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So it might be a little too early to write this...

So it might be a little too early to write this but what the heck I have a lot of free time at the moment.. I heard about this LL procedure about 4 years ago and was always interested but too scared to go through it. I've seen the YouTube videos and it looks scary! But thanks to the many RS members who have shared their experience, its given me comfort to make an informed decision to do it. I choose Dr. Sigler bc I felt comfortable with her in our consult, as I had sent her many photos by email and face-time over the phone she is very professional, speaks perfect english & I told her what my expectations were which she felt she could attain. Not to mention the RS members who were satisfied with her work, also I feel she really is a genuinely nice person. She has a lot of experience and I admire her charity work. I'm no baller so for the fair price & the $$ I save I can buy a whole lot of groceries and toys for my toddler! Plus I was able to book with her in a month and she was only 2 hours away. The thought of going to Mexico to get PS did not sit well with my partner but I have friends who have had work done in Newport Beach & Bev Hills with not so great outcomes so its always a risk.

I was scheduled for surgery 9-19-16 & had to be there around 6am, not a morning person so I stayed over night at Best Western in San Ysidro (nothing to brag about) so I could be super close to the site and got picked up by recommended service driver (best way to do it so you don't get lost not to mention the rule of driving is not the same). Area is not Beverly Hills but it is safe, not like Compton or anything. The Clinic is super close less than 10 min from the border. Very new, modern & clean building, and by the book protocol. Good amount of paperwork to sign. Doctor will prescribe you meds after for antibiotics/pain. They made me undress & wear a gown & tight nylon stockings and did the blood work and put an IV in my arm. As if i were having some major surgery not my favorite part! Mind you, I recently had a scar excision Z plasty on my left cheek which is still healing after 5 months, this was a 2.5 hour meticulous surgery done in orange county and none of that protocol was done, I was in my street clothes! Anyhow thats another review I have to wait a year on results to write about.

Back to the topic, so I wanted DRAMATIC not subtle change I was hoping to get it right the first time. I may have failed... About LIP; its naturally uneven btwn 1.7-2.0 cm depending on how you measure with 0 teeth show & I do have permanent lipstick tattoo. I really just wanted to half it off, which I did- but I should of been more mindful when we did the markings, but I OK'd it! I should of went the same length all the way across Vs. taking more off the center and less off the sides. Now i look like a rabbity-rat lol! Where was my brain when I needed it? Its only been 2 days but I'm already stressing about it.

The GOOD thing is. 1) I do look younger 2) Good amount of teeth show 3) My profile/lower face has greatly reduced 4) I've had NO pain and never took the pain meds - looks worse than it feels haa! 5) I can talk/eat/drink fine (i put my finger under my top lip if i move it too much) 5) The incision looks really clean. 6) Free time to do creative things! Now for the BAD. 1) Still oozing (gross I kno) on certain parts 2) Not my ideal lip shape :( 3) Midface/nose swollen as expected 4) mentally stressful!

Well my partner did try to talk me out of doing this and he said, "woman are stupid" before we left the clinic I hope I did OK but i will keep u posted..

More Food 4 Thought** 4 Days out

I should mention I do not have the "skin-only" lift but muscle was shaved down a tiny bit. To my surprise, I expected this to be more traumatic and long healing but I still feel NO pain took no pain meds and still have careful but full functions of my mouth. The only pain I felt in this procedure was from the needle pricks for the bloodwork & IV drip oh can't forget about the NUMB shots- it's a 7 out of 10 ouchy! But last maybe 5 sec. So day 4- swelling is still present and moved down my jowls. I like that my stitches are sewn in towards the nostrils rather than straight under. I think it will sort of "dubb" the scar. I do have a couple baby whiteheads (nasty i kno) near the incision. Greasy ointment breaks me out what do you do?

If your not feeling weak or in pain there is no need to lock your self in the house. You will go BANANAS! After my procedure 2nd day I took a long shower and ran errands (I did wear a mask). Yesterday I went out to dinner and wore a sterile strip under my nose. Waiting to heal and over-analyzing is driving me MAD but I have been through this before with the other cosmetic procedure (scar excision). This is cake compared to that one. Unlike some of the other LL my doctor doesn't put glue over the wound, and the stitches stay in for 2 weeks Vs. 1. Aside from the swelling and hairy-looking stitches it hasn't been utterly awful.

Changing my status to worth it. Although not 100% satisfied with the shape and (I can tell its not gonna spread out) I am happier with this lip over "my pre-lip". Theres bigger problems in the world. We are Blessed!

Mixed feelings- Day 11

A few of the stitches started coming off on there own after day 7 from just washing my face/shower. Swelling down by 90%. The sites looked pretty healed. I'm really bothered by the shape of my lips. They look oddly triangular to me and my bf tells me i look soo different and I don't think in a good way. The length of my philtrum is at a good 1cm which I wanted. But the change looks to be focused on my cupid's bow and not the the rest of my lip. I have good tooth show but its only the 2 front and not the corner teeth. Leaving me with a "rabbit look". I have nice teeth to show but I don't think i can live with this shape lip on my round/square face it looks really odd. I just wanna cry right now.

I was soo obsessed with getting this right I thought I read all the reviews, studied all the points the RS members made. I hope this is fixable! If I have to go through this again its gonna SUCK. That's a lot of time out of your life especially if you work and have kids! Ugghhh...I was hoping for a dramatic good change but I'm afraid when my friends & family see me there not gonna agree with it. I'm almost trying to avoid them all right now. What have I done!?

Scar 19d

HD phone pic. bath lighting. Sorry for the up my nose shot, I tried to get a close up but my nose makes a shadow over the scar. My right side is the "better side" and my left is deeper and looks like a scratch. Redness and stiffness is very mild. When I go out, I use BB cream to minimize. Imo if u try to cover up completely it looks worst . My nose looked wider for about 2 wks but starting to get its shape back still not quite normal yet. In the day, I use Biocorneum at night I use Scar Away silicon sheets. I'm sure time will be the best factor.


Cost was around $30 for all.


6 wks

Scar improves each day but still there. No one really notices it accept me. Nose not quite back to normal and appears wider still. Stiffness still present. Shape has not changed. Attached are pics w/ make up and Meds that did not load on my other update.

6 mo /up angle no makeup HD

Hi heres a new update for those asking. Nose finally went back to normal. Shape & measurement hasn't really changed. My right side scar is almost invisible but left is bad side. Holding off on getting laser treatment because I am going to revise on 2-27-17 to get a little more off the sides to get some corner teeth show and give my lip a more natural shape. I find my lips do get more dry maybe bc it's also winter.Hoping and praying all goes well..

Part 2 Revised 4days PO

Cost $700. Approx 3mm off. I do see an improvement in the shape and satisfied at this point. Swelling is under control not as bad as the first time. There was minimal pain right after like a burning throbbing trauma sensation. Only needed to take pain Med once. Good now just waiting to return to my normal life is the worst part.

Some things gained and some things lost

I was told me nose wouldn't really change but it has. I made a huge mistake to cut threw the nasal base. My nose looks different now- nostrils are wider. You can never go back to get your nose sills so please keep that in mind! One thing gained is that I have tooth show and shorter lip but I should of went another route. I wish I would of waited to do my LL. I also notice that on my right side I have constant runny nose and I'm not sick or having allergies. I wonder if some nerve was damaged from cutting threw the nasal base. The shape was wrong the first time and I went back to take more off and did not take enough off so the shape looks the same. The scar became thicker the second time around. LL are more risky than you would think. There is asymmetric on my nostrils bc one side was cut higher than the other. I miss my almost perfect nose. Wish I would of took my time and consulted more before deciding to do this. If I could of done this over I would of choosen not to cut threw the nasal sills. This will ruin your nose keep this in mind when you decide to do this procedure.

Final update (6 mo after 2nd LL)

I think its safe to say the swelling is gone and this is the result I'm left with. My nose looks less attractive. I think I should of done more research on this procedure. I don't think the lift was done correctly and I'm left with functional issues and my nasal sill looks deformed. I often have runny nose on my right nasal even though I'm not sick and the base just looks like I had surgery because of the indentation. I know it can't be fixed. The shape is also not ideal because the corner teeth does not show at rest. I always try to be positive and find good in some things like I do have a better facial balance but sadly I have to say it was NOT worth it and I should of choose another doctor to do the procedure bc I don't think her technique produced a great result. Just being honest. I've had fraxel laser 1 time on the scar a couple months ago to try to smooth it out but I wont be doing it again bc my skin hyper-pigments and takes forever to go back to normal. I have not decided if I'm going to try for a 3rd shot or live with this and do scar management. It just sucks when PS goes wrong and I feel for everyone else who didn't have a great turn out. I will stress again LL are great when done right, but when it goes wrong o boy!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Very personable she makes you feel comfortable. It is important to communicate your goals & expectations and that the understanding is reciprocated. She listens and advises accordingly. I have great faith in her many years of practice and experience which her amazing display of work tells all.

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