Mommy Makeover After WLS. Mexico, MX

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I had weight loss surgery in 2014. After losing...

I had weight loss surgery in 2014. After losing almost 80 pounds, I decided I wanted to have plastic surgery to help myself feel better about how I look. I am going to Mexico in October 2015 to have a BL/BA a TT and possibly BBL. I haven't decided yet on my butt. I was very happy with the time it took to get a quote from the doctors and have had a good experience so far with Melly who is my patient coordinator.

MMO After WLS and Losing About 85 Pounds

I was scheduled with one doctor for about 6 months. I met with him and felt comfortable with him. However, after watching the recoveries of many patients for the past 6 months, I started second guessing my choice in doctors. Many women were having issues with healing, necrosis and also ending up with implants larger than they requested. When I had my in-person consult, it was agreed that I would get 250cc implants. The doctor circled the number on the mirror and I took a picture of it. After seeing so many ladies say that they ended up with larger breasts than they asked for, I asked my patient coordinator what my file said. She said that it was noted I had requested 350cc implants. What??

When I was down in TJ just a couple of weeks ago I got the chance to meet with a new plastic surgeon, Dr. Irving Rodriguez. He was able to get me in very last minute for a consult and let my friend go with me. She had just had sleeve surgery but wanted to be there with me. He took his time and was very patient with us. We never felt hurried or like we were bothering him. I have also been watching his surgeries for the past two weeks and am very impressed with what I'm seeing. So, with just two weeks to go before my surgery, I changed doctors. It's a bit nerve-wracking but I'm much more at ease with my decision than I was before.

My MMO will include BL/BA, ETT and lipo with fat transfer to my butt as much as he can. I've continued to work out and haven't tried to keep on some excess weight to help with the BBL so I'm not sure how much he'll have to transfer. I'm VERY impressed with the amount of contact Dr. Rodriguez has with his patients and his potential patients. I'm looking forward to my surgery which is on October 28th. I leave in just three days!

Dr. R has been very quick to answer all of my questions. The doctor I was previously scheduled with "recommended" a CBC about a month before going but that's it. Dr. Rodriguez required a CBC 2-4 weeks before my surgery, as well as a lung X-ray and and EKG. Yes, these things can be done when you get to Mexico but what happens if something isn't quite right with some of those tests? You get there and find out that there's something wrong and you have two can't go along with the surgery or you do and have potentially have problems. It's a bit more work to have these tests done but for me it was peace of mind knowing I'm going down and ready for this major surgery and I'm in the best health I can be in. I'm looking forward to getting down to Tijuana and having my surgery!

Plastics in Tijuana, Mexico

I'm on day five post-op from surgery with Dr. Rodriquez in Tijuana, Mexico. I've had a wonderful experience so far. The recovery is no joke! I tried my best to prepare myself mentally for this but I don't know that anything can truly prepare yourself for something so major. I don't regret this at all but it's been tough. I just keep reminding myself that the end result will be worth it all! I'm staying at Casa Del Angel Recovery House and am being VERY well taken care of. The food is wonderful and the nurses are all very sweet!

12 Weeks Out from MMO

It's time for an update! Tomorrow will be 12 weeks post-op for me. I am very happy with my results. I am healing well and feeling great!

Yesterday I had an appointment with the dermatologist. When I had my daughter in two months ago, I asked about the redness on my face so I scheduled an appointment with her for myself with my daughter's follow-up. Got a couple scrips for my face (rosacea) and decided to ask about my scars. I asked her to peek at them to make sure there's nothing more I could be doing for them. I her both my TT incision and my breast incisions and she said, "WOW! Those look amazing!!" She said the work that was done was done wonderfully and the scars are awesome. Her daughter had a reduction done not too long before my MMO and she said that my work looks WAY better than her daughter's work. She asked who my doctor was. I told her I went to Mexico and she just stared at me. I told her I had my WLS there too. She asked a few questions and said that she would normally be nervous about things like this but after seeing the work I've had done and how well everything has gone, she definitely has a different opinion on the whole thing. She said she could suggest nothing to me and to just keep doing what I'm doing. She also said that for the amount I paid compared to what she paid for her daughter's reduction, the work on me was far superior and MUCH cheaper.
Makes me feel good to have a doctor look at things and then rave about the work I've had done! This is the second doctor that I've seen that has done nothing but rave about the work I had done by Dr. Rodriguez. That says something. These doctors have nothing to gain by telling me that the work looks wonderful and that they are impressed. It's a true, unbiased and PROFESSIONAL opinion! Makes me feel great about my choice to go with Dr. R.

New pictures

I just wanted to post a couple new pictures. These were taken approximates three months post-op.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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