25 Years Old, 1 Child had Surgery in Mexico.

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I plan to have my sleeve done in early June, I...

I plan to have my sleeve done in early June, I have been looking at medical tourism agencies to make the decision much easier to find a good surgeon. I am really nervous about getting the surgery so I am having my family come with me hopefully, we can make it into a small family vacation. I am still looking for flights as of right now, it's hard to find a cheap seat because I need a first class flight because of my size.

Flight booked, mind set and money saved. Being healthy.. priceless, there are somethings money can't buy but this is one of them

Ok, well I have booked my flight for my surgery, put down my deposit and have prayed. I am getting extremely excited and scared at the same time, I am now trying to get my passport application turned in by next Tuesday. I have been eating a little better and have only eaten out 2 times since scheduling my surgery, I know... I know not a good idea. I have set my surgery day for June 3rd 2016 and am siked about it finally. After speaking to the reps on weight loss agents. com and seeing the reviews I have become a lot more comfortable. I am still saving money and working my butt off because I would like to take 2 weeks off from work when I get back, so far I have not had any issues getting things done regarding the surgery. I am trying to decide between 2 doctors, my first pick was Dr. Mario Almanza but now I'm looking at Dr. Marcelo Hernandez he is $700 dollars less. I can not find any reviews on him so I guess I will be the first one lol. does anyone have any tips for me.

I forgot to say..........

I changed my birth control method, I had the Implanon and it was 6 months past having it removed! I know my insurance was playing games. I had the Mirena birth control implanted yesterday and believe me when I tell you it was nothing like when I have it in 2010, I cramped so bad I started crying. I am still hurting smh, I have been taking Ibuprofen and Tylenol PM all freaking day. My husband has been a great help, I was such a baby but it was extremely painful, I felt like I was in labor, the cramping was unbearable If the sleeve is like that I will have to call on God for help because that was no JOKE!

Trying to figure out where to stay.

I will be flying in 2 days before my surgery date just to site see in San Diageo but I'm not to sure where to go. I have realized that the medical tourism company has been calling every other day, they are sweet and kind when they call but today was different the women was rushing me on the phone. I'm am sure they want me to pay the rest of the balance for the surgery which I will do, but not before my passport comes in so far I have spent over $2000.00 just preparing to get there so I don't want to be stuck here and they have the full balance and I can not get a refund if something happens. I plan on paying off the balance when my passport is here, which I haven't even sent off yet due to signature problems. By the way here are my stats: HW: 389, CW: 365. GW: 150!!!
I'm really nervous about posting pictures, but I will soon, I have been going to the gym and trying my hardest not to eat out but today I ate at longhorn steakhouse and it was divine lol.
I am praying that my body remembers it was once fit, but that was years ago. I am trying to get my sexy back.

Any suggestions?

I'm trying to figure out how to do my liquid diet, I am trying to figure out what is best. I want healthy nutritious and tasty items but it feels like I can only find broth and protein drinks, does anybody have any suggestions on what I should get? My liquid diet is supposed to be for 10 days, I am wanting to try and ease into it without going cold turkey LOL.

Before pictures

I'm posting some before pictures of my current body, I'm a little shy so I blurred out my face andthe photos on myour wall. I am motivating myself to eat better, move around more and make better food choices. I still haven't found out exactly what will be best for me to do my pre-op diet on so I'm just reading other people's past-op suggestions.

Getting it together....

So far I'm trying to work through my journey, I have had my emotional ups and downs and fears but I going to put it all in God's hands and push on. I asked God to protect us while we make this journey and I know he's watching over us. I have now received my passport and everything and now I'm looking for liquid diet drinks that taste good not like puke lol. I have been seeing other vsger's posts about there liquid diet and believe me when i say I hope i am able make it through. I will start collecting items this week just to be prepared from what's to come. If you have any pre op and post op tips let me know.

Since there negative speculation about a doctor I have decided...

Since I have been getting a lot of comments and messages about doctors doing the vsg surgery in Mexico and how that turned out botched and people are passing away. I have decided to make a change, I have reschedule my surgery for an earlier date! That's right an earlier date. I am 100% confident in my decision on choosing a bariatric surgeon and the location on where I will be having my procedure we all become frightened at some point in time and have second thoughts but I'm doing this for me and no one else. I started my preoperative liquid yesterday, I will be updating with pictures soon.

Going good.

I just finished my 3rd day of my pre op diet and I am dong really well. I am not sure how others are holding up but I am glad i am making it thus far, It was a struggle the first day because I was not familiar with NOT eating lol. Yesterday I felt a little sick I'm not sure why, I got a little grossed out by the liquid texture of my meal and I started gagging.

I am still working on where we will be staying while in Mexico because we are staying a little longer for a some fun in the sun (much-needed relaxation).

I am beginning to get a little hungry it's 4:30 am right now but I had a liquid 10 mins ago, so When that happens I just have water instead. I'm still watching videos about people journey and reading post so keep them coming, I am glad to share my journey and am glad to read others.

I had surgery, and I'm still here.

I have my surgery on June 2nd, it was quite a few people already at the hotel and me and my group got picked up at the airport in a van. I am still having pain here and there but the worse of all is the gas pain, GAS X DOES NOT WORK! Iam a lot better but that's because my husband was here to care for me I'm not sure what I would have done without him. I will post more later, we leave today thank God.

1 week down

It's been 1 week, I had a lot if ups and downs. It still hurts a little when I have liquid I'm not sure why. I'm keeping strong in prayer and making sure to rest well, my husband has been phenomenal and very supportive. I'm starting to move around more and feeling a lot better, I'm not taking any pain medication and I am paying for it lol. There's a lot that people do not share with you but that's OK I will!. I'm constantly tired and feeling dry but I'm learning to take fluids often. I'm a little bit afraid to weigh but I will next week hopefully I have drop some. Does anybody have any ideas about what's best for you at week 2? I'm bored of jello, ice pops, broth and water lol.

Week 3

I am now aware of when I am hungry, I was eating very little because I was afraid of hurting myself. I will have severe tummy pain when I'm hungry, I know now to try and drink a lot of water and eat protein which is easier said then done. Protein drinks, soups, broth and whatever I try I still have not had enough grams to meet my goal. I am sure I will meet it eventually but for right now I'm trying not to black out from dehydration lol.

1 month down

Today is my 1-month goal, I tell you it feels amazing to be here but a little strange. I'm 50 pounds down but I don't fill full anymore. I noticed that a few days ago, I'm extremely nervous about that. I wondering if I have done something wrong because I feel loose and like I can eat whatever even though I will not. Last night I went and ate some fat-free sherbert but believe me I paid for that. I had severe watery runs lol so I will not be doing that again. I am trying to find out if anyone else has had the same problem as me so early, and why am I bot feeling full and any restriction? am I not eating enough or too much? there is so much I want to ask but we will see what the next few days bring. If anyone has any questions or suggestions I'm? all ears.

Really enjoying it.

So far so good, it has been more than 4 months and I am down over 88 pounds. my body has changed a great deal and I have a lot more energy now. I have been having acid reflux but only when I drink water, which is very odd. my eyes still get bigger than my stomach and I try to push my pouch which is a horrible thing, I have been trying to work better on my self-control. My skin is loose and my boobs are floppy lol and my behind is completely flat but that's ok I expected that. I guess it was the first to go because it is not really needed. my hair is now shedding and I have just started taking more vitamins because I am afraid i will be bald sooner than later. I really have not been working out for the past month or so because I have had a few depressive moments to deal with and some lazy days. I will start to do more soon because I have set a secret goal for myself to reach the 100 lb weight loss goal by Christmas. I get discouraged a lot because I see people that have had the surgery after me already hit the 100-pound loss goal, but everyone is different. If anyone has any great ideas on what to do from now to then I would greatly accept the input.

Over 6 months

So far I have lost over 100 pounds from my heaviest weight I have ever reached and I was able to do it without constantly going to them gym, I also have lost a lot of hair might I add because I HAVE NOT BEEN TAKING MY VITAMINS which was and still is a huge mistake. There were moments when I had forgotten all about the surgery because I was too busy living and times when I felt down because I thought it would be different. Well so far I can not complain, I know I need to actually take my vitamins and life will be a lot more easy.

I was never prepared for the constant CONSTIPATION!! It has been horrible, believe me when I say make sure you take something to help you out. there is so much information that people do not tell you and there are things you think you know but have no idea about. Everyone is different and everyone has different expectations for what end result they desire, I know for a fact that I will need some type of surgery for the skin and shape that I want but that is going to happen sometime next winter or whenever I reach my goal weight.

I will tell you that it is not a easy task at first but it is surely worth it!
Dr. Marcelo Hernandez

Dr. Marcelo Hernandez spoke zero English, I only met him when I was leaving and I never saw him before. I waited all day at the facility and didn't have surgery until late that day but that's ok, I would recommend him to people. The surgery was a sucess so far.

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