Circular Tummy Tuck After Massive Weight Loss with Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes - Mexico

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After losing 165 lbs I'm onto another phase to...

after losing 165 lbs I'm onto another phase to lose the hanging skin. I get to Tijuana Mexico on Saturday 12/6/14 to meet with Dr. Cervantes for bloodwork and to discuss procedures. I'm getting TT and BA/BL with fat transfer to the butt. I'm so excited. Prayers are appreciated!!!! I'll update soon.

Thrilled with my decision to have the circular tummy tuck and breast implants

Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes performed my surgery on 12/8/14 in Tijuana Mexico. I was very nervous and scared night before and morning of surgery. Crying like a baby but knowing I wanted this so bad! Everyone comes in and talks the morning of surgery and we all are on the same page and know the game plan. I'm wheeled into the OR and I ask to say a prayer before we begin. Because of the massive amount of skin surgery took longer than I anticipated but woke up in my room pleased to hear 11 lbs of skin was removed!!!! I was VERY tired and all I wanted to do was sleep. I spent the first night in the hospital. A very dear friend in Mexico hired a nurse to sit with me to help me if I needed anything. The next day I was evaluated and sent to recover. I chose to go to COSMED a recovery center with 24 hr nurse assistance and hospital beds with food/snacks provided. They also helped with showering and dressing. I stayed here for 4 nights and then went to Lucerna Hotel to stay the remaining 3 nights. I wanted to insure I was ready to fly home and really was hoping to have the drains removed before coming home. Monday afternoon Dr. Cervantes removed my drains and stitches. I had my prescriptions and instructions on what to do next. I'm to take pictures weekly to email to him for his review and if I have any questions he responds in a timely manner. This man truly cares for his patients and wants everyone to healthy and happy. The flights went well and I'm so happy to be home now. I felt well enough to go out for some really nice dinners, to the movies and to the beach while recovering in Tijuana Mexico.

Tape has been removed

We removed the tape from the incisions last night and I'm thrilled with what we are seeing! So happy to have been able to do this for myself. I can't stop looking at myself. If you can do this for yourself it's so worth it. I went from 326lbs to 161lbs after having bariatric surgery on 8/31/13 with Dr. Illan in TJ Mexico and had my plastic surgery with Dr. Cervantes on 12/8/14 in TJ Mexico. It's so nice to like to look in the mirror now instead of avoiding it at all cost!

Feeling so good! updated pics of what I look like in clothes :) LOL

Loving how I'm looking at just 3 weeks post op!

Circular tummy tuck & breast augmentation update

Healing so nice! Loving my results so far but dreaming of the day I can soak in my tub! Lol

Beach bound 2 months post op

Love my results! So worth having the surgery :)

Thigh lift success as well in Tijuana Mexico

Had thigh lift on 3/8/15 by Dra. Aragon & Dr. Cervantes. First night was painful but hasn't been so bad afterwards. Stayed 5 nights.

5 week update thigh lift

After getting a hematoma in my left leg I'm happy to report it's stopped leaking and healing!!!

Bikini ready

Wow! I'm so happy with my TT and boobs! lol

Update on what circular tummy tuck is looking like.

Very happy with my tummy tuck!!! Surgery 12/7/14 pics 3/21/15


Pics 3/21/15

Loving looking in the mirror!

I'm so happy with my Tummy Tuck! From 326lbs to 149lbs :) pinch me because I must be dreaming :) 7 months post op

Circular tummy tuck 8 months post op

Loving my tummy!!!!
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