Gastric Sleeve Revision. Mexico, MX

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I have decided that in order to get the results I...

I have decided that in order to get the results I really want, I need to get the weight off. Losing 10lb here and there and then gaining it back will not work. My BMI is 35 and I would like it to be around 25-27 BMI. After doing a ton of research and learning that there are actually weightloss brokers out there, I have settled in Dr. Almanza. I will be getting sleeve on December 15, 2015 but hope to be able to move it up a week. My First sleeve was in May of 2012. I lost 50 lbs in the first 6 months and not a pound since. In 2014, due to a lot of hard work and careful eating and diet pills, I was able to get down to 211 but never hit onederland. My sleeve is still a great tool. I no longer crave greasy or fried foods, I almost never eat pasta or rice and when I do find something I really like, I can't pig out on it. Plus, I haven't felt that, "I'm so hungry I will eat anything" since 2012. My downfalls are my own. I no longer exercise as I should, I struggle to drink all the water that I should and (with the exception of only protein for breakfast), I love sweats! These bad habits crept up this year out of laziness and frustration. However, I have only gained 10lbs since 2012, so I'm not doing that bad. I know that having the sleeve for the second time will deliver the results that I need. If I only lost another 50 lbs, I would be happy! Then I will be headed to get the plastics needed to make me look the way I feel, which is amazing! God has been very good to me.

Changing doctors

After doing a lot of research, I have decided not to use Dr. Almanza. I'm so glad to have tools at hand that you can use to find information and make safe decisions. I am still hoping to have the procedure done in about 30 days so I will need to chose a doctors ASAP.

Revision sleeve in Tijuana alone

I'm really nervous about going to have my surgery alone. I'm concerned about ebbing weak and vulnerable and not having anyone there to advocate for me. Is there anyone have a sleeve with either Dr. Jesus Lopez in early December? I'd like to schedule for the first or second week. I am confident that Dr. Lopez will be great and that the staff will be helpful but there is nothing like having someone journey with you, IMO. Just a thought. If you undecided but feel like those dates may work for you, I can give you my doctors information so you can investigate.
Dr. Mario Almanza

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