33 Y.o Mother of One Operation Sexy Back - Tijuana, Mexico

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This is going to be my first entry on my journey...

This is going to be my first entry on my journey to operation sexy back.
last year on July 24th 2014 I had VSG for weight loss in TJ Mexico with Dr. Rodriguez . I had surgery at 222 lbs and today I am 162 lbs.
I think it's time for reconstructive surgery before I become to skinny.
I am interested in getting a Breast lift with small implants under the muscle, lipo to my abdomen, waist and back with fat transfer to the buttock.
I want to get that hourglass figure that I have always long for.
my surgeon will be Dr. Salvatore Pantoja. I chose him base on review and my friend personal experience because I have seen his work on friends.

Date change

Well ladies . My roller coaster ride is starting but I remain positive that everything will go smoothly.
I decided to call Dr. Pantoja office today to set my date and I was told that he is fully booked until August 6th
so I went ahead and schedule a potential surgery date for August 6th of 2015.
I immediately submitted a change in my time off request at work and I am hoping to get a response by next Wednesday. I am keeping my fingers crossed. If my time gets approved I will pay my deposit next week.
when I spoke on the phone with the coordinator Nadia. She was very nice and understanding. I will keep you guys posted by next week.
in the meantime if any ladies are using Pantoja please follow me and send some encouragement my way.

Pre op pictures. Going for TT lipo and breast lift now

I changed my mind on the butt lift. I will live the BBL for round 2. For now I will get breast done, TT with lipo of waist and back

How to get free boppy pillow for BBL

Hi ladies. How got my free boppy pillow today. Go to www.nursingpillow.com choose the boppy of your choice, they have many color to chose from and at checkout enter promo code 7486F98C6.

Buy a real boppy pillow

The pillow I bought from nursing pillow and way too soft, too small and poor quality, i will use it around my neck to get comfortable in bed post op.

The real boppy pillow is firm and does not sink down when I sit on it. Plus it comes with a beautiful cover and plastic carrying bag for $50. I know it cost more but better quality.

5 days to go!!!

As of today my bag is packed. Surgery paid and everything is in place. I have set up my recovery home at our friends recovery house and I even braided my hair for the big day!!! I am so excited but from time to time I get palpitations thinking about it. Every day I say a prayer for everything to go well.
I got all my meds and antibiotic ready, arnica, pain meds. I checked my hemoglobin currently 14. I can't wait!

Made it through surgery, first day post op

Hi ladies. I came to MX day before surgery Marvin and his wife Susana picked me up in San Diego and i felt very welcomed and safe. When I got to the recovery house wich is right on the ocean. I was able to relax and listen to the wave a bit. Later that afternoon I went out for some yummy tacos and ate my last meal at 8 pm.
The next morning I showered with hibiclens and off to Dr. Pantoja's office. When I arrived they send me straight to the lab, did EKG and gave the rest of my payment. Afterwards I met Dr. P who discussed with me what will be done and market my body. I had to wait until 2:30 for my turn in surgery. My hemoglobin was 13.8 so I got the okay for a full mommy makeover. Breast reduction with small implant, lipo and fat grafting to the buttock. Today is my first day. I was fet yummy breakfast . The nurses and all the staff are amazing. They wash me up and changed my dressings, i also walk the hallway twice.

Our Friends recovery house formerly know as Club Medical in Tijuana Mexico

Hello friends! 2 weeks ago I had a mommy makeover and stayed at Our Friends recovery house during my recovery for 10 days. I am so happy that I followed the recommendations and online reviews. I am not a big fan of writing reviews but after my experience as a guest there I want to tell the entire world how that place went above and beyond for me.
I want to thank the entire staff, Mrs. Susana and Mr. Marvin and Ms. Faviola !!!! you guys are amazing! because of your compassionate care and your wonderful beach house my recovery felt more like a vacation.
I enjoyed waking up to the sound of the Ocean every morning. I never felt alone or missed my home. The food is yummy and you will never go hungry. Every few hours you are offered a snack and all the meals where well balanced and freshly made daily. A few days after surgery I mentioned to Mrs. Susanna that I felt like eating a cake and she went as far as ordering it for me from the local bakery at no extra charge! they will also accommodate your dietary need as needed.
The facility is so clean and organized, the environment in so clean, the floor is mopped daily and everything sanitized multiple times a day.... trust me when I tell you that I have nothing wrong to say about the place. I am a nurse and have worked at top hospitals in the states and I know the difference between good and bad when it comes to recovery place caring for post-operative patients.
Everything is provided, I over packed my small carry on. no need to bring dressing supplies, towel or even antibacterial soap. they make your bed and change the sheets daily, help you shower and even help you with your medication because when you are in pain you won't know how to care for your self.
The facility also have very good relationships with most of the plastic surgeons in the area which makes it easier to schedule or follow up and in case of an emergency, no need to worry.
2 days after my surgery my JP drain collection container broke. Mrs Susanna called my Dr. office right away and in less than an hour I had my new functioning drain. Words cannot express hour thankful I am for this recovery house. This is the place to recover if you decide to have anything done in Tijuana. You won't be disappointed!!!!
I would also like to take the Massage person Mrs. Maripaz ..., I had my massage everyday and I am so glad I did because it helped with my back stiffness and pain in my liposuction area. Maripaz is very kind and has is very experienced at what she does.
I cannot wait to return to Our Friends recovery house when I go back for my next procedure., I am already looking forward to seeing the Dolphins and chatting with the parrot "Honey". even the Parrot is well behaved!!!
I love everyone at Our Friends recovery house and Thank you so much for making my stay so amazing and one that I will remember for the rest of my life :)

I also want to mention that I was not paid or ask to write this review, I am also not a writer so forgive any grammatical error.
Have a great Day!
Pantoja Salvator

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