If Your Procedure Doesnt Go Right, It's Your Fault. He Takes No Responsibility - Tijuana, Mexico

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Before having surgery, i did months or research. I...

Before having surgery, i did months or research. I looked at hundreds of pictures and read a tons or reviews. I finally decided that Dr Campos was the one. His before and after pictures were amazing and the price was decent. I originally planned 2 surgeries with Dr. Campos. First i had breast implant surgery and a butt fat transfer. My left breast has always been bigger and that was one of the issues i was most worried about. I absolutely didn't want them to end up different sizes. He explained that silicone come in set sizes and would not be optimum for my situation. To compensate for the size difference he suggested we use saline. It wasn't my first choice but i trusted his advice. As soon as i arrived at the recovery clinic, i took a look and was really upset. Immediately i could tell that the big one was still much bigger than the other. I made sure to bring this up to him before leaving mexico. He said it was just swelling and they would be the same size once they healed. At my next visit with him there was still an obvious size difference. When i complained, he just blew it off and was COMPLETELY unwilling to take any responsibility. His explanations: Maybe I've just been exerting one side of my body more and that was causing swelling in the big one. He didn't make a mistake, he compensated for the size difference. It's all right nobody will able to tell with my clothes on. Really? It's NOT ok, even if nobody can see them when i have my clothes on. I can see them and after spending all that money and going through the recover i should be feeling happy and confident. Now i just feel self conscious and cheated.

My fat transfer went almost as bad. I inherited my moms "white girl" booty. I was hoping for a round, perky and sexy rear. They didn't end up at all like the after pictures you see online. While they are a little wider, they're definitely flat. There's no roundness to them. I pointed it out and his explanation was that i must has smashed them. That when he finished the surgery they were big, round and perky. So again, NOT his fault.

No matter what you say to him, it's never his responsibility. He said that he could correct them but I'd have to pay all over again. To top it off his prices have gone sky high. It will take me a long time to afford a correction. Its not just the surgery, you have take time off of work, pay for your flight, food and stay in Mx .

I understand that doctors can't guarantee results but i do think they should take some responsibility when things don't turn out right. I don't think that he realizes how long we have to scrimp and save to finally make our surgeries happen. Money may come easily to you now Dr. Campos, but your patients spend months and years saving and sacrificing to pay for 1 surgery. You weren't always a surgeon right? Remember what it was like to earn money as a "regular" person. It's really unfair to blame your patient. I know that you can't do the surgery for free but it definitely should be a very discounted price.

Like i mentioned before i had planned a second surgery. After this experience, i had no choice but to cancel the second. A couple of my best friends were also hoping to have surgery with him. After seeing my results they didn't hesitate to cancel their plans with Dr. Campos. He may have business right now but if he keeps this up, word is going to spread and his clientele is going to dry up.

One other note, I think that the front office staff needs to be more discreet when it comes to patient procedures. 2 of the 3 days i was there, i heard details about what other patients were getting done. While some people may not care if others find out what they're getting done. I'd rather not have a room full of people hear that i'm getting fat pumped into my hiney. LOL

Dr Jaime Campos Leon, be accountable for your mistakes.

I wish that i had found a forum addressing how he deals with unsatisfactory results. At least then i could of decided if it was worth the risk, before dealing with him. Not many fields allow service providers the luxury of saying: Ok i didn't deliver what you paid for so why don't you pay me again and i'll get it right this time. I mean, if you take your car to a body shop but it comes back with the same old dents and scratches on it - Are you expected to pay again to get the job done right? No! The body shop sucks it up, maybe has to take a loss but the job gets done right. Dr Jaime Campos Leon doesn't see it that way. He'll tell you: We'll there's expenses involved in a second surgery. There's the operating room fees, the anesthesiologist, materials, insurance, blah blah blah. Well guess what Dr, That isn't my problem. I already paid all those fees and you proceeded to give me lopsided knockers and a deflated rump. Take the hit, suck up the monetary loss and do the job you were paid to do.


I'm new to posting on here. If anyone knows how to start a thread dedicated to this topic, i would be really grateful. Maybe if all of his patients complaints are in one place he might take notice. It may also serve as a good resource for his present and possible future patients.
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While he appears kind and understanding, if your procedure doesn't go as planned he will take no responsibility. He is suddenly full of excuses and weak explanations for why you didn't get what you paid for. When you express your dissatisfaction with his work he gets really defensive and lashes out. He comes off like a cold, money hungry and like he just doesn't care. Be ready to shell out almost the same amount of money if you want it fixed. His prices are getting outrageous. Please read my review for details.

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