Thigh Lift, BBL, Lipo on Arms, Back, Abdomen, Inner&Outer Thighs, Knees, Breast Implant Exchange, Fat Transfer to Lips and Face

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After losing 130lbs after Gastric Bypass (2006) ...

After losing 130lbs after Gastric Bypass (2006) like many others I was left with much sagging skin. I waited and researched all reconstructive surgery for 6 years prior to taking that leap.

My journey began June of 2012 when I got my first round of Plastics with Dr. Gloria De Olarte in Pasadena. I got a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. She was very expensive and honestly didn't feel it was worth the $16K that it cost especially since one of my implants bottomed out due to her lack of providing the appropriate supporting garments. I do commence her for her aggressive tummy tuck although since I had so much skin it left me with a muffin top. I waited the recommended 6-12months for all swelling to go down before approaching the next round. Ultimately I was left with these ugly bulges (balls) of fat on each side of my thighs that made it impossible to wear pants, it was so frustrating at that moment I regretted getting anything done but it was too late now and all I could do was look forward.

I went on a journey once again to really research another plastic surgeon and I found very good reviews for Dr. Campos Leon. I had the online consultation that took about 3 weeks and ultimately what I wanted wasn't addressed so I scheduled an in-office consultation which was given 2 months from the day I called. I was in awe that I had to wait so long for just a consultation but I figured it was fine and meanwhile I went to other doctors in California but all were very pricey for only two procedures I was looking at 13k for only lipo on all my legs and an armlift. So I decided to wait for Dr. Campos.

On July 4th I had my consultation. I had him give me quotes for everything I wanted to get done in total it would be 2 additional rounds of surgery with a total of no more than 15K. Now I was very concern with the placement of scars so we addressed all that in my consultation. I opted for Lipo of the arms in hopes that after the swelling has seized Dr.Campos could perform a successful Arm Tuck (Scar in the UnderArm only) as oppose to an Arm Lift where the scar goes down the inner arm to the elbow.

First Round w/Dr. Campos was to include: ($7,900)
Lipo Arms
Lipo Inner and Outer Thighs
Lipo Knees
Lipo Back and Flanks
Change Implants to Bigger and Repair Pockets
Brazilian Butt Lift
Fat Transfer to face where needed (LIPS, SMILE WRINKLES, IN BETWEEN EYES)

Second Round ($5800) to include:
Arm lift
Thigh Lift

I left very satisfied with the quotes and how Dr. Campos addressed all my issues. I had been a bit shy about other things I wanted to get done but I figured there would be time for that since I was handling my major problem areas first.

Now it took me til November to get everything in order but once I called to scheduled a date for surgery everything happened in a glimpse of an eye. A date open while I called to see what days were available and I had surgery within 5 days. Day after Thanksgiving I was informed that due to a cancellation a day for surgery the upcoming week was open. I confirmed and accepted so saturday i went to Tijuana to due my labs, get the iron and antibiotics to start prior to surgery. I also went to go visit the recovery home I was going to stay at. My surgery was that upcoming Tuesday.

RECOMMENDATION: If there is anything I can give a full recommendation was the recovery home Casa De Lilas. Knowing that I was going to have so much done all at once I knew that I wasn't equipped with all the necessities or help that I would need for a safe recovery at the beginning. So anyone contemplating having multiple procedures at once please consider a recovery home at least until the doctor gives the ok to go home without jeopardizing your health. This was by far the best decision I made. Just keep in mind add an additional $1000 for a weeks worth at a full serviced recovery center.

WARNING: I need to warn everyone the office coordinators Angie and Ruby are very incompetent and very money hungry. My first experience was with Angie. Since I had had 3 different quotes and I couldn't find all of them Angie requoted me with a $2000 surcharge Ruby tried to cover up by saying that the prices had gone up and that the original quotes were only valid for 2 months. I informed them that I would take it up with Dr. Campos but just needed a ball park figure since they were requesting half of the quote to be deposited to Dr. Campos US bank account. So after I found all my quotes and did my calculations I was able to figure out how much half would approximately be so instead of depositing $5000 I gave an additional $2000. FYI they request the remaining half in Cash. Also I suggest that you get receipts for everything and you question everything also make sure you tell your family members not to give them any money if they need to charge something they should deal with the patient. To my dismay they waited until I went into surgery to charge my mom $300 for who knows what and didn't get a receipt at that. Also they have you sign the papers and adjust quotes when you are already drugged and are all loopy prior to going into the surgery room. Furthermore I'd be cautious about using your credit card since when I stayed at the recovery home after speaking with other patients that had surgery with Dr. Campos they had issues with their cards trying to be used without authorization for thousands of dollars purchases, also cash had been missing etc. This is why I say be very weary of the office staff, if you could prevent it do so if you're staying at Casa de Lila's Recovery home, they have safes there to keep all important things there and they are trust worthy in keeping your personal belongings including any cash or credit cards. I'm still yet to let Dr. Campos know about his staff and I will when I return to my follow up.

So Tuesday December 3rd I went in for surgery, I had my final consultation with Dr.Campos and told him everything I wanted to get done.

Lipo on my back, waist, flanks, legs, monspubis and knees.
Breast Implant Exchange go a size bigger and repair the pocket.
Thigh Lift
Arm Lift
Lipo on my Chin and Cheeks
Brazilian Butt Lift
Fat Injections to my lips and aging lines in between my eyes and mouth.

Dr. Campos immediately told me it was way to much for 1 round that he would not put my life in jeopardy. I greatly appreciated his concern therefore I took his advice and recommendations . So the final procedures where as followed.

LIPO ON WAIST (I requested a smaller waist)
LIPO ON MONS PUBIS (I had a really fatty pubic area)
BREAST IMPLANT EXCHANGE TO A SIZE BIGGER (Dr. Campos suggested a breast lift but he stated that he wouldn't perform it this round since it was too much, Also I left the size increase up to the doctor since I have a large chest frame)

I opted not to go completely under just epidural since I have bad reactions to general anesthesia. For those thinking about it was definitely more comforting and no you are not awake you actually drift off to sleep then slightly wake up. The anesthesiologist is in front of you the whole time so the times that I came conscious he asked if I was ok if I felt pain then he would inject something in my IV and I would drift back to sleep. There is no nausea afterwards or dizziness which for anyone who has had surgery and had this reaction, its the worse.

I stayed overnight at the surgical center the nurses were completely nice and very attentive. They didn't allow me to feel any pain while there. Then in the morning the doctor from the recovery center Casa de Lilas alongside with an associate were there to pick me up to take me to the recovery home. Now I'm not a worry freak but I thought it was very thoughtful of the doctor from the recovery home to attend to the patients from the moment the patient steps out of the office.

Now I do have a two minor complaint on Dr. Campos in regards to his pain prescriptions for Low-Tolerance to Pain individuals. He doesn't give the appropriate pain medication and for those that have had gastric bypass this is an issue since we only absorb a certain percentage. Needless to say I was in severe pain after I was released from the surgical center. The medication given to me didn't help out at all, I'm glad that I didn't have to advocate for myself and instead the doctor of the recovery center, Dr. Antonio, did all the mediation for me and was even prepared with alternative medications for situations like these while the we awaited the surgeon's response back.

The second complaint is that Dr. Campos is not very compassionate to those that have no pain tolerance and is not gentle at all during the post op follow up. Lets just say he had me crying with pain after he squeezed one of my knees that I repeatedly stated was hurting immensely.

I'm not going to sugar coat anything. My recovery has been hell. I've had about 8 surgeries through out my life, including an abscess after an open appendectomy and still I have to say LIPO has been the most painful. Even more so when you go for those lymphatic massages, I was screaming with pain and scared many patients waiting outside. Now in my perspective to go through that experience after I informed the doctor that the pain medication was not helping was completely unnecessary and very irresponsible of all medical staff to allow that. I did not complete the 5 massages since in 2 I thought I was going to pass out and my pressure would drop. I have not seen the doctor since the post op but when I do see him again I will address this to him, since it is his reputation on the line I'm just a very dissatisfied patient with the aftercare provided by him and his staff.

NOTE: I do need to point out to those getting a Brazilian butt lift, thigh lift or lipo on the waist/back , the girdles provided in their office are NOT suitable since they do not adjust at the waist and will not provide enough compression or support. The response given by the office is that you will need to take it to a tailor to adjust it as needed. I'm sorry but if I'm spending $120 on a surgical girdle it should give me proper support. I'm a frequent girdle user due to all my other surgeries and so far the best one has been the brand Marena Comfort wear. You can look it up online and how to take measurements. Also some recovery homes offer it onsite as a secondary girdle while the other gets washed. That's another thing YOU WILL NEED 2 GIRDLES TO ALTERNATE (they get dirty real fast when you're draining).

As far as the results, I have to commence Dr. Campos because I saw immediate results after surgery. Now after a couple of days my body decided to react and I blew up, suffering from severe EDEMA. It is very important that everyone educates themselves regarding the products that are out there that assist in speeding recovery. The cream offered for after Lipo helps relieve and with the bruising. Compression stockings help with swelling of the feet which I was suffering from along with my entire legs.

Now I had minor complications with my blood pressure which kept dropping and then would go high. I cant express enough how important it is that you plan accordingly for recovery. The nurses and doctor at Casa De Lilas were on top of any medical condition that was existing or that was arising. The last thing anyone wants is to die from a complication or blood clot just because they were too cheap to pay an additional thousand dollars to be adequately taken care of, and I say this with the utmost respect since I've had friends that have been casualties of blood clots after lipo in TJ but they opted to rent a motel room, no one to look after them and they were found after the fact, and another lipo in California that passed away at home because again you don't have nurses at home that are checking your vitals. It saddens me but if anything this part should be as important as choosing what doctor you are going to go to.

3-Weeks Post Op: Thigh Lift, BBL, Lipo on Arms, Back, Abdomen, Inner&Outer Thighs, Knees, Breast Implant Exchange, Fat Transfer

My recovery has been slow and very painful. I'm almost 4 weeks Post Op and I'm still dealing with the stiffness in the morning and so much pain. I still have severe swelling in my inner thighs which doesn't allow me to close my legs and make me waddle when I walk.

The majority of the areas that got lipo'd has hardened, by this I mean the skin and underneath has gotten really hard, it's a very unpleasant feeling and some of it is numb or very tender to touch. This is normal but to my dismay it can take 2-4 months for the hardness to seize and soften like regular skin and 6-12months for those lucky individuals (sarcasm). I can't put any heat/cold compression to relieve it since that makes my Edema worse so I'm pretty much stuck just waiting everything out.

Trial and error: Ok so at this moment don't go without your girdles on. I made the mistake of going without my girdle or simply putting one of those SPANDEX wannabees from Sears and that was huge mistake. My body is still molding therefore the skin and swelling shifts according to the girdle and support. Lets just say I created a muffin top in the middle of my abdomen but soon dissipated as soon as I put on my Surgical Girdle.

NOTE: Just as a note as soon as you take off you're girdle you feel like gelatin and if you've had lipo you start to feel the burning sensation from the fluids traps inside and that is very painful, not to mention that it feels like your loose skin is about to fall off. You'll notice as you go from girdle to girdle that the tighter it is the better it feels.

Currently I'm in the process of purchasing YET another girdle since I need the next Stage.

COMPLICATIONS: Ok so like my previous experience my Inner Thigh (GROIN) incision has started to open a tiny bit and has been secreting small amounts of fluid (not infection). This is common for me since it happened in my tummy tuck as well only thing that I had a minor staff infection in my tummy tuck incisions. Now just quick education on staff infections and incisions, anytime you get a staff infection at an incision site it creates an opening that obviously starts oozing greenish fluid that is very stinky, the infection can be cleared with antibiotics the bad thing is that the opening that it created is automatically detrimental to the overall look and outcome of the scar meaning at the end you will be left with that part that is darker and wider than the rest of the scar that was not infected. Now since I have experience in this I've been taking extra precaution because my incisions are at the groin area (see pictures) and are more likely and easily to get infected. I noticed that the reason a few parts started to open up was because the doctor had asked to air it out 3 times a day, this was drying out the incision but was also creating tensions and stretching that area when I would sit down. My Edema and that fact that when my legs blow up it pulls on the incision site doesn't help at all either. Since the INTERNET IS MY BESTFRIEND, I look everything up and saw that a couple of doctors rather keep the incision moist with Antibacterial Ointment and that at times that can speed the healing - The con about it is that you need to be very careful because Bacteria grows in moist areas therefore I have to be extra clean. Its been a few days now that I'm using the ointment that was provided to me after surgery and what a relieve. I know that in those areas that opened up will have a hide scar its inside where its not visible. The part of the incision that is located at the crease of my booty cheeks are most completely healed and hardly visible which is GREAT news because from those scars my main concern was that part since it was the most visible. On the front part of the incision its placed on the underwear bikini line and its still healing but healing very nicely, I'm not to worried about the scar that is on the lower side since I'm planning to get all my scars lasered to improve appearance particularly those areas that opened up and created wide scars.

BREAST IMPLANTS: As for my breast implants, the scar was placed in the bottom circumference of my Areola. The doctor determined that since I healed very well there and did not lose sensation that it was best he went down that route. That incision is completely healed now and I'm about to purchase Scar Strips to start fading the scar (I will post pictures of the scarring so far). I've used Maderma before and had good results but I heard the strips are even better. I noticed that my right breast was starting to bottom out again but I'm hoping since its still early and the inner tissue is still healing I will be able to save it with the proper holster, I already had the holster so I'm now wearing it and as long as I wear it the breast implant goes back in place, I'm hoping this will work since its the primary reason why I exchanged my implants to begin with.

FAT GRAPH TO FACE: Well all the swelling is pretty much done and I have to say I'm not impressed with it. I was so swollen at the beginning I looked like a monster and I thought maybe the doctor put way too much fat on my cheekbones and lips. But now that the swelling has seized I realized the fat didn't really take and my cheekbones are not aligned correctly, they are lop sided. What a waste of $600. I originally wanted lipo on my cheeks and under my chin with fat graph on my lips and line in between my eyes. I should have just done this instead of taking the doctors suggestion, although I might like a bit more youthful I feel I now have a fatter looking face. Well we will see when I see the doctor again I'm hoping he can correct the cheekbone issue and I think I still want the lipo on the cheeks and under chin, which I will probably get when I go back for my Arm Tuck.

BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT: Ok so during this entire time I've been sitting on my butt on top of my donut. I noticed that indentations have started to appear on my butt. It still looks nice but no longer has the smooth look. I'm bummed about that but I'm sure its because I've been on my booty and that's usually not recommended. I cannot lay on my side or my tummy because of the Edema and because its very painful and for some reason when I'm on my tummy tension rises and it feels like my head is going to explode. I know, weird. Anywho I'm looking to see if I can still reverse those indentations and save my BBL. I looked it up and it looks like if I purchase a girdle with the booty opening it just might do it. I hope so, if not I'm gonna have to have more fat graphing done there to correct that. :-/ Honestly I don't want anymore unnecessary surgery.

So these are my updates so far.

I have a follow up appointment next week to consult about the stitching that popped in my Groin Area, the face fat graphing, the edema and skin hardening, and the implant that I'm having issues with. I will let everyone know what Dr. Campos says. I'm hopeful that its still early to reverse and help with the issues without going under the knife again for those same reasons.

I'll be posting pictures of 3 WEEKS Post Op in a few days once I take them. I realized I haven't posted any of my arms so I will definitely do that. If anyone wants to see anything in more detail don't hesitate to ask. I'm very open about this since it was very important for me when I was researching all the procedures.

Infection scare, Follow-Up Visit, and 5 Week Post-OP

So that little incision that opened up gave me a good scare, as I had mentioned before it had started to drain but nothing that was alarming until I started to smell an unpleasant odor. I immediately emailed Angie regarding this but due to not being able to drive and the response times of emails I was unable to go immediately and instead had to wait an entire week. I have to say I was freaking out pretty badly. I was finally able to go in last Friday, the 3rd for a consultation with Dr.Campos as opposed to just the nurse. I have to say the consultation did not go as expected whatsoever and was very surprised.

As soon as I walked in Angie welcomed me and immediately asked how I was doing. I was in a lot of pain still so I verbalized it. She said she had been aware of it since she had read the review of RealSelf. I explained that I've been in pain all this time and that nothing the doctor had given me was working since I don't fully absorb what I intake due to my gastric bypass. She asked what I was taking now and I told her 600mg Ibuprofen which was the only thing Dr. Campos was willing to prescribed me before I left home. Ok so those that have had Gastric Bypass know that Ibuprofen is a huge NO NO for our stomaches since its an irritant but since he gave me that and did not want to give me anything else, or stronger I had no choice but to take what was prescribed to me (I did take extra precaution and I have medication at home that protects my stomach for medications such as these). Angie did mention that had she known about my situation that she would have helped me out. She asked other than the pain how was everything else. I told her my issues fairly quickly and how the fat graphing didn't take to my lips and lopsided my cheekbones. She expressed concern and thought it was strange since she said that is usually the places where it takes the best. Amongst our conversation she did mention that she wanted to explain some misunderstandings regarding the money situation before I left. I told her ok.

Now I'm not a shy person at all and I will stand by what I say and what I write, I will not apologize unless I know I am wrong and like I've mentioned before I will not sugar coat things, we are all grown people and some professionals and should be able to take the complete honest truth. With this said this is what happened as I went in to see Campos.

The nurse Patty was the first to quickly examine me prior to Campos. She is one of the best nurses I can assure you. I let her know all my concerns, the right breast looking like it was trying to bottom out but I put on a holster to correct it which it looked like it did somewhat, My face fat graphing, my thighs still being swollen and hardened like rocks and the incision opening and oozing what was know somewhat creamy looking and an odor that did not smell right. She took a look at my incision and immediately assured me that it wasn't infected. I asked her why it smelled like that, she said it was fluid that was stuck inside my body for a couple of weeks therefore it is normal to have that scent. She said we would double check with Dr. Campos. As for my legs she said that I would probably need more massages. She added that she knows I have no tolerance for pain but that it is very necessary.

So I'm standing there with a gown in my bday suit as Dr.Campos walks in. Now I'm going to reserve my opinion and let everyone be the judge of this, but as Campos walks in he has a slight annoyed face and he says Hi Lizeth, I've read your review on RealSelf. Now in my perspective if someone has read my review already then they know why I'm coming in. He uncovers my gown to quickly examine me and says I look fine. Meanwhile he is trying to justify and reason for the remarks I've made. He stated that I'm the first one to say he has no bed side manners, I stood by my answer and told him You don't doctor with all due respect, you could be more compassionate. He stated that he does have bed side manners and that he is very compassionate that no one has ever spoke badly on him, so my respond to that was "Maybe not to your face." Now this might not have been the wisest response, even though its the honest truth (I've a couple of profiles that have had similar experiences) but I realized after the fact and since Campos was too busy focusing on what I had written instead of examining properly which he did not examine my face, or arms as a matter of fact the nurse had to remind him about my legs and the incisions opening, I just pretty much just stayed quiet and nodded to everything he said. Particularly when he said he had never met someone who had such little pain tolerance and even more so that the medication didn't have any effect. So at this point I went into a slight quarrel with him, in which I told him that I had informed him about gastric bypass, that if he had experience with patients of such he should know that a lot of medications will not be well absorbed. He argued that he did try to help that sent me 2 injections and sublingual pills. I told him yes the injections that got me sick, he said it was the strongest form like Morphine, therefore I responded had you indicated that to me I would have told you NO, I don't react well to morphine no wonder I got sick. And I thought to myself what are 2 injections really gonna do. Then he stated that then he sent another medicine (equivalent to Codeine) that he never prescribes. Now this was the only medicine that helped a little and when I tried to get more he refused to give it to me and gave me Ibuprofen instead. So he continued to justify that he did try to help. I informed him that I was in pain for a long time even for his response time and even in the first follow up visit I continued to tell him I was in pain and he brushed it off, checked me made me cry then sent me to the massages for another session of torture. And I'm sorry but I'm a Spanish speaker but it is very rude and unprofessional when you tell the massage tech "Me vale que le duela, dale duro" translation is "I don't give a damn if it hurts her, massage her hard".

So at this moment I'm probably as annoyed by this whole approach altogether and stayed fairly quiet. He continued to check my legs and decided to squeeze, compress and massage my inner thighs that felt like rocks. Lets keep in mind I had told him once again that I was still under a lot of pain and those areas were very sensitive. Guess what happened? I started to cry, the pain was unbearable. He was scolding as to how I need to massage them out, then he would switch about the review and at the end after 5 mins of torturing my inner thighs he thanks me (in what seems like a sarcastic tone) for the review because he will learn from it. All I said at that point with tears running down my face and gasping for air, that I never said that his work wasn't marvelous. He looked at the nurse told her to get me up and send me to get a massage because if I didn't that was going to form fibroids or tumors. He walked out of the room, the nurse ran after him to ask about pain medication he walked back in and asked if I had had any pain medicine and I said a couple of hours ago, the medicine he had prescribed. The nurse then came back 2 minutes later with and injection, she said it was gonna hurt a lot but it was for pain so I can tolerate the massage.

Now I'm a professional individual, I've had my fair share of responsibilities and professions, I know how to choose my battles carefully, for crying out loud I've been an elected official I know a thing or two about professionalism and the opportunities one should take to amend situations and make things right. This would have been the perfect situation for Campos to flip the script and make things right. As a professional we should know better than to take things personal but to take them as professional criticism. Particularly when it comes to patients and customer service. How many more patients have felt this exact way but didn't voice it? Well I don't regret doing so, or how things turned out even though I did much suffered if it means that he won't do it to other patients.

The massage therapist Joanna came to get me to take me to SkinMed Office. Bless her soul, she did not allow me to scream as I had done previously instead she talked through the entire process and every compression, she would stop when she saw that I was in too much pain and asked me to breathe, then she would ask can I continue. She would also stop when I told her to stop. She apologized a million times. I had to stop 30 mins into it to take a 600mg Ibuprofen then stop again 15 mins later for another 600mg ibuprofen and that's in addition to the shot they had just given me. This is what I mean that I have no pain tolerance. I literally felt that first 600mg Ibuprofen wear out as she massaged me intensely but I was able to tolerate it. So for the other leg I did the same. It helped a lot. But this is to show that my body works differently and just because its not like the rest, and I probably only absorb 50%, doesn't mean I should suffer with pain. So by the time the massage ended I was so much better Pain wise. My legs felt slightly better but I noticed right away that my legs where starting to swell like crazy again.

I went upstairs to Angie to purchase another Lipo Cream. She then explained the confusion about the money. She apologized greatly and stated that I had a point about the way they were doing things in the office therefore since reading my review they have changed their policies and procedures. I expressed that it bothered me greatly that my mom was charged she explained that she had gone to the room and I told her to charge my mom since she had the money. I told her I didn't remember but how could I, I was heavily sedated. I told her that in situations like that they should just wait until the patient is out of recovery in their senses if there is still an outstanding balance because something wasn't included. I have to commence her for that apology and willingness to give me an explanation, I know that a lot of people wouldn't even bother. So my respects for being a professional about it.

I asked her about other procedures that I didn't have a chance to talk to Campos about, for the obvious reasons. She told me how much they run for but that Dr. Campos would give me the ultimate quote on that stuff. I asked about Accent XL, which is a treatment that slims and tightens the face, chin and underchin, which is something I want even more since my cheeks are lopsided. I asked about fillers for my lips and to straighten the profile of my nose and botox for the line inbetween my eyes that the fat-graphing didn't take. I'm still very disappointed in this, and I didn't even have a chance to address it with Dr.Campos nor did he offer any revisions or alternatives, but I doubt that he'd even give me a discount after everything even more so I doubt that he'd even take me as a patient again.

This makes me utterly sad because I still need one more round to fix my arms. Originally Dr. Campos offered to provide additional treatment to shrink the skin on my arms after lipo, but since I don't have that in writing and he is so bothered by me, that pretty much went out the window. And now after his demeanor I'm sure he would not want to finish with my rounds. I love his work he did an outstanding job but like anything, work, work ethics, and personality are all completely different things.

I guess I'm starting again from square one looking for another PS that specializes in arms now.

5 Week Post Op Pictures.

I just have to say that I'm still in horrific pain now more than before. Luckily for me family members have been able to supply me with Vicodine therefore I've been taking that in addition to Ibuprofen 800 and barely this way I've been able to tolerate the pain I've been under. I do wake in excruciating pain since I miss the 4 hour period to take the other pill but I sleep with the medication under my pillow to take it as soon as I wake up. I'm still sleeping in my recliner and even though its uncomfortable I still cant lay down on my bed. I'm suppose to return to work next week and honestly I have no idea how in the world I'm suppose to accomplish that since just this week I've been able to bend my knees, I haven't even attempted to drive. :-/ I guess I will have to play it by ear this weekend and attempt to drive. Also I will have to see my doctor for more pain medication, possibly higher dosage for night time.

I found a guy friend of mine Chiropractor that does lymphatic massages and I'm so very grateful for his services. He's been making house visitis every 2 days to give me massages. His massages are so much better than the other ones I was getting, where it felt like torture. He explained that they are not suppose give a deep tissue massage since the lymph nodes are just below the skin. Although he does take his time and works on me for about 2 hours, but that just might be because he is giving me special treatment since he is fancing me. :-) He also forbid to wear a girdle until the swelling and hardness has ceased. Although it feels awful to not have the girdle on the swelling is reducing and the skin is softening.

Here are some pics as promised. Sorry its taken some time. But better late than never.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

The doctor is professional. He has outstanding results. Although in my opinion and experience he can use more compassionate and bed side manners, particularly with those with no pain tolerance. My original review was written as: "Beware of his front reception Staff - Ask for receipts and question everything. Ask Dr. Campos if in doubt, I don't think he is aware that some of his staff (Ruby and Angie) are overcharging. They also cover up for each other. " Now I've received apologies and explanations regarding the "money issue/misunderstanding" and I have to commence them for apologizing but also taking responsibility for their actions and changing the way they were handling things. I also need to give them credit for checking their reviews. Previous Paragraph read as: "Unfortunately Office staff contributes to the reputation of the doctor therefore I'm giving Dr. Campos 4 stars only because of his incredible results other than that it would be 3 stars due to the dishonesty of his staff and his lack of compassion. I understand he is a busy man but he really needs to be involved more with his patients rather than leaving it up to his staff, but that's just my opinion." AMENDMENT: I am very raw about my opinion's and I hope that when this is read it is not taken personal but as constructive criticism. Point of the matter is Dr. Campos is one of the best plastic surgeons that I've encountered. His results speak for themselves. As proponents of plastic surgery/enhancement we seek Doctors that give phenomenal results and Dr. Campos is definitely one of them. WOULD I STILL RECOMMEND HIM: I get constantly asked if after everything would I still recommend him, without hesitations the answer is YES , I wouldn't look elsewhere. As a matter of fact I have 2 family members going for consultations this month. Would I go to him again, YES. I would probably take additional measures and precautions, be prepared with other pain medications But I also hope and expect that Dr. Campos does his due diligence to try to prevent this type of experience not just with me but with others. It has been my misfortune and I write my review in my perspective, Dr. Campos reflection towards me has absolutely no reference as to how he will act with anyone else. I've heard and read he has been a sweetheart, I've also read that he's been dry with others. I'm sure he was rather annoyed with me (as other doctors have been) and in disbelief that I would be in so much pain then and even still now. But I don't cry wolf and I understand that there might be a lot of individuals seeking narcotics but sometimes you gotta give the benefit of the doubt and trust the patient is being sincere. I'M AMENDING MY OVERALL RATING FROM A 4 TO 5 because honestly HIS WORK deserves that and more. I didn't go to Campos for him to baby me or have a wonderful interaction with his staff, I went to get his extraordinary results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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