32 Year Old Single Mom / Car Wreck Plus 5 Years of Being on Steroids = 100 Pound Weight Gain - Tijuana, Mexico

After being down from a car wreck for a year and...

After being down from a car wreck for a year and being on steroids off and on (mainly on) for 5 years my pant size jumped from an 8 to an 18-20. I was always athletic. I loved going to the gym. I ate right 75% of the time. No Matter what I did, the weight kept creeping on. After facing my 3rd serious and long back surgery I decided that maybe weight loss surgery was the answer. I wasn't lazy or not motivated but I had a physical aliment that didn't allow me to lose the weight. I checked into it and my insurance didn't cover it. Checked here in Alabama (Huntsville) and doctor here wanted an outstanding $30G ! You read that right, thirty thousand dollars. Yeah, let me run right over to the bank for that one. So I did what anyone would do, I shopped around. Some say I'm crazy, but I choose to have my surgery in Mexico. Tijuana to be exact. Yes, I heard of all the danger. Yes, I have seen on tv what the government/new casters want you to see. Yes, I have heard the horrible stories. Being level headed as I am, I realized that danger, killings, and much more happen here in my own backyard and I deserved this ! I booked my flight for me and my ex husband and we went to San Diego. Truthfully, I was more aware and cautious in parts of San Diego than I was in Mexico. I had the best time minus the first night. I was on pain meds for 2 days and switched to Tylenol. I am almost 2 years post opp and I'm down from my highest weight an astonishing 105 pounds. I feel great and more importantly that back of mine that I broke in 3 places, feels like a whole new back. I spent less money, had fantastic service, did some great shopping, and lost that weight that wouldn't budge. Wanna know what's even better ?? I didn't just lose it, I kept it off! It's not a quick fix but with dedication and a made up mind, it can and will be your final answer !! Now, I am exactly one month away from getting my TT and my BA and I'm so excited !!
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