SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY BMI of 43.2,Weight 230lbs Dr.Fernando Garcia in Tijuana Mexico - Mexico, MX

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Hey everyone, My name is Ivy and i'm hoping to get...

Hey everyone,
My name is Ivy and i'm hoping to get my Surgery in July 2016,at Tijuana Bariatrics with Dr.Garcia.I have watched so many videos and read so many reviews to even count.I try eat healthy as much as i can,i dont do sodas,any juices,any junk food...if i crave fries,i bake them instead n grill my chicken.I make smoothies n do all them healthy seeds (flax seeds,hemp seeds,chia seeds n all)I do zumba workouts like 4 times a week....SMDH BASICALLY,I TRYYY!

But here i am,no high cholestrol,no health issues,my sugar levels are normal,my B.P is normal...yet every week is a pound gained.So being frustrated,i sought for options...Did the whole dietician thing with my doctor to no avail...FINALLY,i was DONE TRYING.I come from a morbidly obese family im fighting a loosing battle against obesity....i cant fight Genetics :(.Nway,i dont wanna end up @ my 30's with obesity issues.Insurance doesnt cover my surgery,and when i asked the only Bariatric center here in South Bend how much it would cost out of pocket,they told me close to $75,000.REALLY??ARE U GOING TO MAKE ME INTO A PRINCESS WITH THAT KIND MONEY?WTH!!!

Yes,i did opt to go to Mexico.Dr Garcia accepted my application,Karen is my Cordinator.I intend to travel alone.No,u havent shared this information with anyone except my mum and hubby,coz not everyone will be supportive.My mum is okay with it,n so is my paranoid hubby.I just came here to make my 1st review,and get to know people who have been to Mexico for the same procedure.

Please feel free to message me and share your experience.Coz in as much as i am excited to go,part of me is nervous.I did a research about Human Trafficking for my last paper and the devil is a liar,since he is tryna get to me d@ something may go wrong :/.Ridiculous i know....but eyy,thats why im here...
Hoping to hear from some people and make new friends.

Yaaaaaay!!!June 11th is the D DAY!!Nervous......

Yaaaaaay!!!June 11th is the D DAY!!

I get to have a new chance in finally start my life all over again.
I go to the store and look at preety Calvin Klein's outfits....but i cant fit in them.Im forced to wear stuff im not okay with.
I got butterflies in my stomach...just thinking of me as a size 10!Anyone feel confused...nervous....excited....sick to the stomach.....have mixed emotions before the D date????
Already informed the boss ill be away for a yay!People please share your experiences.

Dr. Fernando Garcia

Will review as soon as i get my procedure done.

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