2 Kids and in Need of my Boobs Back! Mexico, MO

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Hey everyone i have been spending all my free time...

hey everyone i have been spending all my free time on here trying to find a great deal on my boob job. also a good plastic surgeon I'm just having a hard time finding a good price to go with here in ca. if anyone knows of a good ps that offers good deals please let me know… I'm looking into going with dr.pantoja at this moment. basically they are holding my date for the 9th of january but next week i have t o put my deposit down other wise i loose my date. but I'm kinda just looking around for a local ps but Its getting close to sealing the deal with pantoja. if anyone has gone with him can you guys please share your stories I'm super scared but i really want my confidence back..:( thank you!

Ahhh it's getting closer!!

I'm getting super nervous I can't believe I'm doing this! I hope I chose the right dr! After seeing reviews of other wonderful ladies. I chose pantoja! Any suggestions on Wht to get and how to prepare for my boob job? Help!! :)

Can't decide on sizes!!

I had thought 400cc would be good to achieve a full c maybe a d. I'm currently 34 b more like almost b lol. I am trying to achieve to have a full c Wht I had before my two kids. But I don't wanna be too huge or be too small afterall I am paying so might as well go a little bigger. What do you guys think?

Exciting but nervous!!

I can't believe my date is almost here! I will have new boobies soon! I think I'm going with the gummy bear implants mentor brand at 400cc I just hope they aren't too big at the end. Wish me luck!

I can't believe I'm doing it!!!!

So Tania called me from dr. Pantojas office letting me know that I can go in the 9th instead because of a cancelation and I jumped on it! I can't believe im going through with it! I'll be in tj in 3 days!!! I'm super nervous and scared now! I will keep u guys updated on this journey! Can't wait to see my new bobbies!!! Wish me luck!

All done post op day 2

Ok here I go, I arrived to dr. Ps office @8am Friday very nice and friendly staff to start off, oh and it smells so good in there I have to say :) but to the point they started all my labs and EKG right away then waited a little then into see the dr. We did the consult with him. He's very nice and understanding and he just made me feel so much better about my procedure. So I wasn't as nervous after that. Went into surgery about 30 minutes later yes that fast. Woke up in my room with no pain and big boobs :)) they look pretty big right now but I'm just hoping after settling down and when the swelling goes down they won't be too big. I will post pics soon but as right now I don't have extremely bad pain just minimal I hope it stays like this and I get over if soon. I will keep you guys updated but overall dr.P did an amazing job thus far that I can see.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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