardio as I read that it helps to prevent blood clots and pulmonary embolisms. I will update tomorrow with my current weight and measurements too!!!

Iron pills

10 days left..

I went into Tijuana on Wednesday (today is Friday) with my husband, I was nervous to go walking by ourselves as we have never been there before but it was a piece of cake and crossing the border back was not bad either and my husband and I do not have passports!!! Thank you lord!!!
I went to get my labs and EKG, they both came back good my hemoglobin was at 14 the ps is happy that it went up from 12.9 in about a months time.

As you guys know I have been debating about getting all this work done at one time and through prayer and talking to God I am feeling confidant with going through with it. I am currently weighing 153 (I had went up to 155) and I also had my husband help me measure my waist, belly, arms butt and legs (I posted the picture of my measurements) I am eating healthy with my green juices and I am hoping to lose a few more pounds but we'll see.

I also had a chance to check out the hospital where the surgery will be done at, I was a little taken back by it but my husband reminded me that it's not the U.S. (Which is true) but it is better than the hospitals I have seen in San Luis Mexico where I visit often.
Dra. Balza has been amazing, we talk once a week and she has really given me piece of mind and God has answered my prayers!!!!

It's official ladies....

It's official ladies I'm getting the surgery Monday morning, I just paid for the surgery and I am super excited!!! I wanted to thank you three ladies (gettingitback, ellabella, dreamsdocometrue1985) for your support, who knew that total strangers would have such an important impact in our lives? You guys don't know me but I am truly thankful for you!!!

I have seen many ladies buy lots of supplies to prepare for surgery, can you ladies help me with a list of the must haves please!!!! Thank you!!!!!

29 left.....just finished packing

I can't believe it..downloading left and I'll be in surgery???? I still remember downloading a count down app and it started with 89 days to go...
I just got done packing all my clothes (and hubby's) and little things we will need...I also finished doing my kids easter baskets along with the Easter eggs for tomorrow...I haven't stopped all day, went grocery shopping, did laundry, re-twisted my son's dreads (took me 3 hours), had my kids practice their easter poems for church tomorrow, finished homework that is due tomorrow...I am so thankful that God gave me the strength to do everything I needed today.... as I'm typing right now I'm starting to get anxiety again (I hate this feeling) I just don't want to leave my babies or my hubby all for this want...I guess I better go pray, I need God's touch again?

I'll keep you ladies posted... we'll be leaving to San Diego tomorrow after church

10 hour's left...

I have 10 hour's left before I head into surgery. I am super excited with a tad bit of nervousness, my husband drove us here to San Diego after our babies had their egg hunting. My husband took me to eat and now we are resting at an amazing suite he got us.
I'll be waking up at 5 am to meet our driver at the airport at 6 15 am...keep me in your prayers!!!!!

mini update

Thanks to everyone's prayers the surgery went better than expected.
I'm not in pain but def. uncomfortable, I had rectus abdominis (when your ab muscles are very separated) and she also found a umbilical hernia. The nurses are great but they don't compare to the love of my life, he's amazing and the best nurse thus far. I'll take some good pictures when they change the stuff tomorrow

mini update

Thanks to everyone's prayers the surgery went better than expected.
I'm not in pain but def. uncomfortable, I had rectus abdominis (when your ab muscles are very separated) and she also found a umbilical hernia. The nurses are great but they don't compare to the love of my life, he's amazing and the best nurse thus far. I'll take some good pictures when they change the stuff tomorrow..

I had 700 cc in each butt cheek
445 cc on my implants
7 liters of fat sucked out lol

pictures from yesterday. .1 day after surgery

Okay ladies, bare with's only day two after surgery, I am feeling a lot of pain from the tummy tuck drains I have been here two nights after surgery and I am so ready to go home...I don't have horrible bruising where I had lipo (I give credit to the arnica pills) but I am as swollen as a hippo...I cannot walk good at all, my tummy tuck and the repair to my stomach wall muscles do not allow much movement. My butt is also super hard and burns from time to time. . I'll update u guys with a better update once I'm home.

4 days post op

Hi ladies, I'm sorry for taking long on replying. . This healing process is no joke... today is 4 days post op, it def. is better but the crazy burning sensation I get on my back is the worst part of it all, it feels like a hot shocking, sensation and I feel like lava is leaking (the best way I can describe it) and it happens every time I stand. Everything else is coming nicely as far as I can see.
So far I am happy with my surgeons work, I just want to get rid of this darn drain...
I almost forgot to mention that yesterday was the first time I pooped, and I haven't had to take anything for it and I didn't have to push hard I pooped twice..I am super happy about that:)

4 1/2 weeks post op

LADIES!!!!! I want to apologize for taking so long to update! I also want to thank each one of you for checking on me and for your prayers! You ladies are amazing!!!!!!!

I am now 4 1/2 weeks post op. As I mentioned in a previous update my husband took two weeks off work to help me and my mom was here as well, then stayed the third week to help me. Having to depend on others was very emotional for me but at the same time it made me realize how blessed we really are and how we add human beings take the most valuable things in life for granted. There were a few nights that I cried at night because I couldn't wipe my own butt nor feed myself, I am so greatful to be able to do those things for myself again. My hubby and I are still showering together every night, and he helps me wash my hair and my body.

This week I realized that I can finally stand straight, i have been off pain meds after a week and a half and I just had my drains out May 10th. that was the best day ever (I finally know the great feeling of being free ladies????) I did have to have my lower back drained 3 times and one of those times my Dr drained 236 ccs the last time which was May 10th she drained 120 something ccs. I'm still swollen but I am seeing a huge difference in my body I am 2 inches smaller in my waist from before the sx and an inch smaller in each arm (and I didn't even have lipo on my arms) I am weighing 149 and my goal was 145 but today I decided to make it 140.
I am still numb from my boobs down, I have a burning sensation on my lower back and side (ribs down) which in sure is from the lipo, i also have a few areas that feel hard (Dra. Balza said it will slowly go back to normal) and I hate that lol.
My belly button was giving me a hard time healing after the stitches were removed May 10th (I'll post pics right now) but it's doing better now and I also had a dark scab on my left side that fell off after a long shower lol two days ago and it looked scary lol but my Dr reassured me that it was okay and it is coming along.
My right boob is also taking its sweet time dropping but as you post op ladies know it's completely normal, but for the new ladies that can happen because the peck muscle you use more (right/left handed) will be bigger which can often push the implant upward; I do notice after using my right hand that my implant will move back up a little, which is the reason my Dr wants me to chill a little more lol with using that arm.

I have bought 3 pair of jeans already and a few shirts and I love how they fit, I can't wait for the swelling to go down even more lol... love making is good but it'll be better once I can do more lol I cannot complain with anything right now...i am in love with the new body

The naked picture i post up right now are from almost two weeks ago I'll have my hubbs take new ones tomorrow.

cg pics

cg pic's

Hope these pics load lol

All these pictures were from two and a half weeks ago

Pics with my cg on (a few nights ago)

These pictures were taken before I got in the shower after a full day of being out, you can def. see how my legs and tummy get swollen after an active day.

I'm wearing an under shirt and epi-foam

more pics ladiea

Here are some picture my hubby just took...
I am beyond pleased with the work that Dr. Balza did, I still get very swollen but I love everything....i am 9 lbs from my new goal weight but I love being short and thick in all the right places, and that's how I want to keep it????

5 week 1 day post op

I asked my doctor if she would send me my post op pics she took right before surgery and she did send them so I thought I do side by side they are
As for my healing, everything is going along as expected, I still swell (I'm so over this) but that's expected I have haven't loss more weight. I can't wait for my tt and bb completely dry out so I can start doing a little bit of workouts not being able to workout is driving me insane, my husband thinks I'm crazy but I feel like I'm going to gain weight if I don't do something Lil

A few days ago I started cleaning again and I have say that I over did it, and I only cleaned two bathrooms, kitchen my room and did a bit of laundry....listen to ur bodies ladies don't be like me

another one

front view

little update

Hey ladies, here are some pictures of me from 4 days ago. My stomach still swells, and it drives me crazy, I just want to feel normal again lol I do still have 3 small scabs along the tt incision which is preventing me from working out, i feel like a hog not being able to workout. But it's been about 3 weeks since I've been doing all housework, going up and down the stairs too.

I have had moments where I wished my boobs and butt were bigger but everyone says they look huge, my mom and sisters say the pictures I give you all do no justice to the actual work lol but I'm not sure lol I did get my boobs measured and found out I am a 38 D, so I won't be getting a second boob job.

Small update

My scabs are finally gone..I am still swelling but it's not as bad as it was. I have been taking my cg off to get a break, it may not be the best but my body def needs it. Next week I will start exercising and back to juicing.

Here are some pic for you all to see

Quick update

Hey ladies! I apologize for not being on top of my review!
I just hit my 4 month post op on August 21st and I have not had any real big changes to report, i did see Dr. Balza on Friday August 1st and she is happy with the results, as am I but I did have one concern with my lower abdomin which still swells from time to time but I also think there is some fat that will need lipo or I might be able to get rid of on my own once she says I can work out lol, i did bring this up with her and she mentioned that we have to wait till at least my six month post op check up and then she will determine if it'll need lipo...

I am very pleased with everything, there are times when I think I want another fat transfer to my butt and I want bigger boobs but I need to let ever thing settle and I might reconsider at my one year post op appointment.....

I'll post some pic for you guys in just a few


Here are some pictures I took yesterday before I showered, it was around 6 in the afternoon. .

Two year post op

Two weeks ago I hit my two year anniversary and I thought it'd be a great idea to give you ladies (the few that I kept in touch with) an update.

I hate to say that I have gained weight (just being a fatty) and my butt is huge!!! I just started to work out again and I am hoping on losing just a few pounds but my main goal is to tone my body. I am planning on doing a round 2 on my butt (if the weight loss affects it) and I am 100% sure I want bigger boobs with a mini lift. I am currently at work but I will be posting pictures for you all!!!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dra. Balza is one in 10 million. I was in touch with her (not her staff) from the time I made my first call back in November, we stayed in touch for months and after my surgery she called me every day for the first weeks. Her work is amazing she truly cares for her patients!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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