38yo, No Kids, 100lb Wt Loss, Lower Body Lift, Pubic Lift, Bbl, Lipo. Mexico, MX

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Dr Cardenas in TJ Mexico is my chosen surgeon!...

Dr Cardenas in TJ Mexico is my chosen surgeon! Looking at her work and her reviews and having spoken with her I am extremely confident in her ability to make me the vixen I want to be ! My surgery is June 29! My goal is to get rid of the fat rolls to my back, get rid of some of the stubborn belly fat,reshape my butt that lost volume and has sharpei like skin on it !

Traveling to San diego

I am so nervous.... Worried my family is terrified about this and total cost is more then anticipated because of travel and hotel for my mom to come with me ! I want someone with me and sing restful my mom is coming ! Dr Cardenas office has been very helpful but the hotel the recommended was full so I found a different hotel for my mom 120$ a nite expensive ! Hotel Lucerna

Surgery tomorrow

We have checked in to hotel Lucerna it's very nice the food is delicious and staff very helpful ! Dr Cardenas office was so friendly and helpful ! The office was a very busy place ! Have not met the doctor yet but that will be tomorrow !

Post op day 1

My surgery was yesterday 6/29 with Dr Cadenas! I really like her she is awesome ! I felt like she listened to my wants was realistic being what she though she could do for my body and then created something amazing ! I am all bandaged up I have no clue what I look like yet ! I have two drains and a urine catheter still ! The Dr told my mom she removed 12 cm off my butt and did a fat transfer ! I am worried about the fat transfer because the staff have had me laying on my back the whole nite and told me not to move ?? I have very minimal pain like a 3/10 tolerable just sore ! You don't really see a nurse unless you call out for something . pictures to follow can't wait to see the doc today

Post op day 2

At the recovery house getting here was unbelievably painful ! There was no nippy pillow to sit on in the car and it felt like the ride took forever !!! I couldn't lay down in the back seat not sure why ! At the recovery house the staff are extremely nice loving and kind ... The only problem was the didn't know what surgery I had and I had to explain to them the fat grafting in my booty ! They thought I had a tummy tuck. Thank god for the epidural they gave me morphine through it which made the rest of the nite painless and I was able to lay on me sides ! The dr recommended laying on my tummy but there is no way I can do that with out feeling like I am being ripped in half from the pubic lift ! My mom came with me for the surgery. My mom is a big worrier ! There is no way for her really to get a ride to visit at the recovery house and back to the hotel ! The hotel shuttle has proven to be useless and the hotel staff has sucked ! 123$ a nite and she woke up with bed bug bites ! I should have booked her at the Marriott I stayed there with my gastric sleeve and it was awesome ! Ronnie the director of the beauty house has offered generously to bring her to visit this morning. My recommendation would be to come alone unless your companion has a car ! I am still bandaged no garmet yet can't see much but a thin incision and some bruising ! My feet are swollen like jimmy dean sausage rolls ! I brought my own supper those and had the nurse help me out them on they are much firmer then the ones provided by the hospital! The food has been great here and the staff very helpful ! It is three people to a room which is a bit awkward but I am sleeping most of the time so that doesn't bother me much!

Post op day 3 headed home

I feel good just sore and can feel a stitch tug here and there ! I still have two drains and CB sleep on my sides if I keep Meds on board ! The bruising is worse today but that is from settling and the Meds ! They are giving me love is for blood clots and Toradol which is an nsaid ! I really have enjoyed Dr Cardenas she for sure cares about sure patients and her work! My recommendation is to come here alone with out anyone because that has been my biggest stressor ! My mom is here with me and it's become extremely complicated to get her a way to visit me and the 5 star hotel Lucerna has bed bugs that have bitten up her whole body ! I feel well enough to travel home today to Washington! I bought a first class ticket so that I can have a bit more room to move positions lay down etc! I still have two drains but can have my boyfriend take them out for me later at home ! Will post pics tomorrow ! I get a shower today ! I am still very very swollen !

Post op day 3 pictures

I got a shower today and it felt great big thanks to Connie Ellie and Maria at the recovery house ! !

Another pic

Post op day 3 nude vs pre op nude

Post op 4

I am home traveling was horrible and delta customer service was terrible ! I flew first class so I would have more room ! The first leg of the journey imputed the whole way and the second leg I had to sit on my knees because the man behind me refused to allow me to recline my seat ! But I am home now .... Sore and just want to sleep ! Remember to hydrate ! I haven't had nearly enough water ! No pics today but next time I change my suit ! I had to order another one because it impossible to pee without messing myself

Post op day 7

I feel really good I am post op day 7 it's amazing like the bruising has gone away by 75% over nite ! It is sore and uncomfortable to sleep ! The swelling is reducing and I am seeing shape ! I am very excited ! I will say my vagina looks new ! And my butt hole is in a new place too ?!?! I have to go back to work on Monday ! I am a little worried ! Dr Cardenas has been in touch via email and photos I have sent her! I am very pleased with her as my surgeon of choice and can't wait to get my breasts fixed !!

Post op day 10

I had a tummy tuck in 2002 with a plastic surgeon in California he was great but I remember being devastated with the results at first and taking a while to heal got a seroma! Just a problem !! I am thrilled with my results and am healing fast ! I am healing well and fast ! Worried still about my butt ! Recommendation is ask for the biggest ass you can have her graft just in case the fat doesn't take ! One but cheek is smashed and not as perkey

Swollen !!! So swollen

I don't think I have been resting enough ! By nature i am a busy person constantly doing something it is so difficult to sit still !!! I think I am more swollen because I am doing too much !

Post op day 16

Healing well back side sutures are dry and flat ! The drain hole from the back is slow healing ! Everything else looks amazing my abdomen and back are very swollen still still wishing no my butt was a little bigger but it's not even 3 weeks yet


Not sure if I posted my stats ! Dr Cardenas lifted my butt a total of 12 cm or about 5 inches that's a huge lift my butt was saggier then I imagined! She removed 4 lbs of skin !!! That's 16 cubes of butter for a visual ! And she injected 1200 ml of fat into my butt ! About the volume of a 2 liter soda !

Post op week 4

So excited swelling going away !!!back to work and feeling great ! Bought a new faja because the old ones don't last long and unfortunate it's a must to rotate them !!! I will post my recommendation of my favorite ! I these garments are addicting because they make me so skinny and my butt so perky !

Pre booty week four post booty

Labor Day weekend

Less then two full mweeks baths post op poolside in Vegas with my sister ! I can not say enough good things about Dr Cardenas ! Other then she is the worlds best kept secret ! Ladies I am a RN ! I have never seen such beautiful work ! Can't wait for my boobs !!!!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

So far she is amazingly honest and responsive to my questions ! When I spoke with her in the phone she knew who I was and exactly what my history was and my body looked like !

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