Headed to Tijuana to Get Sleeved!! Mexico, MO

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I'm gonna do this tomorrow!!! It's almost surreal....

I'm gonna do this tomorrow!!! It's almost surreal. Just decided to do this 3 weeks ago. I chose Dr. Ramos Kelly in Tijuana Mexico because of basically reviews and a good consultation. I'm going to Angeles Hospital. I'm traveling alone, a little scared about that one. I want to start the year off losing this weight and getting the body and health of my dreams. I quit smoking 3 weeks ago no Newports or Mary jane!! I started Chantix the day after I talked to the doctor. I only took it for 6 days and it worked(stopping Mary jane was straight up will power)!!! I'm not one for writing post, I don't even really write on my Facebook wall, but I need to share this with somebody as I have told no one about this. I'll send my mom my info once I'm in Mexico tomorrow so she can't try to talk me out of it crying and throwing blessed oil. Your stories on real self have inspired me so I plan to post my experience to help someone too. If the hospital and the doctor seem a mess I'm outta there!!
As far as my pre diet has gone I stuck to it 80%. These last 2 day I have followed to rules to a tee! I haven't weighed my self in over a month, I'll do that when I get to Mexico. My last weigh in I was 238 pounds . My bmi is 36 according to the computer I'm 5'7 37 years old. Wish me luck????

Getting Sleeved today!!!!

Just arrived in San Deigo!!! Headed to meet my driver Jesse then straight to the hospital for labs I'll be sleeved in a few hours!!

Ok it's done!! Headed to Licerna Hotel

Ok this will be a long review so much to tell. Let me start by saying Tijuana is not how I pictured it in my head!! Atleast not the area we are in. The hospital is minutes from the border so it's about a 25 min trip from the airport to the hospital. The hospital is in a cute area with a Fridays and a few other resturaunts right across the street so if someone comes with you they can go out to eat. The hotel I mean the hospital is sooooo nice, modern, and clean. It's comparable to any top notch hospital in the US for sure. As soon as we walked in the door they were on it. Within 45 min I had blood work done, x rays done, all paperwork done, met Dr. Kelly, and checked into my room. The room is so cute like a cruise ship suite. The nurses speak some Spanish at least one of my nurses was fluent. They took my EKG reading my vitals and put in my iv. Dr. Kelly came in to talk to me and answer any questions, the cardiologist ce in and went over my x- rays and then the anesthesiologist can in to talk. I was in my room for an hour and a half before they came and tooke to prep. Again I must say how neat, clean, and organized everything is!!! Everything had their monagram in it down to sheets and towels. When I woke back up I was in my room and having like a b*#ch!!!! I coughed up a little blood. Then just spit. I did not want to move!!!! Anytime I moved a milimeter I had to spit up. I pushed to help me button after 30 min of trying to get comfortable and they came and gave me a shot and I was out. When I woke up I felt a little better but my back hurt I could not get comfortable. They gave me more pain meds so I'm in and out of it. When I wake again. It's the next day, Dr Kelly comes by and tells me get my lazy ass up and walk around lol. I do and it's not so bad. He also has me drink water it's the first thing I have. I also start blowing the balls for breathing exercise. I get up on my own every other hour to walk and to go pee. My stomach still feels like a foreign object but the more I burp the better I feel. I practice laying all types of way on my stomach today because I hate sleeping on my back. Oh you do control your own heat and air so I flipped it on and off to my pleasure. Last night was much easier to sleep. The wifi for the net sucked but iChat worked good so I texted the whole night. So this morning comes and I feel pretty good so I go shower on my own and get ready to go. The nurses are surprised( cause I unhooked my own iv correctly). I go do th swallow test a hour later and get to see my new little stomach. It is so small. He said my stomach was huge before. It's so small they had to point it out to me. He said he gave me the smallest possible stomach I think it's a 32. So now I'm at the Licerna hotel for two nights. This hotel is beautiful. My room is gorgeous and modern. They have free broth although I want nothing yet. That swallow test stuffafe my sta h hurt the gas x strips finally come in hand. They really help. I have 3 meds to take. That's about it. Dr Kelly will be coming by to visit me here and answer any questions. So far this has been a great experience no regrets !!

Quick update!!

Well it's been a week and 4 days and and I'm down 18 pounds!!!!! Looking forward to next week where I can have some soft mushed up fish because I'm hungry!! Lol not really stomach hungry because I pretty much stay full but I miss chewing food!!! I'm having. Hard time with swallowing all these vitimains the calcium ones are ao big! So I brought so gummie vitimains but they are full of carbs!!!! Any suggestions of really small pill brands would be great????

I know this sounds crazy and gross !!

Ok I know this sounds crazy but I feel like I can tell the truth on this forum. One of my guy friends callede yesterday like I'm on town let's go out. I'm like ok I'll come pick you up. So last night we go out to eat????????. I just could not tell him I had surgery!!! So my dumb ass was packing food in the corner of my mouth like a chipmunk then fake sneezing and spitting it in a napkin. I know it's gross but I didn't know what else to do!! Some of it went down and my stomach hurts not bad but if feels like a rock is siting in it. I know that was gross beyond gross and I don't even know if I played it off well at all. I was fake drinking and pouring it on the floor. A whole mess!!!! And I am
Paying for it now!! Is it ok to take like smooth move tea? I'm sorry for grossing you guys out but I did
Not know what to do or how to handle resturants :(. Do you guys tell everybody you had surgery? Do you just sit there and watch them eat and smile. Do you not go out?

It will be four complete weeks tomorrow!!

Tomorrow marks the completion of four weeks for me!!! I'm have lost 24 pounds!! My pants have officially gone from looking painted on to just tight!! This has been a great learning experience. I really understand now that this sleeve is only a tool. It only controls how much I can put in at once it is up to me to decide what goes in. So far thank God I have not gotten sick off eating anything. I am really watching my carb intake like a beast. And I am up to about 50 ounces of water a day. Drinking water is hard!! I count crystal light as water don't know if I'm supposed to. My little trick for myself is I eat with a shrimp fork! I keep one with me at all times. It's the perfect size bite for me. Oh and I walk 3 miles everyday can't wait to start working out!! Good luck all!

One year and 3 months later

Just checking in with an update since I will start the next leg of my journey. I had lost 70lbs but I have gained back 10. So here's the thing..... I can eat with no frikin problem!!'. Meaning I can eat whatever I want !!!!!!! Damm near like I never had anything done. At first I couldn't for about 6 months, but then it was like stomach said let me free!! I will also say that weight didn't just fall off. I was on a serious diet and crazy ass work out plan. I ate almost no carbs I mean no sugar milk. No alchol. Nothing that freaking taste like anything except jerk chicken without skin and cabbage. I worked out everyday twice a day. But let me tell you this the moment I stopped working out and started eating freaking bread????. It was over. This winter weight gain is no joke. I have gained almost 15lbs. So I back to the gym. Don't be fooled into thinking this sleeve will stop you from over eating forever because it won't. You body learns how to trick it. I will eat till full them in 5 or ten min I'm not full and can eat again dammit. So ther e it is. This sleeve is just a tool. That is my opinion. Sleeve only works awesome until your stomach heals, and that is about one year!! After that YOU have to watch it big time because your ass can eat again with no problem. Im finally ready to get Lipo and bbl and breast lift since my boobs look like deflated airbags since I lost weight. I am very thankful for my sleeve. It has got me this far. And would still recommend my surgeon!!! Will be starting new review for lipo. Bbl bl!! Hope all is well!!!
Dr. Ramos Kelly

So far so good

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