Dr Mario Almanza (Sleeve) and Dr Martn Yañez (Plastic Surgery) in Tijuana Are First-class Operators!! - Tijuana, Mexico

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Hello fellow adventurers in new lives! I had my...

Hello fellow adventurers in new lives!

I had my Vertical Sleeve with Dr. Mario Almanza in December of 2010 and over 100 effortless pounds lighter (still) and 3.5 years later (yesterday), I visited his partner in plastic surgery (Dr. Martin Yañez) for a circular tummy tuck and leg lift, or what I've seen termed as a full lower body lift. My sister flies in tomorrow on my recommendation to be sleeved by Dr Almanza. I just can't wait for her, having lived my own glorious experience these last few years.

Before I go further I want to make note about having read comments here regarding Dr Yañez' trouble with the California Medical Board. Their purpose is to cartelize or otherwise exclude valid competition. Were it my decision I'd rely on real-life reports like the ones found here in this forum, posted by real and experienced patients. Our opinions based in facts far outweigh certificates given to doctors I've had the misery of dealing with. Save us taxpayers some money by altogether nixxing the Board's license to limit our choices in healthcare. Dr. Yanez and the team he's assembled simply rock in my book and can cetainly run circles around much if not all of the competition - licensed or otherwise.

I'm totally amazed at the results of both my surgeries. I'm especially grateful to both men (and their respective teams), for their excellent listening skills and their open-mindedness. As a gay male I had a lot of private and person preferences I had to discuss with them to ensure a good understanding (how do you tell a straight stranger that your partner wants that big ass you had back before being sleeved?). They weren't at all phased. Rather, they engaged in frank and encouraging conversation peppered with expertise like no other.

Today, I felt compelled to write a 'Thank You' letter to Dr Yañez, but I should write one for Dr Almanza too. Both men have invigorated my life, shaved years and multiple illnesses from my existence, and gave me the wherewithal to live life full of joy and energy like I once did before morbid obesity claimed my being.

The best way to convey my feelings on the matter is to publish the letter I wrote today, so here goes:

May 27th, 2014

Dr. Martin Yañez
Hospital de la Mujer y el Niño
Diego Rivera # 2312
Zona Río Tijuana, BC México

Dear Dr. Yañez:

As you know, I came to you 3 1/2 years after having had bariatric surgery with Dr. Mario Almanza. I came to you specifically because you work closely with him in his group, and I found Dr. Almanza to be highly professional, caring, and expert at his work.

My aim with you was to resolve the problem of excess flesh and tissue from knees to abdomen after having permanently lost more than 100 pounds thanks to Dr. Almanza.

How can I properly thank you and Dr. Almanza? Each of your respective staffs were graciously welcoming and professional. You yourself have wonderful listening skills. The hospital was impeccably clean and the nurses and attendants highly responsive. It is as though our wishes as patients are their commands fulfilled with the most pleasant of smiles and gracious hospitality.

But these points represent only the icing on the most wonderful of cakes. As you must know, I felt compelled to disclose the most personal and private information to you about myself – information that under other circumstances I would find most difficult at best to disclose to any professional. You listened nonchalantly in your most disarming way and yet with the most intense compassion. As you proceeded demonstrating your expertise in action doing what you do best, you thought aloud and consulted with me every step of the way to ensure my satisfaction and that we understood each other to exacting degree.

As I sit here after surgery with you and marvel at the quality of your amazing work, I feel compelled to write this letter, which try as I might cannot properly muster the words necessary with which to express the gratitude I feel for you and your special team.

I have said many times in the last three and a half years that, "going to Dr. Almanza was the single best decision I ever made for myself in my entire life". I will have to change my tune: between you and Dr. Almanza you have created a new me… energized and enthusiastic like I was in my early youth before the horrors of morbid obesity took over my life.

I fear that somehow I've cheated you and your partner. We exchanged a few paltry dollars for my new life of joy and renewed youth, peppered with new-found ability to live life fully. Such a bargain!

I would be most pleased to offer direct recommendation to any patient who is considering your services but who might need to have their fears quelled first.

Of course we (American) patients have fears! After all, we're taught that we come from the King of first world nations and we had better think twice before doing something crazy like traveling to Mexico to have surgery at a fraction of the cost. You get what you pay for, right?

Well here, now, I loudly proclaim as a true-blue American: healthcare providers in the States had better stop resting on their laurels and learn some critical lessons from the teams of Drs. Yañez and Almanza if they intend to keep business at home. Your nurses as a whole are more responsive, attendants more thorough and gracious, hospitals are cleaner and all offer incomparably superior hospitality.

Most importantly, you two doctors listen and consult as partners with your patients towards mutual expectation and understanding. We Americans are accustomed to doctors who act like Gods, allowing no more than 10 minutes for audience before issuing quick decrees that often don't speak to the needs that patients intend to present. Their goal: in and out in under 15 min.

In my book, for first-class healthcare one should seriously consider heading to Mexico. In any event, for bariatric surgery, Dr. Mario Almanza. For plastic surgery, Dr. Martin Yañez.

And so Dr. Yañez, thank you so very, very much. As I read what I've written I'm frustrated that try as I might, I simply haven't been able to conjure the words that might hope to convey the depth of my gratitude.

With the greatest appreciation and sincerity possible,

Edward B.
Cape Coral, FL

3 Days Post-Op Dr. Martin Yañez Lower Body Lift (Circular Tummy Tuck, Fat Transfer and Butt/Thigh Lift)

Day of Surgery: Anesthesia still working, all OK
+ Day 1: Pain!!
+ Day 2: Worse Pain!!
+ Day 3: How can I go from 'worse pain' to walking around almost like normal?
By '+Day 3' I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get on a plane back home within the prescribed week. Now I'm sure I can.

Yes, there's been pain, but the doctor and each member of his team have been there to help and provide encouragement every step of the way - literally at my beck and call. I've lost count of the number of times I've rung the bell for assistance and NEVER has response time exceeded 1 minute.

The doctor took before pictures, mark-up pictures, and after pictures. He promised to bring his USB cable so we could transfer pics from his iPhone to my PC, and when he does I'll post them to this site.

I'm so pleased and excited!! Dr Yañez and his entire team are the best.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

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