Circumferential Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair, Lipo, BBL with Dr Cardenas - Tijuana, Mexico

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Hello Ladies, I've reserved my date with Cardenas....

Hello Ladies, I've reserved my date with Cardenas. I've lost about 150lbs and have lots of loose of skin due to being overweight my entire life. I don't want to have the body of p0rn star but I do want to be SNATCHED! lol...

I contacted several doctors and chose to go with Dr. Cardenas because I felt like she was most concerned with my health. I also need a breast lift and an implant because of weight lost in my breasts. However, Dr. Cardenas explained to me that risk in having all of those procedures done at once. I also think Dr.Cardenas does a good job placing scars in the appropriate places.
If anyone if staying at the Beauty Care Recovery House and needs a roommate please reach out to me.

1 Day Post Op

Hi Ladies - I going to post pictures once I get the afters tomorrow morning. Dr. Cardenas took some with her phone while I was on the operating table and I am pleased with what I say.

I must say the service here is EXCELLENT! I can't imagine having this surgery in the states and being sent home afterwards. Having nurses around you 24/7 is a such a blessing.

I was initially nervous about the surgery but I didn't feel a thing. All i remember was going to surgery room and the waking up in my room at the hospital. Its also really nice to know that most of the staff has had some form surgery themselves. Some ladies have had the breast implants, tummy tuck, and/or the BBL.

I must say, i'm a little nervous to take pictures tomorrow. When you've over weight your ENTIRE can be a bit nerve racking to finally see yourself with a flat stomach.

PAIN- I really dont feel any. Its only when I cough or laugh other than that, I just sit still, surf the internet, what tv and eat. lol!

The food is really good at the BRCH. All the meals are balanced and if you have special diet needs, they are happy to accommodate.

6 Days Post Op!

HI Ladies - just wanted to update everyone on how im doing.

I haven't taken any pictures..and I don't know why. I really think I'm scared to see what my new body looks like. When you have over weight your ENTIRE life...and then you lose weight...and then you get flat stomach its kinda scary. However, I know that my story is like a lot of other women so I will take pictures and upload them.

Good news! I'm finally in my garment! I was cleared to put on my garment yesterday and its great. NOTE - i have grown up wearing compression garments my entire adult life so its not a big deal with discomfort or anything. If you have never worn any type of real girdles (Spanx are great but are not real girdles, *in my opinion*) you may any issues with these garments. The only thing I don't like is that its beige in color. Once I get home, I'll be ordering a few more in black.

The UGLY: I had to have a blood transfusion because my hemoglobin levels were low. This is one the main reason I am so THANKFUL that I had my surgery in Mexico. In the states, these types of operations are done and they send you home. Had I not been at Beauty Care Recovery House surrounded my RN nurses and Dr. Cardenas coming by EVERY DAY to see me. I don't know what would have happened. Dr. Cardenas came by to see me in the evening on Wednesday night. (Earlier that I had dizzy spell when I was trying to get up to take a shower.) Next thing I know, there was guy who came and took my blood work. About 1 hour later she called and told me that the next day I would transported back to the hospital for a blood transfusion. After the blood transfusion I feel 1000% times better. I cannot stress the importance of staying at Beauty Care Recovery House. Even if Dr. Cardenas does not do you surgery, being surrounded by RN's 24 hours a day is priceless.

Speaking of BCRH, I think its super cool that most of the staff has had some sort of procedure themselves. The night before surgery I was little nervous and one of the nurses told me she was 4 months post op of a tummy tuck.Then 2 more ladies came in and showed me there work as well. As matter of fact, one of the nurses had some lipo done while i'm here. lol... So the good thing is, the staff is speaking not just from professional knowledge but personal experience. I think that helps with keeping your spirits up with going through this recovery process.

Oh yeah, I also had my massage yesterday. I had the lymphatic and the oxygen therapy session. The lymphatic is a MUST. I loved every minute of it. The oxygen therapy was little...ummm tricky. lol.. Basically you get down into the this long tube which is hard to get into because you had surgery but its doable. Then they close up the tube and oxygen flows through. I must say, its the craziest thing I ever done for beauty. lol...

Finally Pictures!

Alright ladies! So I finally uploaded some pics. Please keep in mind, my skin had LOTS of stretchmarks due to being overweight my ENTIRE life.

ABOUT MY BREASTS - yes, I know my breasts are lop-sided however, I currently do not have kids. Eventually I would like to breast feed before getting implants done. Breast cancer also runs in my family so im a little more cautious with adding breasts to my body than removing loose skin. I will go back to Dr Cardenas for those as well because she uses gummy bear implants and they look AMAZING in person. The other ladies on her staff and the other patients have shown me theirs and they really do look and feel like real breasts.

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