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Hi! I'm 27 and I've never had plastic surgery....

Hi! I'm 27 and I've never had plastic surgery. Naturally, I'm very nervous. I'm also scared because I'm driving south to Tijuana, Mexico to have it done there. My price is very low because my friend's dad is doing the surgery. I've heard plenty of horror stories about botched plastic surgery there, but I'm confident in my chosen surgeon, Dr Campos Leon. If anyone knows any further information regarding this surgeon, do share! Also, any tips on traveling to Mexico (where to stay, etc) would be greatly appreciated. I joined this site mainly to read what the recovery is all about-this is the part I'm most nervous about. When can I expect to go back to work? I requested only a week off...maybe more time will be needed?

Changing doctor!!!

So I found out some things about my chosen doctor (I somehow got Dr Campos and Dr May confused.) I thought I was going to dr campos but turns out I was actually being sent to Dr May. Anyway, I'm now going to Dr Saldana. Anyone know anything about him? I probably seem like a crazy person changing doctors but somehow there was a huge miscommunication. Yikes. Anyway, I'm still trying to get scheduled for the 6th of January. Any information is welcome!

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Ok, you've all helped me reconsider...

Since my last post I've done a lot of research. I stay awake at night researching until I can't keep my eyes open anymore. I'm still going through with rhinoplasty, but I've narrowed it down to two AMERICAN facial plastic surgeons. I haven't met with either of them yet but I have consultations scheduled with both. Dr Karam in San Diego charges less than Dr Fleming in Beverly Hills, but they both look like they do outstanding work. Based on my research, too many people have to get revision surgery-I cannot be one of those people. So, my rational side has pumped the brakes and I'm holding out until I find the very best facial plastic surgeon California has to offer. If anyone has experience with either of these doctors, or has any recommendations on how to go about making a final decision, please share! And another thing-please be nice! I've had comments from some less-than-friendly people on this site and it isn't necessary! Thanks all!
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