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Okay ladies, so i have set my date for OCT 1 and...

Okay ladies, so i have set my date for OCT 1 and will be paying my deposit for Dr. Pantoja tomorrow morning. I am getting a breast lift with implants, lipo of belly/back/sides/arms, tummy tuck, and fat injections in my butt (just to round it off). I am super nervous! I have never had any surgery, at all. I am adding my before picture to this post as well as the ones I sent to the doctor. I will post again tomorrow after I make the deposit. Also I see a lot of ladies with long list of things they are getting for post op care, is all of that necessary or can I cut back on some of those things?


So I've made my deposit through bank of america, and am saving my recipe for proof of payment (which is apparently crucial).
I am on a mad scramble now to reserve a 2 night stay at a recovery house. Club med is to pricey for me and Grace Baja house doesn't answer/email back. Hopefully I will hear from them soon or I will just have to suck it up and make my way back home after I get discharged.I am very nervous to go alone, but I want this so badly. Does anyone else know of any other good recovery houses near pantoja's office?


Hi ladies, let me start by saying how kind and hospitable Dr Pantoja and his staff have been. As I am one day post op and can hardly shuffle around I can only get pictures of my boobs for now.
I went from a saggy c to a high d

1 week post op

long story short, one week post op and i feel amazing!
Its been one week since my surgery and around day 5 or 6 I had virtually no pain. I even started gingerly having sex again. I know its gross with the drain and all, but the results already look great and we couldn't help ourselves. So still can't put too much pressure on my lower back so i am still sleeping sitting up and that prob wont change for another month but im getting used to it. Lots of pillows for propping up is the key. I have like 12 to my husbands 1 LOL I even stole the couch pillows to my room. i am still walking in a slightly bend position, but its not so bad. The first 3 to 4 days are complete SHIT though, but its worth it. SOOOOOO worth it. Its a lot of dizziness and nausea...also I had crazy headaches and the inability to get comfortable. BUT WORTH IT!

So I have skin that keloids so i asked DrP the best way to try and avoid that and he recommended a special protein based medicine that helps adhese the skin to the abdominal muscle so that the skin pulls a little less. I dont know if this is why my healing is feeling so good or if he is just a magician but this extra cost me $500.

So after the surgery I stayed at DrP clinic for 2 nights and then went to GRACE BAJA RECOVERY HOUSE. I honestly cannot possibly speak high enough of them. They are a group of AMAZING women. Teresita the day nurse is a vibrant/helpful ray of sunshine, and Margareta the night nurse is like a mom away from home. Margareta doesn't speak a lot of english, but it didn't make a difference, through a mother's intuition and love she knew exactly what i needed every time ( a bit a sign language is the key). Grace Baja House was like staying at your families house to recover, just great! I paid $200 for the first night and $125 for every night after that. I stayed for 2 nights and then my husband drove me home for the rest of recovery. I dont think this is normal, most people say they need to stay at least 3 to 4 days. Remember me saying a started to feel better around day that makes since.

Anyway, I don't feel completely normal, because when i take my sausage casing aka compression garment off i feel too loose. Like my abs are not responding properly yet without it.The first compression garment was included and the second spare one, which you DEF need because they get dirty fast, cost $120 from the clinic. If you can find one online for cheaper buy it and take it with you. i dont remember the brand off hand but i will update you when i upload pics today. My boobs feel fine, there isn't too much to say about those they are healing well and look great.
So, i was asked about PAIN PILLS in the comments. I would say that if you have a really low pain tolerance it would be best to be safe than sorry. Ask your American/Canadian Dr for a one week supply of Narcotic pain pills. That is honestly more than you will need. I have only been taking Motrin and only as needed since day 6. DrP says he doesn't like to give narcotics because you may feel too good and do too much movement and potentially tear your stitches without knowing, because the skin above the incision is already pretty numb. I will take pics today so you can see for yourself.


healing nicely

Still a bit swollen, but happy with Wendy im starting to see.


I meant what....

Update Pics

feeling amazing! still swollen, but loving my results. My friend when 3 months ago for lipo and her back is still quite swollen too.

before n after

still doing well

new pics

Hey guys I'm still alive and looking good.
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