Brazilian butt lift with Dr. Jose Luis Salas in Tijuana MX

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Well im scheduled for butt implants for December...

Well im scheduled for butt implants for December 10,2013 Ive already had friends go to this doctor.I have two friends who got lipo with fat transfer to the butt with breast implants and they look good and feel great, no complaints from then. I just cant seem to find reviews on him, he has a website,he operates on a lot of patient from the U.S., just want to know if he had any bad reviews, thanks!

Brazilian Butt Lift

Okay December 11th I am getting a Brazilian butt lift instead, so my surgery is a couple days away and I am excited and nervous but very anxious. I will keep you ladies posted as I go!

2 Days post op

Well im 2 days post o and I feel great, it was so worth it surgery was smooth and so was the trip home, I have very little pain and bruising, the swelling is not and MY BOOTY IS HUGE.... I love it when I went into surgery I weighed 111 and the doctors were surprised how much fat was taken out, they approximately retrieved 1800cc and injected 810cc of fat into each buttock. I did not get lipo on my thighs just full abdomen, waist, and back. My waist is tiny and hips and butt are big. first day I hade some lumps on my stomach from lipo but it is stated to reside. I will put pix but they will not be me as I do not believe of putting my image on the internet, but very close to my before and after. I am very happy with my result lets just hope after swelling It stays the same. I will keep you ladies updated, chow!

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Tummy tuck 9 days post op

So as you know i went to Mexico for my BBL and that is great and still looking good. After that i decided to get a tummy tuck to take care of the little bit of loose skin and i did I'm 9 days post op. I'm feeling good except for the fact i got a tummy tuck in Mexico and regretting it because i can't believe i did such a big surgery in Mexico and now that all I've been obsessing about.
Dr. Jose Luis Salas

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