OFFICIALLY 4 weeks and 1 day !!! Team Pantoja BIG BOOTY

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*Treatment results may vary

I will add my story when I am on calendar:) I have...

I will add my story when I am on calendar:) I have already been to Dr Pantoja twice before. I love his work therefore I am going back. I had a tummy tuck, lipo and bbl the first time. and then 6 months late I went back for a breast lift with implant. I am going back November 20 2013 for more lipo and bbl:)

Pre-op round 2 93 days 20 min left

time to countdown. I will start adding info tomorrow. I am also going to add wish pictures.


For those post op ladies that are able to work out at this point do any of yall want to start a work out fitness group? I am starting tomorrow. Being that I am 3 months post op boobs I can go all in.

81 days 20 hrs 38 min until i get more booty. But hey who's counting?

well i have been going hard at the gym and at the track. My weight did go up a little bit but i think that's because of muscle weighing more ten fat and my boob job lol.
under bust: 30 (WOW .. thats small but the boobs are huge)
waist: 28
Hips: 35
Ass: 41 (i will gladly take that for now but come 11-20 i will have more)


63 days left

Well I'm starting my post op kit. Luckily I have quite a few things already. I need more foam and smaller fajas. I also need a smaller sqeem. I have a small and it not tight enough.

Well am back

I have been supper busy with my 4 kids and all. But I am set to go back on March 19, for round two. I am so excited.

55 days 10 hrs and some odd minutes until round 2 bbl.

So I have some things left from bbl round 1. I do need a faja. I'm trying to get everything together this month. I think it's doable. I will put up my measurements at the end of the month. Who else is going around the time I am?

Change date to October 12,2014

Well it has been a while. I have been MIA dealing with family issues. My mother has been very ill now that she is better I am back on track to bbl round 2. I am sorry ???? for not responding to you ladies. I am in the process of doing that. I am also going to update with knew pictures. I promise to be way more involved and respond when commented...

71 days and 16 hrs until round 2 BAM!!!!

Hello ladies well not to much to update. Im building up my post op supply. Luckily I still have some stuff left from round 1. Im trying to find a different faja. Kinda like the one yily uses. Ladies help me out please.

pre-op round 2

My pre op round 2 bbl
Weight 159 lbs (I have gained like 10 lb since round 20 months ago)
Height 5 7 1/2
Breast 32 ddd ( breast lift with cohesion gummy bear implant w/ dr pantoja 1.5 yr ago)
29 inch waist
35 hips

Goal 24/25 inch
45/50 ass

anonther pre op round 2

Omg Cheap faja website ladies

You wont believe the deals.

first one is me

69 days left

Ive started my vitamin regimen. Im going to experiment on a back board today. Thanks to the help of a few ladies on here. I sill post step by step pictures.

Supply list

Officialy 60 day PLUS.... Supply list and things I still need.
13 Aug 2014 1 year post
I have been taking all my vitamins. I am starting to get my supplies together. I am going to break it down by meds and vitamins, first aid, beauty, and foods (nutrition)

Maca powder
Vitamin C
Vitamin B12
Benydrl elexter
Benydrl pill
Milk og magnesia
Aloe vera tea
Tylenol PM
Arnica tablet
Vitamin D
Levofloxin (antibiotics)

Dial hand soap
3 shower curtain
Adult pads
Antibacterial wipes
Baby wipes
Q tips
Large bandaid s
First aid tape
Sticky gauze
Ab board
Booty board (diy)
Yoga mat
Chair w/whole in it
Arnica gel
Benydrl cream
Pee funnel
Heating pad

Squeem (s)
Maria e garment

Eos chapstick
Tape measure
Make up
Hair ties
Hair oil

4 maxi dressses
4 tanks
Granny panties

Outfit to come home in...

booty chair


So ladies.... guess what.? So I was checking up on massages. Check your insurance ladies. I just qot off the phone with my insurance and found out that it covers chiropractic service. There are massage therapist that work for them. All you do is have to pay is the copay. Check your insurance ladies. I found out for 65 min for a ultrasound. Deep tissue, lymph massage it will be 35 per visit. OMG....cant beat that. If you have any questions inbox me.or message me SHOW LESS

Major cleaning

Is it just me ladies? I woke up this morning and have been on s major cleaning spree. I mean cleaning everything ..... I know my husband was like "wtf " how lichen coffee did you drink his morning? Lol I said Inman none. Totally off topic I think we should build a support group like a chat room or something. Kinda like what Mmh had before it fell off. What do y'all think.

Momentarily I will be posting recipes that you can can pre open for post open.

Keep a look out.

Recipe #1 White bean,tomato and green bean salad

Makes 4 servings
1tbsp of great lemon juice
1tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp extra virgin Olive oil
1packet spenda
Dash of Mrs dash
1/4 Tspn pepper
1 garlic clovd
5 cups of green beans
1 cup of chopped tomatoes
1tbsp chopped fresh dill
I can of navy beans or boil fresh ones
(To boil put 1 part beans 4 parts water )
1/4 cup feta cheese

Mix all together refrigerate and divide in separate Tupperwares. This will make 4 servings. Double or triple and you can make it's for a week or more inadvance. Freeze the second week so it will last longer.

Recipe 2 Black bean salad

Makes 4 servings double or triple correct more

1 1/2 teaspoon minced cilantro
1 tbspn chopped fresh parsley
1 Yvonne fresh lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon blk pepper
1 (15ounce can) blk bean ( or boil fresh ones)
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
1/4 cup avacodo
2 tbspn of choppedgreen onions
1 chopped seeded jalapeno (I prefer with the seeds)
4 cups of salad beans


I am on a major cleaning spree. I am nesting and driving my kids crazy.

OMG.....28 days left.

Good Morning ladies. So out only have 28 days left. I'm officially under the. 30 day mark. I have my pre - op physical with my primary care Dr. I am getting all my blood work done. I am going to ask him for my prescription for my surgery. This is getting supper real. Pray that my blood work comes out good. I Have been taking allow my vitamins for a little over a month. I'm taking iron 65mg 2xs a day, multivitamin 1 x a day, vit c 2 x's a day, vit b12, vit E (I am going to stop taking it 2 weeks pre open) calcium. Oh and in to weeks I will start taking bromalain and quencitin. I week prior to surgery I will start taking arnica 2 x's a day and continue until 4 weeks post op. After I get back from my Dr apt I will post my pre op 28 days stats. Well ttyl.

Pre op apt yay !!!!!

So i went to see my Dr today. I was weighed, had an ekg done. I am going tp have my blood work in the morning. I was also able to get my prescription filled. I was not able to get my antibiotics until the morning. Unfortunately the pharmacy didnt have it. My medications that I a have this far are : Omeprazole for anxiety, ibuprofen 800 mg, norco 10-325. And my levofloxin that i get tomorrow. My 28 day pre-op round 2 stats are:
Under bust: 31.5
Boobs: 34ddd omg
Waist 29 ( i gained weight for round 2)
Hips: 37
Ass: 42.5
Pre op weight 159 .


Mylan is for nausea and dizziness.

Neat Tip

So I saw a tip in one one of my bbl ladies. I haven't completed this task yet. So I did how ever start the process. I purchased a lawn chair from a yard sale. The Lon kinds that has the back that goes up and down. It was a steel, only was $5 buck omg OMG. So proud of my self. Lol I will post a begging posture and then of all the steps. As of now I just washed it down. I'm still going to bleach it down . So yeah. I read alot and aware of not being able to put weight on the new booty so I am going to cut a hole in the butt part of the chair and then fix it like a bed so I don't have to lay on my stomach the whole time. I am attaching a picture of what the chair looks like at the moment and then if the end after process. Oh and btw I have a yoga mat that I put twist ties so.i can put it under my thighs.

M handy dandy chair

Steps are as follows: Btw this is just a ruff draft lol for those ladies that, put a boppy under thigh area
it asap. I am still going to wash my linen and fix it up to par. K.....
Step 1. Get a chair
Step 2. ? a hole for your butt
Step 3.. Put your bottom sheet or towel on the bottom.
Step 4. Put some pillows down for the back, husband pillow, neck pill
Step 5. Put pillows on the foot of the chair.
Step 6. Cover with bed linen and that's it.
I hope this helps ladies.


Finally got my levofloxin prescription. Riteaid had to wait on the next shipment. Its cool im pretty much ready anyway.

test run

You have received a YouTube video!

try again

Happy Healing and prayers please to bbl sister

Lets all send out prayer and happy healing to out bbl sister well soon to be at least "gimmethatbitt" who just made it to the Dr. Check her page out and show her some love.

homemade arnica tea

So I made my own arnica tea bags. And boy was it economic. I was able to make 35 bags out of 2 small baggies.


A little bit of cc information

Okay i think i figured it out. Bare with me,
There's 1kg in 1200 ccs (mls)
If you have an extra 10lbs of fat that equals 4 kg
4 kg x 1200 ml (! Ccs) equals 4800 ccs (mls)
Ends up with 4800 cc
Thrn again it might not all be pure fat, either wsy you can get , well i can to ... get at least 1500 ccs per cheek
So 10 lbs wich is equal to 4kgs will be enouph
YAY ME!!!!!

Yay! !! MY hubby bought me my post op dress.

Shout out to all the good men out there. Mainly mine lol ;) . So i have been looking at this cute dress to ride home from tj, mx in and i was hesitating buying it. He so happen to see it open on my tablet and i just got conformation in my email that he got it. Awwww i love him.


So i just picked up my lab results. So not bad for only taking for starting my vitamin regimen 3 weeks ago. So my hemoglobin is at 13.4, all my other test are normal. I hsve 3 weeks left. Yay!!!!! I am goiny tomprobly start packing this week end. I need to also buy some low sodium soips and crackers as well as pine apple juice. I am also going to order my faja, atm compression, bromalain, and quencitin . I should have all thosd things by next week along with my post op dress that my hubby got for me yesterday unbenosted to me. Awww i love him (side note) . Um lets see what else, why weight is the same thats cool tho. I need it for my bbl. I honestly cant believe that i am heading back over in 21 days. Im still debating what to do with my hair should, should i braid it or flat iron it.

I ordered my bromalain and quencitin.

So not much to update. Im just about ready. I finally found the arnica and in of all places RITEAID for $3.49. I also got some coconut oil, arnica oil that is solid (weird). A pill organizer, more alcohol prep pads, oatmeal x3, and some of myntravel size toiletries ( toothpaste, mouthwash, little lotion, cotton balls, make remover pads) as well as my bromalain and quencitin.

I had a request on my diy back board

I used card board. The kind that works best is the thickness of a diaper box but you do not necessarily have to use a diaper box lol. Okay here we go..
1) cut ? about 2-4 triangle shape boards. ( is say 2-4 because it depends on the thickness)
2) cut foam in triangles again 2-4 depends on thickness (you can use epifoam, lipo foam, foam from Joanna linen.. You get the deal lol)
3) Then you put 1-2 layers on each side if the cardboard
4) glue the foam to the cardboard (I use Elmer school glue)
5) wrap the board with plastic wrap, you do this to be able to change it if it happens to get soiled.
There yall go and I hope thin is helps. ;)


So i didnt want to put my business out there but i had something terrible at happen in my family. I figure this site seems to be pretty supportive so what the heck...SO on friday my 15 yr old baby girl was jumped by 4 hood rats ( might be wrong for sayi for saying that but i dont give a shit) . These &*(^'^รท$ ) grabbed her fro behind and comenced to beat her . She was able to get up at one point at which point she got her swings in. One of them got her back down with a few swing with pad lock to the face and the head. These little bitches managed to break my daughters nose, colar bone and gave her a concussion. It happened at school. Tell me why the school did not call the police. Threy told me it was upmto me to call. I was like wtf really?
I took her to the er waited for 8.5 hrs again. Wtf. I waited for the police and we did a report. I was informed that because she sustained the injuries that she did it is it is a Felony. .... i have to take her ENR dr and then to a plastic surgeon. I cant believe everything everything that is happening. I am trying to figure out what other steps to take. I know i have to file a retraining order, press charges, and sew. I am lost for words ..... my baby is in so much pain...

Case update

So I called lawyers today. Waiting on some call backs. I do have a consultation with a couple tomorrow. I have all my pictures,hospital reports, and awaiting the police report which is not done btw. This is so annoying. I also went up to the school and spoke to them about fearing for my daughters safety. My daughter said" mommy. I'm sorry ???? about messing up your surgery" . I her she didn't mess up anything. I'm still going to make it happen, get a lawyer, restraining order, take care of her health,medical and emotional needs all at the same time. Cause that's what moms do. Shit that's what I do. In regards to my baby ???? girl she is doing okay. I have been putting arnica on her face and giving her arnica pellets out of my bbl stash. Oh well my baby needs it. That arnica gel is great. The doctors are amazed that from Friday to today what a change has happened. Of course the nose is more swollen the anything bur she is doing way better. Every time I look at her I want to cry. She is so funny she is still making jokes regardless. She said mommy remember that movie Goonies'? Lol of course I do. She said don't I look like the one that yells out" hay you guys'" lmao wtf really. I love her. Oh yeah I put her on short term AP home studies. At least until those girls are taken care of. She had said " on the upside I can take care of you and your knew but" lol. This kid....

cut me off...ugh

So back to what I was saying.... I did tell her I was going to reschedule and she said don't do IT....i guess on the upside we can heal up together. I love my kids. They all keep saying that I do so much and that I deserve it. I am feeling overwhelmed but I am gonna geterdun....

Supper nesting again lol

I'm on a supper cleaning mods. Trying to get my mind of the bs at least for today.


Well I have all my supplies for my surgery. All on waiting on is my bromalain and quenciten (sp). I have all my money ???? YAY!!! I have packed my bag. I will put up a list of what I packed. Didn't need much being that I am just saying over night. Then they are shuttling me over to san Diego. Hmm what else. My weight has remained the same 159 I'm 5'7 1/2 so that enough fat. All my massages are set up post op. I made them with 2 different places to see which one I like more and does the job. Oh yeah I have to pic up some low sodium soups today and a day or two before surgery I will pick up some fruit and vegetables. Here are a few pictures of my supplies'.

my baby girl

I just want to thank you ladies for all your support and warm wishes. Everything is being done to insure my daughter is taken care of. TRUST .... Justice will be served.

10 day pre update

So not to much to update. My bromalain (sp) and quencitin (sp) came in the mail. I'm going to start taking them at 7 days pre op along with my arnica pellets. So that's 3 more things added. I discontinued my vitamin E about 2 weeks ago. Most of my things are packed but of course I am going to repack it lol. All my money for surgery is put to the side. Is also have money set to the side for a post massage, more meds and my ride back over to san Diego. It's all becoming to real. Funny that no matter how many times that i have been over there I still get excited and nervous. Just thought about something, I haven't gotten my fit together to wear there. Hmmm might do that today. Probably 2 days pre op I will put up my measurements and stats. As well as 2 days post and so on.

9 day pre -op

Nine days pre-op. Hmmm not to much to update . It's getting real. Lol kinda nervous, don't know why when I have done this before. I think no matter how many times anyone goes through this I still he Ty beyond nervous. I can't believe I am doing this again. Thank god I have such a supportive hubby, and great kids that said that they are going to take care of me.

Need help

So I am going to make casseroles for my kids and hubby for about 5-10 days post op. My kids asked me to please make food pre-op because my poor hubby god bless him can't really cook. So ladies I'm looking for ideas on what to make for my family ????. I'm going to start shopping this week end and cook the meals early next week then I will freeze them. So I am looking for help and ideas please. Ideas that's i already have are of course tuna casserole, enchiladas, lasagna..... Help me out ladies...please


So today I picked up just a few things. Not to much. I started my bromalain and quenciten (sp) lol today for the post swelling and bruising. Im going to start taking my arnica pellets in a couple days for swelling. Oh yeah I'm taking my maca powder smoothie on Monday. I'm doing a cleanse over the week end. Not to loose weight but to loose waste. I figure since I wont be able to have a regular bm. I want to get out all the waste. Literally.... Lol .

On another note ???? for those have been following what's going on with my daughter she is doing way better. Thank god and all your prayers. I am so appreciative for all that you ladies have done and your kind words. Umm well ..oh yeah I have a dermatology appointment tomorrow. I'm getting steroid shots on my nipples and ty scar. As well as getting a prescription for cordran steroid tape for the scars. Oh I need tips on casseroles post op for my family.HELP

dermatology update

So I just left the dermatologist. I got my monthly shot on my scar tissue. It's a treatment I do once a month. I also go a prescription for courdran steroid tape for scars as well as a prescription for latisse for my lashes. Shit I might as well fix everything lol.


So today I got all the little odd and ends I needed. I have all my supplies. The only thing l need to get is another garment but I'm nor going to get it until I come back home. I already have t garments and a squeem so that is a good start. As far as the things I had to pick up today I got my diurex, more cocoa butter, wash clothes, ace bandages, probiotic yogurt shots, a few more aloe Vera drinks ????, low sodium soup, a candle ( for relaxation) lavender fabreeze, more pads, water bottle , 2 cases of water... That's all I can think of that I got today. If I remember anything else I will post it. I am also uploading pictures of everything.

I also organized my kitchen cabinet with my post op food. Tomorrow I am going to prepare my cooked meals and freeze them

WOW ????!!! 4 More days!!! ahhhh

So I have 4 more days left. Lets see what so the plan today? I am preparing all the meals for my family ????. As I start cooking the I will upload pictures. My house smells so good rights know. And I can't eat none of it. Does anyone have any tips for how to make liver? I am making it and freezing it for post op. Oh and I am getting my boys fresh cuts today since I won't able to take them until 8 days post op. Hopefully there hair wont grown to fast lol.

3 day left oh and meals prepared

So I all my meals prepared for a week and I cooked 6 days worth if meals for my family.
My meals include but not limited to fish, pineapple ???? and soup.


So I have everything completely ready. I'm all packed, meals for family are prepared, my meals are prepared, I have my handy dandy lawn chair all set, my bed ???? did table has all my necessities on it. Of course all my medication have been filled for sometimes now. I started taking my arnica 3 says ago. I've stopped drinking coffee ????. So with that said I'm pretty much ready. A couple of to do is clean my house again lol, and flat iron my hair... Shoot oh yeah and get a pedicure. That's it.

Soooo side bar.. Hubby and I had a little spat last night. He let me know how he really feels. He has been telling me he supports me but as of late I haven't my felt like that. Ladies you know when you feel something no matter how many times they say " I support you " you know its not true. It's like they try and make themselves believe that they do. Ugh I'm over i

Pictures pre op round 2

(side bar) Hubby issue

As was saying I'm done with the negativity. I hope that he is going to jump all the way on the bbl round 2 band wagon cause it going down on Thursday.

Oh as promised pre op round 2 pictures and measurements. ( I have gained about 13 lbs)
Under breast: 30
Waist: 29.5
Hips: 35.5
Ass: 42.5
Thighs: 26 lol wtf...
I weigh 158lbs
I'm 5'7 1/4 lol

Waist: 24
Hips 34
Ass 45 (at least)

Today is my day.

So the day has come. Today is my day, I'm m getting up and getting ready to head out with my hubby. I'm about to bath again with hibiticeans (sp) so I'm all nice, clean, and disinfected. So excited and extremely nervous. My stomach hurts, I feel flutters in my chest. I feel like I can hardly contain myself. I also have to pray I think on the way in going to pray mu rosary or at least a few Our fathers and hail Mary's. Well that's it for now. I'm jumping in the shower ????.

On my way...nervous

Hi I'm in san Diego, about to cross the border. Shit just got real.

In the office.

Hello again. I just did my blood work, waiting on my results. I just saw Dr Pantoja walk in s shook his hand. (side bar) he has the softest hands ever. And smells so nice.

Stiff..... i cant eait to walk around

Good morning ladies. I woke up stiff as hell. Ugh..... I wanted to say thank you ladies' for all your support. I love all yall. I'm going to updat pictures and what the Dr tells me as well as pre op day I, surgery and day 2. WITH PICTURES...

Hello ladies update +Pictures

Here we go. From beginning to end. First and foremost I want to thank all of you ladies for all the support and love ? and prayer. I don't think would have been able to do this with out so much support. Here we go:
10-9-2014 I left to head out to Tijuana ,Mexico at 6 am I arrived at the border. My hubby saw me off gave me a kiss and I walked across the border. ( yes I went alone, I always do) anyways I walked over the bridge and took a taxi ???? that was $7 btw last 2 times I went it was $5. So I took the taxi that got me there in about 2-3 minutes. I arrived at Dr Pantojas office and was greeted by Honey and Nadia. Honey then took me to the lab I did my blood work and the. I went back up to the office and did my paper work while I waited for my EKG to get done. He showed up at about 10 am , after the EKG Nadia took my payment and then I had my consultation with the lovely DR Pantoja. He asked me what I was trying to get sucked out? He said I didn't have barely any fat. I'm pretty lean even though I weighed 157 post op and I'm 5'7.5. Any who he said he will suck the fat out were ever he can get it. I said go for it.
Well he marked me up and then I went upstairs and I was given a massage. OMG talk about relaxing. Right after my massage , the anesthesiologist came in the room and talked to me. I put on my gown and my stalking on and walked to the operating room. I laid on my side and was given the night night medicine and then the epidural block. At some point some one put in the catheter. I was in surgery for about 3 hrs he took his time with me. Next thing you know I wake up to Dr Pantoja in my room making sure I was okay. I layer found out that he looked my back, abdomen,arms ,armpits ,inner thighs,bra role and mons pubis I was able to get 8500cc per cheek and I think he did my hips to. Not sure yet I have to ask. I'm day 2 post op and my waist already went from a 29.5 pre op to a 27 and a quarter. And its only day 2 . Wow... My ass is at a 45 Mmm huh its juicy. And just think it hasn't even fluffed yet . I am so happy with my results. Supper sore though. Last night I had alot of fluid draining I will upload pictures of it all. The good the bad and the ugly. I also had to have my bedding changed this morning. At about 8 a.m I was given breakfast. It was papaya,apple , pineapple and ???? strawberries w/ cottage cheese and honey. Oh yeah and one pineapple juice. After breakfast I was given a lymph drainage massage by Maripas she is amazing. I drained alot during the massage. After that I was put in my garment which is a medium at the tightest row. Yay.... Oh and Dr Pantoja came and saw me off. As promised....dun dun dun

day 3 post up +pictures

So last night was an okay night. I slept in my handy dandy chair until 4:30 am then hubby helped me transfer onto the bed to were I slept until 7:00 am. At which point I got up to take a shower. Wow was that a doosy omg. My hubby helped me bathe I almost passed out I got a tad bit woozy. My daughters helped me with my bandaging and I temporarily put on some ace bandages and my squeem while my garment dries. I also put on my thigh wraps and compression sock.

I also took my medications,vitamins,supplements and my probiotic shot.
My baby girl made me my oatmeal and arnic tea.

post op day 4

Omg wtf .... So I woke up this morning and my hands where swollen as hell. My little girl ???? said my hands look like wreck it Ralph lol... I'm like wtf really? Kinda hurt my feelings but they did look supper bad.

Well aside from that In realm stiff. I woke up this morning and it was a harder night last night. My poor hubby I woke him up like 5-10 times so I could pee. I was all wet and I had to take a shower and change my dressings. I dang near passed out again. As soon as I tool off the garment I felt un put together lol. On another note after my shower and massage (performed by my hubby) I was able to put on my garment with all my epi foam and DIY butt pad. I am going to try to put my abdominal board in a bit later.
Lets see today thus far I have eaten oatmeal with arnica tea, lunch was soup ???? 5 crakers and arnica tea. Snack pineapple juice and a nutrigrain bar. I have drank 4 bottles of water and aloe Vera drink. I haven't weighed myself yet. I am sure I have quite a bit of water weight. Ummmm I am getting supper sleepy ???? from this dang Norco and stuff. So I am going to take a nap ttyl ladies...

Massage +pictures.

My daughter massaged me with my rolling pen as well as with my ultrasonic massager. I also changed all my bandages and put on my epi foam and my foam DIY roll. I am adding a picture ????. Don't my the booty dent. It was from my shirt that I had on under my garment

Day 5 post op

Good morning my lovely ladies'
So last night was a much better night. I slept half of the night on my tummy next to my hubby and the other in my lawn chair. I woke up this morning and took a shower. My hubby massaged me with my special oil mix (if you would like to know I will give you the recipe). He helped me drain myself. I also cleaned my wounds and bandaged them. I also put on all my epi foam, ab board, and booty board. I also rubbed my arms with arnica oil and wrapped them with ace bandages. I'm finally resting eating a small serving of woman's choice out meal, my probiotic shot, arnica tea and vitamins

BM help please

I need help I have been drinking mom and arnica tea, and dieters tea and I have not had a bm in 5 days.

wtf please help

Op Wtf this itching started out of nowhere. I want to pull the hair out of my head. I feel like crying, I want to punch someone. I just did my tummy massage and my daughter massaged my back with my ultrasonic massager. It was okay during my massage and changing my bandages but as soon as I put my garment I was like f... Me.????. I took Benadryl and all my medicine. I just want to ???? sleep but I can't. Help!!!


How do you have a bm with out squishing you new butt?


Good morning ladies. So although I had I had a terrible evening with the terrible itching after taking some benydrl, Norco and Tylenol pm I slept like a baby. I did not wake up until 7 am. What a great sleep. Sucky thing is that I still haven't had a bowel movement . Tmi sorry LOL

On a different not I was set to have my drains removed today. But being that I am still draining like crazy I'm going to leave them in a few more days. That way i won't risk getting a seretoma (sp) lol. I have a follow up with Dr Pantoja on the 23. At which point I am going to get my stitches out and schedule my next procedure lol.... Possible microdermalbrasion and lips lol. I'm attaching pictures of this morning after my morning shower. Don't mind the mirror. I was taking pictures in my daughters room she has a full closet mirror

Thank you JESUS.....

Thank all the ladies for your support. I finally took a shit lol tmi sorry. Omg that was the worst ever. I feel like I just gave birth lol..oh and I found a way to sit. I'm go I'm to try to explain the best that I can. Step 1 squat sitting the correct way on the toilet ???? but in stead of sitting put your hands under you and lean forward. Like you are carring yourself. Put your wait to your feet making sure you don't fall forward. And don't smash your butt. Yay!! Me I did it lmao ...

ay ay ay

I know I'm only 6 days post op but I had to celebrate ???? with a 15 second twerk fest ... I had a bm twerk twerk twerk let me stop before I twerk something out lol

Worst might sleep thus far

I had the worst night sleep last night it was terrible. My arms are killing me. I guess what happens when you get aggressive ass lipo...????

Yay massage

Although I had the worst night sleep in life last night I had a lovely lymph drainage massage. What made it even more lovely is that my insurance covered the whole shabang ...hell yeah wooohooo.... So that realm made me happy. I feel so relieved ????. Oh ladies help me out please , i have to go pick up my little one from school and i am trying to figure out how to sit but not sit to drive lol. I am going to attach a picture of how i sat omw to my massage. So do i put the boppy under my thighs and the yoga mat under my legs and a pillow in my lower back? I think i did it right. Lol don't judge me lol. Also ok attaching pictures of this morning. Oh don't mind my drains instill have them in. Better safe then sorry.

NIght time ritual

So I'm laying down for the night well at least I hope. Before I go to bed every night I drink my arnica ???? tea, I change all my dressings as well as give my del a massage or my husband will. I start my massaging my tummy then lower back. Rolling the rolling pin up and down and side to side
I do this for about 10 min then I use my hands to drain the fluid out for about 5 minutes following about 10 minutes of the ultrasonic hand massager. After all that is said and done I am exhausted so input on all my padding. ( end up looking like the Michelin man) oh I forgot to mention I also rub arnica on my body, and my special oil, oh and on my arm I rub icy hot then I wrap them. I am attaching a picture of everything I stuff in my garment

Really really!!!! why??????

So I wake up just a little bit ago running ( in my mind lol) the bathroom ????. I had to pee in the worst way. So I'm over the toilet ???? squatting with my funnel ( looking like a dog ???? humping lol tmi ) then low and behold something came to pay me a visit.... Fareal right now??? Realm freaking period.. Omg wtf ...

My daily update

So as usual I woke up stiff and my arms where killing me ????. I emailed pictures to Dr Pantoja it was that concerning. I did my daily morning massage and dressing change oh and I was my garment. (side bar I'm attaching a picture of what I where while my garment dries) oh and I well my hubby removed my booty drain as well as one of the front ones (pictures attached) sorry tmi. I did promise to show it all. ;) . I have my next massage on Sunday and on the 23 I am going back to Dr Pantoja for a follow up and a massage with Maripaz. While I'm out there I am going to consult with him about my lips and face. I also have a dentist appointment. ... Lol i went what off topic lol its the norcos fault.

Thursday when I go back to tj I am going to buy another garment at one of those boutiques. ( I will attach there business card and info as well) then to Dr Pantoja for post op and massage after that I'm off to a cosmetic dental consult. I think that's it for now...

Nope btw I had a major bm tmi sorry
TWERK TWERK TWERK!!!! Ay ay ay lol


Tip of the day swollen arm !!!

My arms have been supper swollen so I was looking through all my medicine cabinets and I found my icy hot. I normally use this as a stomach wrap remedy ( side bar do not I repeat do this right after lipo to the stomach ...) back to what I was saying. So I found the icy hot and I rubbed it on mg arms and then I wrapped it with my ace bandages. And on my elbow I bit a brace. Already it feels so relieving. I did this Las night and this morning. The swelling has gone down tremendously.

1.5 week post op +PICTURES

Hello ladies...its been a few days. I was trying to give yall a little break from me. I know you missed me. Lol jk.. But really update time. So all my drains have been removed by my hubby. Yay!!!! One thing tho,I'm still draining from my front right side. I guess its a good thing. I took my morning shower and did my morning dressing change and massage. I applied tegaderm over my incision. I continued to massage myself and noticed one side was bulging. I was like wtf really.... Well as soon as I took off the patch it started to drain. I guess that's a good thing. Better out then in. In regards to my arms they are much better although they still really hurt. I can't wait until my post op Apt with Dr Pantoja on Thursday. At which point I will be 2 whole weeks post op. I am attaching pictures so yall can see my progress

Headed to Tijuana in a few hoursh

Hey my bbl sisters. I am going to be headed to tj for my 2 week post op in a few hours. Are and of my bbl out there? Maybe we can meet up?

dun dun dun

went to see Dr Pantoja yesterday for myb2 week post op. I will post the whole shebang in about 1 hr. I am about to go my stomach and thigh wrap. I will post the whole process about that Ina bout 30 min ttly.

check out other page for tip

Icy wrap , loose inches . Check out my bbl round 1 page.

DR Pantoja 2 week update plus pictures

Well ladies as promised. I went to Tijuana MX yesterday for my 2 week post op with Dr Pantoja. He is so kind. I love him. Who ever is going to him once you meet him you will know what I mean.

Well anyway, I arrived at the border at about 10 am. I walked over as I always do. I'm a pro at this by this point. Lol I crossed over and the taxi ???? is right on the other side. Got on a cab $5 ... Score lol. Then I was off to Dr Pantoja office. I got there and was greeted with a hug and a hand shake . Nadia and Hannah where there to great me. I wasn't even able to sit, well I don't sit anyway lol... Dr Pantoja took me into the room and said " que Hermosa" I smiled and said gracias. He then asked me to take off my garment and I did. He just smiled. He told me I am doing wonderfully. He told me that it is good that I take good care of myself. He asked me to turn around and admired his work. I asked how many CCs he put. Because honestly I wasn't sure cause I was do loopy when I was being released lmao. He said he would check my file. We talked for a while and we discussed a scar revision on my boob... You know what that means ladeis ....... So I went in for my massage ???? with maripaz. OMG that is hurt like a mutha duckwr lol sorry for the language ...
Nadia called my ride, I waited for her for a little bit. She was bringing another lady in for post and pre op. And oh my damn her body was suck... Lol oh as I was waiting Dr Pantoja came out and told me that........ OMG he was able to give me 950 CCs per cheek plus hips. Wtf he must have sucked me dry out of fat to get that. So are yall ready for my stats??????

Well you all saw my pre op stats. Day after surgery I went up to 172 lbs wtf yes you read that right ...i wad full of fluid. He had to pump me everywhere. So as promised.
Under bust 29
Waist 26.8( a little under 27)
Hips 35
Assssss.... 44
Thighs 24yes they ar
Arms 11.. Small lol
Oh and I weigh 156
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

By far the best Dr ever. I would recommend anyone to him. He is so gentle and kind.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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