Always Had This Flabby Belly Even when I Weighed 120 - Tijuana, Mexico

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So even at 16, everything was skinny except my...

So even at 16, everything was skinny except my stomach. 2 giant rolls or 4-6 handfuls of blubber. I gained a lot of weight in my late 20's/early 30's. I am 5'2" and had reached 225lbs. I lost 85lbs and have gained some back.....but that belly never seems to go away. I workout 4-6 days a week for 45min -2 hours a session. I spend a considerable amount of that time on my core and still....I carry a bakery around my waist!

About my boobs....those girls are cute and perky if I am cold otherwise they are hanging water balloons! Honestly if I were not doing the tummy, I would just leave them alone....but I figure if you are going to be in pain....and spend all that dough.....fix it all! I am more nervous about how they will look than I am about how my stomach will look. I don't want them to be big above the nipple, I don't think that looks natural. I would prefer for them to be larger under. I don't know if this makes sense but I don't want my neck to have boobs and I have seen some implants that look that way.

My surgery is a month away and I am terrified! I am going to Mexico, then after 2 weeks flying to GA to stay with my best friend before returning home to Illinois. I have no idea how long I am going to need to recover but I am more frightened of the post surgery than the actual surgery itself. I am not good at pain! Lol! I know that sounds funny, but it is true!

I want drugs, lots and lots of drugs! I would prefer them putting me in a coma for a few weeks but I don't think that is an option! Did I mention my hatred for pain?

Well....we shall see how things go as time gets closer I am more and more nervous about traveling afterward!

Feeling anxious

The closer it gets the more fearful I become. Did I make the right choice? I just wanna be done now!

my back is killing me

Well....the clock is ticking and my surgery date gets closer and closer but I really don't have time to think about it because I have two daughters graduating from high school and one moving across the country.

I think about it most often when my back hurts. Hoping no tummy will mean a lot of relief!

one week preop o_O

Well....the date is rapidly approaching! I have been too busy to worry or stress because my daughter and step daughter just graduated from high school. Also we have been in process of moving my baby girl to Florida! Lots of emotions! So....the fear I would usually be battling has been mostly nonexistant.

I have been concerned about meds, having enough compression garments and traveling aftet surgery.

One day per-op!

We ( my husband and I) arrived in Tijuana late last night.

It is less than 24 hours before my surgery and I have a wicked migraine. I wanted to spend a little time out exploring the city before I am cooped up in this hotel room for two weeks but I am I too much pain to do so. I cannot take my migraine meds because I have blood work soon. I have been getting increasingly more nervous but my husband has been so loving, supportive, and ├╝ber encouraging . I am beyond blessed to have him!

The people in Mexico have been so nice! I could actually see myself staying here! Some things are odd though. Like Walmart selling motorcycles, the chicken is just out of the packaging and ready for you to pick it up yourself, and,,,,oh yeah the police driving down the road in a pick-up truck with a machine gun mounted to the roof! For real!!!! I couldn't believe it!

My appointment with the doctor is in one hour. I am so nervous! If you pray....say one for me!

12 hours post surgery

well I am 12 hours post surgery and I feel really good. My epidural is wearing off and I feel very little to no pain. So far I have only seen a glimpse of my breasts before they wrapped them and what I saw looked good. I could not see my tummy while lying down which is a good thing because normally my tummy sticks up pretty high. I feel good I'm not really tired and I don't feel any pain as of yet. I'm so very excited. This is been an excellent experience so far. I cannot wait to see my new body.

Time goes by so slowly from the bed!

Here I am 4 days post-op and my biggest complaint is that my back hurts from laying around so much. Doc warned me to rest and be still as much as possible so I don't tear anything. The pain of the incisions is almost nothing but I still can't get out of bed by myself, wipe O_o myself, or really do anything on my own. I really just want the two weeks to be over now because doc said by then I should be able to resume many normal activities. Oh, drains suck btw! I get them out Wednesday! They are super uncomfortable.

Now about my results......

First of all my boobs are huge! I mean really huge! He put 445cc! Above the muscle. They are swollen but look ok. A little misshaped but I think that is the swelling and the need for fluffing and dropping.

My tummy is flatish. What I mean by that is that it is a little puffy and swollen but I think it will improve as time goes on. The top part of my stomach is still bigger than I wanted, I'd love to hear other people's initial feelings about their tummy tuck.

Well I just showered and that is an exhausting and I need to veg out for a little bit.

Will add photos as soon as I am up to it

Yay! Victory is mine!

I have been getting out of bed on my own today! And....I went potty by myself! I have also spent some time outside, which is huge for me! Yay! Drains out tomorrow! That is all!

One week post no drains feeling a little crappy

Sar far I've been feeling good but today is kinda sucky. For some reason my bruising from the lipo hurts mure today and I just feel cranky. I want to be cuddled but there isn't a comfortable position. I can't lay on my side. I want a walk. I am just annoyed today. Being so far from home has benefits and can also be quite discouraging. I miss my friends and family. Thank god for Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook!

Anyway drains are out and I still feel sore where they were. My stomach still looks really big to me but doc says it will go down.

Well here is a few one week pics!

2 weeks 2 days post op. bloat!

Feeling pretty good except for when I eat. If I eat too much or anything with too much fiber I bloat. so Fiber One cereal I am done with you. My belly button disgusting. I'm really afraid it might be infected but everything I read says that its normal for it to leak. Still am a little freaked out since my doctor is in Mexico and I am now in Georgia. When I get home to Illinois I will be seeing my primary care physician. So hopefully if there's anything wrong it can wait till then. I have the sort of dent on one side of my stomach. Also hoping that that evens itself out. Here's today's pics.

Bringing sex back!

No I didn't skip the y! Hubby is happy! ;-)

Everyday is a little better. I am still swollen and limited and tired but getting around.

pics did not post



Pics take 3

Dr. Suarez was wonderful.

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