30 Year Old. 34DD Ready for Smaller Boobs-Dr Pantoja - Mexico

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Hello so I'm here to share my journey to smaller...

Hello so I'm here to share my journey to smaller breasts. I'm a 30 year old, 5'4, 145 pounds and no kids.
This is something I've always wanted and I finally have the opportunity to go through with it. As long as I can remember I have been uncomfortable in my body. Always feeling like I was un proportioned, clothes not fitting right and feeling self conscious.
I'm excited to get great results and getting down to full B-small C.

Feedback is appreciated.

2 weeks to go, can't wait!!

Having blood work done in the morning and driving down 3 hours to Tijuana in the morning with my boyfriend.

Super excited to get this done because I'm one step closer and also because we'll be enjoying some of those street tacos ???????? I love those pups lol

Wish me luck!!

3 days left for the BIG DAY!!

I'm super nervous, scared, confused, happy, mad lol
Just a huge ball of emotions.

1 day left..

Hello everyone. I Have been super stressed out at work. I got promoted 2 weeks ago and the work has been piled on, on top of all the feelings I'm experiencing.
Came home to clean my apartment and pack my bag since I won't be here for the majority of 2 weeks. I'll be staying with my parents and everyone is going to be able to take care of me. I'll be sleeping in my parents room on a LA-z boy chair until I can sleep in my old bed lol.
I'm just trying to stay positive and have faith that everything will turn out the way I want it to.
Thank you for all the positive comments.

Tomorrow is the big day....

Hello girls.
So tomorrow is my big day. made sure I had nothing pending at work and hugged my co workers and let them know id text them as soon as I woke up so they could know I was still gonna be around lol
They have all been supportive including my boss who is a man, he gave me his blessings.
Right now my sister and I are driving to Mexico been on the road since 4 and the rush hour traffic was horrible and finally we're making progress. I'm guessing we will be there in a few hours.
I really didn't have time to think about my surgery today. I feel a little anxious but it's not as bad as it's been earlier this week.
Thank you for all your comments and support.

So it finally happened, I now have smaller boobs!!

So I went through the surgery, they look small from what I can see.

So far I'm in and out of sleep. I feel some discomfort in my right boob. But it's not that bad surely because I'm in pain meds. I really hope, pray and wish to heal quickly.
The dr and his staff have been 110% professional, attentive and compassionate.
The doctor told me he was very happy with his work and he knew I was going to be happy. So that comment made me feel better.
My sister whom came with me on this trip have been an angel. She really is a trooper and did all she could to make everything easier on me. My parents, close friends , co workers and boss have all checked up ok me make sure I was ok. All that definitely made this day a little easier.

3 days Post Op

Hello everyone
Sorry I haven't been able to post.
So far I think my boobs look smaller and I think and others have said I look more proportioned now. They are really swollen and really round the kinda look like I have implants but I know it's because of the surgery and also my dr said they should go down another 30% so I'm excited for that.
I haven't really experienced pain, it's more of discomfort and soreness. I have been taking antibiotics, regular pain meds and spraying the surgical cuts with a spray antibiotics. Sleeping has been especially hard for me because I can't get comfortable.
The experience has been as pleasant as it could possibly be, my mom, dad and boyfriend have been so helpful. My sister and best friend have been helping me with work stuff. But the ones who deserve a gold medal are my parents. They have taken time off of work and have catered to my every need. I love them.
Thank you for all the kind comments and wishes. I'm excited for the final result months from now, I wish I could travel in a time machine to see myself lol and I can't wait to go shopping for new cute clothes. Thank you girls, if you have any questions or comments please leave them.

I want to heal!!!

Hello girls
So I've been at home doing my best to heal, everyone has been so helpful.
To be honest I'm so over being at home in pain. I don't feel like any of the pain meds work. I've had zingers on my right boob all day long :( I want to get better and feeling no progress of healing fast is making me sad. I really thought that I would be back to normal in a week.
Does anyone have any tips of what I can do to help the stinging ?
My right boob is the worst.
Trying to be positive about the future but it's tough when you're in pain.

Urgent bra help!!

Hello everyone,
I hope you all are doing great.

I need your help:( my surgical bra (bra my dr gave me) keeps rolling up and digging into my incisions on the lower part of my boobs and it's driving me crazy.
I called my Doctors office and the Nirse told me I had to keep the surgical bra on until the dr released me to wear a sport bra and to use gauze as padding but it's not working. I've tried to put a sock, wash cloth, makeup pads and nothing.
I feel like I'm prolonging the healing process by wearing this bra that's digging into my skin.
Last week I bought a front closure fruit of the loom bra and wore it to bed and woke up to more digging into my incision so I haven't worn it since.

Please if you have any suggestions of what I can do, what bras I could buy?
I thought of the genie bra but I don't know if Itl have enough support. What bras are you wearing?
Help I'm really frustrated.

3rd week post op

Hello girls,
Just checking in with what's been going on this week.

I came back to my apartment from my parents Friday night and felt so much more comfy being in my own bed, couch and space.
Also I went back to work on Monday and I felt to tired. I have an office desk job, nothing to hard but I felt so tired after 2 hours of being there and by half of my 8 hour shift I was ready for a nap lol I felt so much tension on my upper back and shoulders.

Tuesday was no different and on yesterday (wends) my boss sent me home and said he knew I didn't feel good and that he preferred me getting better than being in the office and Prolonging my recovery. He said to rest and to let him know Sunday night how I felt and we would from there.
Also I bought 2 new bras one from Amazon carefix "Bella" and a champion sports bra from target. They both still rub my bottom incisions but are a lot more comfortable than the surgical bra the doc gave me, that bra was hell on earth.

On Monday might I noticed my left boob dropped a little and is less swollen, my right boob is so stubborn, still swollen all around. I'm still achey and swollen but I feel like each day I get better.

3rd week post op

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven't been really active on here but ive super busy with getting my life to normal. I went back to work and I'm finally driving.

Ok so on Friday was my 3 week since the surgery and on Saturday I had my stitches and tapes taken out. The doctor said everything was looking great and he told me to keep up what I had been doing.
But when I seen my boobs I got so sad because of all the cuts and my boobs looked to weird, it might sound dumb but I expect them to look like that I pictures them to look nice.
I felt that my Right boob looked deformed and my left nipple was so ugly. I showed my sister and started crying and she looked at my boobs and she said she didn't see anything wrong and that they had to adjust and that this wasn't the final product. She also said " your boobs weren't perfect before and they won't be now. Nobody has a perfect body you look great" and then I felt better but it has been an emotional roller coaster for me these past few days. ive felt so sad thinking if i made the right decision and if going through this was even worth it.

Ladies please take care of yourself mentally during this process of physically healing. Surround yourself with great of people and things that make you happy. It's been really tough.

Disappointed ... 7 and half weeks

Hello everyone,
I have not really been in the mood to update my review. Here are the reasons why:
I'm really disappointed and sad with my boobs. I feel they are still huge :( I still fit into my old bras. My left boob looks bigger than my left. I know I told the dr that I wanted to be the smallest possible but I guess he didn't get the memo.

The other reason is that my left nipple was cut to size to match my right nipple. My right nipple is round and the left looks like the shape drop. Makes me feel that nobody cared to do it right. I know it's just a nipple but it still sucks.

I just feel that is sucks to not be happy with my results. I don't know if im still swollen but I feel sad and unhappy. I really thought having the surgery would make me feel happy with my body but it's not the case.

I'm posting pics with the same bra of my initial pics so you can see.
Please give me your feedback. I would really like to know what you girls think.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

So far interacting with Dr Pantoja has been positive.

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