Excited to Soon Get BL/TT/BBL in Tijuana, MX

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I went for an initial consultation this past...

I went for an initial consultation this past Saturday with Dr. Carlos Castaneda in Tijuana, MX, the clinic is located in the nicer part of TJ and is a very nice and clean building. I have had a few other consults and this office offers the nicest amenities overall. The first thing I was pleased with is that the receptionists and doctor spoke English, I work in a hospital and had many questions and even though I speak some Spanish it was important that my questions were answers clearly and that things were explained thoroughly. Dr Castaneda took his time explaining everything to me including the procedure, what my scars will look like, what I need and didn't need and didn't try to sell me or add anything extra.

I have been up and down with my weight since I was a teen and at this point I'm looking to get a breast lift (I am a 38DD) and wasn't sure about implants, the doctor told me I would not need implants and a lift would look very nice and natural and wouldn't make me much smaller. Basically he is going to take all the fat tissue I have now and move it up as well as reduce the size of my nipples to match since they have stretched over the years. He gave my a visual by lifting and squeezing my breast, there's a large mirror in the exam room I was able to get a good idea.

For the tummy tuck my concern was the scar and how long across it would be, I don't have any children and my skin is still 'nice' so I didn't want to get a tummy tuck if it was going to be too crazy looking but he pointed out where the line will start and finish and it wasn't too bad so I'm happy with that.

For the fat transfer to my butt he is going to remove from my waist, back and inner thighs to transfer to my butt, I have a butt that needs to be more rounded out I guess you can say so I don't think I'll be getting a really high amount of cc's transferred, as far as a guessed amount I'm truly not sure.

There is an after care facility/hotel in the same building on the 2nd floor, it is very nice and I am going to probably elect to stay there a couple of nights after even though I don't live that far (Los Angeles) I feel safer having nurses help me for the first couple days. One night stay is included with the cost of the surgery and the aftercare is $150/night which includes your care, meals and using the phone/Wifi. If you'd like someone to stay with you it's an additional $50/night and it also includes meals for them and the phone/Wifi access.

The one thing I should mention is that this is an Ambulatory Care Facility which is basically a hospital based and standardized facility meaning that it's more that just a surgery room/office. This factor, combined with the board certification of the doctor, the location and overall cleanliness as well as the kindness of the staff is an excellent combination and makes me feel very confident and safe.

My next step is to schedule surgery, I was informed by the coordinator that there is a 10% discount in May for the Mother's Day/Mommy Makeover so I might wait till then but I'll keep you posted. I will also put up some pictures of me soon so you can see what I'm working with - I'm 5-4 185 pounds and a 38DD...

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