"RUN THE OTHER WAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN! Lipo and Eye Surgery Went Horribly Wrong! - Tijuana, Mexico

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My appointment date was Friday the 13th. That...

My appointment date was Friday the 13th. That should have been a red flag. Little did I know I would be entering the second phase of my nightmare that began with another Dr in Mexico named Dr Gaston De La Garza. Please read the review I wrote and pictures I posted of my botched surgery experience with him.

I stepped into the van in the US parking lot to take the ride across the border to my designated hotel and another lady happened to be going to the same destination. Upon conversation we realized we were going to have surgery with Dr Suarez at the same time, 7:30am the next morning. How could this be? How could he perform her and my surgery at the same time? I was there for eye surgery, a mini lift and lipo on my love handles. She was getting a full body lift, a VERY extensive surgery! This made us both very nervous so I called and asked MJ if they had doubled booked. She assured me everything was fine and that the other lady would be getting prepped while I was getting my surgery. I walked in the next morning, paid my balance and was taken to a large room only curtain dividers. Inside was a very thin narrow and hard bed. I was told to undress and lie down and wait. Soon after, nurses came in to administer my IV. Right next to me was the other lady getting prepped as well. I could hear every word they were saying. The doctor came in and told me to drop my gown. As I stood there naked in front of him and two nurses, people passed by on the outside of the curtain which was now open. This was extremely uncomfortable. The doctor assured me that everyone was going to see me naked on the operating table, so I shouldn't be worried. I came in for a procedure called Canthoplexy which raises the lower eyelid. They were drooping from the previous botched surgery. I assumed Dr Luiz knew what he was doing and could fix the problem. Also; the skin on the side of my face needed to be tacked back ever so slightly in order to hold the eye in place but he refused to do that surgery saying to me that every woman thinks just because she has some loose skin she needs a face lift. He then told me only one of my eyes needed to be fixed. He looked at my back and said he would only do the lipo on the love handles which was a very minimal area. I am a tall thin woman, but just wanted to take down those annoying little places on each side that hang out over low riding jeans. When I realized he would only be performing half the surgery I had paid for, I asked for a refund of half. He turned and said as he was walking away....."there are NO refunds here! Fast forward; I woke up and in my face was the doctor snapping a picture of my eye and telling me it was perfect! The pain was excruciating! I couldn't see out of my eye and the lipo had me soaking my dressing in blood. I had to lay in that hard uncomfortable bed for what seemed like hours. I couldn't even turn to my side because the bed was so hard and narrow, it hurt my hips. My friend retrieved me and drove me back to LA. On the way home my eye began to feel as if it were on fire! The pain was unbearable. The next day I ended up in the emergency room after a 2 and a half hour wait with a severe corneal abrasion. I called Dr Suarez screaming in pain on the phone, "what did you do to my eye? He just kept telling me to go to the emergency room and get Morphine! When I asked him what he had put in my eye he kept telling me, " nothing! You scratched your eye yourself by rubbing it! After a few days MJ confirmed that they had put a plastic cup into my eye for the surgery. I had to pay for 3 ophthalmologists appointments out of pocket. There was a deep linear scratch from the cup. I've had 3 children and NEVER felt pain like that! I had to be on a heavy pain killer that knocked me completely out for almost 4 days. It took 3 weeks for me to retain my vision. Everything was a blur. Thought I had lost my vision in that eye for good. The next issue was the lipo. As the swelling went down I noticed a very prominent demarcation line where Dr Suarez performed the lipo. My doctor here in the US told me this is caused from very out dated lipo procedures and equipment. The eye doctor here in the US told me the eye surgery he performed on my eye was not Canthoplexy, but an out dated and pretty barbaric surgery where he made 3 cuts in my outer eye and tried to stitch the skin together to hold the lower lid up, esthetically unpleasant to look at and very ineffective. The eye is drooping the same as before but now it looks ever worse! I asked for a full refund of $1400 for my eye and was refused. He wanted to revise the surgery and said that he already paid the nurses and the hospital and that the money I gave him was already spent! I told him I would never return there and that I needed my money back to pay for a qualified doctor here in the US to fix what he did to me. I sent him pictures of his botched surgery and demanded my money returned to me. I have never heard back from him. How can a doctor not have $1400 in his bank account? What does that say about him? I am finding that many doctors in TJ want a quick buck and they don't care about what you look like when you walk out their door! As I was leaving, they were already prepping another lady for surgery. It reminded me of a fast food restaurant! Get them in and get them out as fast as possible. I felt as though he wanted to blow through my surgery and do as little as possible so that he could get on to his full body lift patient. I found Dr Suarez to be immature, arrogant, unqualified and someone that has no care or concern for others.

Here in the US they want $5000 to fix my eye again. My advice to anyone thinking about going to TJ is; forget about good reviews. I chose Dr Suarez based on some vey nice reviews and my entire experience and his facility did not match what I read. I will say the nurse was very pleasant and that's it! In the end I paid $4700 only to end up with a mess on my hands that will cost at least that to repair, plus the time away from work and income again of at least two weeks.
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I had read good things in the reviews about his bedside manner but personally I did not have this same experience. He discounted what I said, what I asked for and made me feel as if I didn't know what I was talking about. He actually laughed at me a couple times. I found him to be arrogant, dismissive of me and my needs and evasive when I asked for specific explanations. When it turned out that I was right and he was wrong, he showed his anger and his inability to cope with the situation in a professional manner. Instead he became very reactionary.

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