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I am 27 and have no children, but am basically...

I am 27 and have no children, but am basically getting a mommys make over ;)
I contacted campos, cadrenas and pantoja for quotes. Pantoja was the only one who replied with a quote. $6,800 for full body liposuction, breast implants with a lift, tummy tuck, and a BBL. I am not sure if i want a BBL, i do have flat buttocks, but it has never bothered me. It is mainly my stomach that bugs me. I'm not even sure I want breast implants. I have yet to pay my deposit but I am 99% sure i am booking for July 2nd with pantoja. I really like Yily's work but i live in western canada, so the flight home would be a long one.

I am super nervous about recovery. I have a very low pain tolerance, and i am not sure if my doctor here will prescribe me narcotics for this surgery. Has anyone in canada had experience getting meds for surgery out of country? Nadia said they can't prescribe morphine, and this is what i find is effective for me after surgery.
I will be staying at the clubmed for 12 days, is anyone else planning to be there around then? its expensive but i want to make sure everything is ok before i go home and get my drains removed. i am only doing this once, so i want to do it right!
what are your opinions about the buttocks, and the breasts? if i get implants, i am thinking 280CC or 300CC, do you think that will be a good size on my wide frame.

I booked my date and paid my deposit to Nadia for...

I booked my date and paid my deposit to Nadia for July 2nd. Now i just need to book my flight and RH. I am still debating, if i want to stay for 2 weeks, or take my own stitches and drains out and come home after a week......

My date is so far away, and I am obsessing about it. I wish I could do it sooner.

I am starting to feel really anxious about booking...

I am starting to feel really anxious about booking my flight. Whether i should do it now or wait. I don't see a reason why I couldn't keep this appointment, but i guess booking the flight just makes it more real. I would be flying with alaska airlines and their tickets are non refundable and non transferable. decisions, decisions. I really wish there was more after photos of dr.pantoja.

I booked my flight. Glad that is out of the way....

I booked my flight. Glad that is out of the way. Now i just need to book a recovery house, I am going to stay with clubmed for 14 days. I will be so homesick, but I want to make sure I am good to go once i go home. I have my final nursing licensing exam coming up in september, so hopefully I will be able to relax and study a lot. I will show up with new boobs, new booty and a flat stomach, hehehe my classmates will be asking a million questions. I will need to come up with a good story. I hate lying, and i am really bad at it but its none of their business.

I paid my deposit for clubmed. I am staying from...

I paid my deposit for clubmed. I am staying from July 1st to july 17th. I will get so home sick :( but i hopefully i will be able to concentrate and study. The only concern i have is i can not have gluten, so hopefully the costco there has the gluten free bread i eat.

Do i need to get some form of a travel medical...

Do i need to get some form of a travel medical insurance? if so, what company do people usually use?

Today I am having alot of regrets paying my...

Today I am having alot of regrets paying my deposits and booking my non refundable flight. I know if I didn't I would back out of the surgery and today I wish I could.... But at the end of the day I will be excited and can't wait.

Well apparently I don't know anything so don't...

Well apparently I don't know anything so don't listen to me. I'm out, I understand why people dont come back and share their experience. I'm deleting my account.

So apparently you can not delete your review.......

So apparently you can not delete your review.... So ill keep my post but just ignore ignorant people..on a positive note I finished all my exams and now starting my clinical at the local hospital. I finished with a 95.8% average , so I am super stoked about that!!! I also got some supplies for my surgery. I got the boppy pillow, some nighties, cool house coat and a dress. I got all XL! I am trying super hard to lose weight but it's so hard. I'm
Running 4x a week and eating 1200 calories a day and I'm changing. UGH. I am going in vacation to Cuba, we were going to go back to the Dominican Republic but we opted for varadero, my husband hasn't been and I have so he wants to see Cuba.
I am so excited to see a few girls this month are going to pantoja!

I should really proof read my review before I post...

I should really proof read my review before I post it! I meant to say I am not changing. I haven't lost a pound. But with my vacation coming up I am even more determined. I am also trying a diet pill cAlled fruta planta. I hope to lose 20lbs by my surgery date.

Ugh Alaska airlines changed my flight times by at...

Ugh Alaska airlines changed my flight times by at least 3 hours. I wish they couldn't just change my flight times.

I just got back from Cuba yesterday, it was an...

I just got back from Cuba yesterday, it was an amazing vacation but i felt unbelievably uncomfortable in my swimwear. It just reassured me that I am doing the right thing and getting this surgery.

Good news! I got my doctor to give me 5 days worth...

Good news! I got my doctor to give me 5 days worth of hydromorphone. I was worried she wouldn't because narcotics are highly regulated here. I also got her to write out stuff for lab work.
It's so encouraging to see all the latest reviews of pantojas patients! So glad girls are willing to share.

Play nice.

I have decided to leave realself. After reading the attack made towards mbones I do not want to be apart of a community that does not support each other. Whether online or off I never condone bullying and vicious attacks. We are all grown ups I hope and this behavior is completely uncalled for. All we did was try help mbones by getting donations and we are the ones in the wrong. Hopefully one day realself can be a supporting community with admin that are not blinded by policies and procedures. If you want to stay in contact message me your email or number. Good luck

New blog

I'm starting a new blog because I have had such an amazing experience. It would be unfair for club med and pantoja if I didn't share my experience. Read blog 2

team pantoja

So apparently I can not write a new blog.
So heres my review:
I arrived at the dr office at 8am because another girl had an appointment with dr campos and they are right beside each other. Upon arrival I filled out paper work and got blood drawn. Then I was shown to my room and had an ekg done. Everything was good to go for surgery. I was then taken to see pantoja. I was left feeling disappointed because I could not have lipo on my stomach, as I was having a tummy tuck. Also I wanted 325cc implants but he explained that for my frame and all the loose skin in my arm pit 325cc would not look good. I have never desired to have large breasts but I hate the loose skin that hangs out of my shirts. so I ended up getting 420cc high profile in my left and 445cc hp in my right. I am feeling that they are too big but its only been 6 days and the swelling will go down. I hope. He also explained to me that because I will not take a blood transfusion he will not do aggressive lipo. Which I appreciate, his first concern is my health. For my butt, he said he would put 900cc in each buttock. That was fine with me. Now the post op..........this was awful. I think I was up 3 floors and at one point I thought about jumping out the window. Problem is, I couldnt even move to be able to jump. My blood pressure dropped really low, so they were not able to give me any pain meds until I was stable. Morphine also depresses your respiratory system and I was having troubles breathing so thats another reason why I couldnt have pain meds. So it was awful. Lilbobby was in the other room and got everything I got done and she was fine, everyone is different when it comes to pain. The pain was really bad for me the first 4 day's. I had a massage yesterday by maripaz, it hurt but I felt amazing after. Everyday gets better, im really stiff at night. I brought muscle relaxers and hydromorph and oxycodone. If you cant handle pain bring your own. The other girls here at clubmed said the tramadol does nothing.
I am so happy I picked clubmed, the girls are amazing and dont make me feel uncomfortable when im crying, they are very compassionate. Its difficult for me being a nurse and having to be the patient. I needed help with the washroo , have someone bath me, have someone plug my phone in. Even though I paid for their help its still hard for me to ask for help, so be rready to give up your independence. The food is amazing here and its so nice to be around other girls feeling the same as you. Originally I was going to stay in a hotel with mom who is a nurse, but she could not take the time off work and I am glad, I think it would have been hard for her to see me I that much pain. That is all for now, if you have any questions feel free to message me.

post op 6 days photos

There not that great of pictures. Ill try get some with my garmet off. My incision is sooooooo low, im so happy with it!

heres a new pic

My implants need to still drop a bit more. I am really happy with my results. I am having major issues trying to get my tt incision to heal. RESTORE dressing has really helped, its a mesh silver dressing. All my life I have had problems with stitches and my skin healing over. I am going back in a year for an arm lift and more lipo! I cant wait , I hate my saggy arms

Can't believe this is my body

I am loving my results! My butt is finally starting to take shape. The first 2 weeks I layed and sat on my butt because I had an anchor breast lift I could not lay on my side. I thought I ruined my butt. But it's looking good at 1 month :)

So excited!!!

Tried on new nursing uniforms today and I am now a x-small! I was a large before surgery :) just had to share


I am very happy with my results but I should have asked him not to use visroyl. My body is rejecting it, therefore my tummy tuck incision is opening and wont heal until it desolves, which can take months. Its a very thick woven internal stitch.

sorry its called vicryl

it has nothing to do with dr.p, its just my body does not do well with internal stitches

New garment

I finally got my new faja columbiana garment. It was about $100 with shipping. I ordered a large and it give major compression. It's so tight at first. I like it way better then my original garment. Only because my mirena garment didn't compression my lower back and didnt give my butt a nice shape


Columbiana garment

4.5 months post op

Hey ladies!!

So it's been a while since my last update.
I struggled at first with food and gained weight but I am back on track and eating healthy and exercising!! The surgery is no miracle. It's just as easy to gain weight. I am going to Thailand for a month in feb. So I have some pretty good motivation. I'll post again once I lose some weight. I'm currently 160lbs. Also I am still swelling at night and a lot after a workout.

still swelling

First off, I am still swelling a lot later in the day and post work outs. Im 6 months post op now and time has flown by. I have changed my mind about the arm lift. Its too visible of a scar to mess around with. I do have a lot of loose skin on my upper back and am considering getting a bra line back lift that extends into my axilla, and have loose skin removed there as well. I didnt work out much in December as I worked an insane amount and on top of it patients feel the need to buy a continuous supply of chocolates for the nurses. Not a good situation when your working a 16 hour shift and have easy access to junk. Im currently 164lbs and am back at the gym. I have gone 5 days this week so far this month. I have 25 days before I leave to thailand. Ill add some pics to try show my upper back. They arent good pics but it shows how my stomach is flat but my upper back has a blob of loose skin that needs to go. Hopefully with doing some weight training that targets the back I wont need it.

columbiana faja

I get alot of people inboxing me about where I got my garment. I got it from

Make sure to order true to measurements as it was so small and I measured as accurate as possible.

surgery tomorrow

I cant sleep. Im super nervous. Im not staying at club anymore. Long story and I dont want to get into it. But it screwed up my whole trip. Im staying at hotel real del rio. Its nice. Bed is comfy.
I have to be there at 9am eeekk
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

He was amazing, he checked in on me several times. I saw him over 15 times. I would recommend him to anyone

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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