Breast Lift W/implants & Arm Lift - Tijuana, Mexico

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I have been over weight most of my adult lift....

I have been over weight most of my adult lift. Yo-Yo diets, blah, blah. March 7, 2013 I had gastric sleeve in Tijuana, Mx with Dr. Illan. I lost 100lbs in 10 months. (I still have a little more to loose)
I am ready for my first round of plastics. I will be going back to Tijuana and using Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes Diaz. My surgery is on March 7, 2014. I am, of course excited and nervous.

20 days to go!!!

I am so excited about getting my breast lifted with silicone implants and an arm lift. Loosing so much weight is great, and then not so great. Even after spending 4-5 days in the gym per week, the skin doesn't go back. Especially at age 37. Loose skin and sagging boobs, yuck! Currently I am a very deflated B cup. So 40 B. I am a pear shape and have always hated my boobs. They never matched my body and my areolas were always too big. Now I get to pick my size. I think a D cup will be nice. I am 199 and 5'10. It will be nice to be even all over.
I did research for a plastic surgeon online. I knew I would go back to Mexico after having a wonderful and safe experience with my gastric sleeve surgery. I found Dr. Cervantes's website and found his work to be very impressive. I asked my sleeve surgeon about him and he told me that he and his wife are wonderful surgeons. I e-mailed the doctor asking for quotes. Dr. Cervantes's assistant, Melly, responded. She is wonderful! She responds to every e-mail within 24 hours. She has gone beyond and above for me. I paid my deposit, set my date and bought my plane ticket.

I have already started packing and trying to figure out what I will need. This trip is much different from getting the gastric sleeve. I know I will be in bed for so much longer.I bought a sports bra that is snug and has a zippered front. I have looked online for the compression sleeve garments, but they are so expensive. I asked Melly if I could just buy a second one from them. I know you need at least 2, so you could wash one while wearing the other. I am not looking forward to not wearing deodorant and getting really funky.

I have small arms and new perky boobs!!!!

What a wonderful experience!!! Well, I flew into San Diego and the driver took me straight to the Florence Hospital. Omar, who is Dr. Illan's coordinator was there to meet me and take to meet Dr. Cervantes. His office is in the gorgeous, Hospital Angeles. When I arrived I finally got to meet Melly, one of Dr. Cervantes's coordinator. She has been so helpful through this process. It was great to finally meet her in person and the rest of the office staff. Dr. Cervantes, his associate and wife, Dr. Aragon, anesthesiologists Dr. Luis Miguel Rujana and Dr. Juan Carlos Flores-Carrillo. It was great to meet everyone at the same time. May I add that these doctors are gorgeous!!! What is in the water in Mexico, everyone looks like super models???

Here are some before photos


One from the back



Dr. Cervantes brought me back to his office for my consult. We talked for a while about what I would like as far as a breast lift style, implant size, scars, etc. I asked him questions and he answered every one. I then had my blood taken for pre-op testing. Then Dr. Cervantes had me put on a paper gown so he could see my breast and arms. He used a white kind of makeup pencil to make marks on my breast and arms. This was a way to show me where he would make cuts, where he needed to do lipo, etc. I was getting very excited. He was just so professional and understanding. He made me feel so at ease.

Surgery day!

So about 7am I get my I.V. They added something for nausea and something to keep me calm. Next the doctor came in to make his marks. I tried to stand still but I was feeling the "calming" meds. Around 9am they came to get me for surgery. I was a little nervous, but I knew I was in good hands. They wheeled me back to the O.R. Next thing I know I was waking up in my hospital room. Surgery went really well and from what I understand, it was 3 1/2 hrs.
I was not allowed to leave the bed for quite a while. So when I needed to pee I had to call the nurse. He put this "pee bowl" type thing underneath me. It took a while but I got it out. Yuck, I could wait until I could get up to go to the bathroom and walk around. Thank goodness for t.v. and great nurses.
My boobs and arms did not hurt at all. It felt like an elephant sitting on my chest. So tight, but no pain. Great pains meds. They were also pumping in an anti-biotic. Nurses checked on me frequently. They even helped me take my first shower.
So the next day I got to go the hotel. I was sore but the pain meds work well. At this point the pain was mostly in my armpit area. Like a stinging sensation. It was pretty hard by myself. Thank goodness for Omar and the other girls there for the Gastric Sleeve. It would have been nice having my mom or someone there, but it was doable by myself.
Everyday got a little easier. I walked around the hotel a little each day. Slept A LOT!!! You have to move very slow no matter what you are doing. You do not want to over do it.
The next day the doctor and his wife, who is also a plastic surgeon, came to check on me. They took the bandages off my breast and put on a compression bra. I couldn't believe how awesome my boobs looked. Finally the right sized boobs for my peared shaped body. Plus, cute areolas. Not huge sand dollars.

After pictures

Here are the after pictures. These were taking day 2 and 4.


more pics

Almost ready to go home

Dr. Cervantes wanted to see me in his office the next afternoon. He took the old tape off and replaced it with new fresh tape. He said to leave in on for 2 weeks. He made sure everything looked great, and of course, it did. I was SO excited. I thought is was going to be horrible taking the tape off, but you could barely even feel it. WHEW! By the way, All stitches are the dissolvable kind. I had a drain for my breasts that came out before I left the hospital and arm drains that came out the next day in the hotel. Sorry, I forgot about that part. The drains coming out was cake compared to them coming out after the Gastric sleeve!
So I went back to the hotel for my last night of freedom (kids) ;-)

Flying home

I had such a wonderful experience in Tijuana. Once again I felt safe and secure. It is beautiful and filled with wonderful people. I finally got to meet Melly who has taken care of me and answered all my questions. It was nice to have a doctor I could feel completely comfortable with. He and his staff treated me just like family. I can't wait to see the end results.
O.k. Let me start off by saying, when I get my tummy tuck, I will be flying home First class, or nothing at all!!!! The flights were fine. I was the getting off and on the planes that was rough. I did ask for help often. People were very nice and helpful. I tried to not use my elbows on the arm rests. I think the worst part was my back pain, but I blame that on the airplane seats, not the surgery. I hate those seats.

Back home

I is nice to be back home but I miss Tijuana. So far so good. I am sore and tired and every days gets better. Showering is o.k.. I have trouble bending down, so my feet and legs will have to not be so clean for a while. Forget about shaving my legs. My kids, husband and parents have been a huge help. So today is 8 days post-op and I am feeling much better. I no longer needs pain meds, but continue to take my anti-biotics and medicine for swelling. I also wear the compression bra for about 23 hours a day, every day. I look forward to the 30 day mark where I can take it off for good. Hate it! I also wear the chest strap that helps the implants drop. Hate that thing even more, but......Beauty is pain

Post op day 11

Thing have been going well so far. Pain has been very little, mostly armpit pain. Stinging once in a while. I am showering everyday. Still need help drying off in back. Most of the tape the doctor placed on me is still on my areolas and arms. The armpit tape fell off and I have been using steri strips, just in case. The cuts looks great. They are so straight and smooth. Can't wait to take the tape off and 2 weeks post-op. Sleeping is going well, I guess. I cant wait to sleep on my sides again.

Photos of arms

2 weeks post-op

Photos of arms

2 weeks post-op

One month post-op

Everything is healing wonderfully. Still tight but I am able to do must anything. Can't wait to get back into the gym. There is only one tiny spot in the right armpit area that is slow to heal.
I am loving my arms and boobs. Boobs still have some dropping to do.


Well, it has been a month and a half since surgery, and I can finally sleep on my stomach and sides. THANK GOD!!!! I hate sleeping on my back, so it has been rough. Scars are looking good. Still pink in color. There is still a tiny spot under the right armpit that is refusing to heal, but it is slowing getting better.

2 months post-op

Loving my new boobs and arms!!!!!! Using Bio oil twice a day on scars. Wearing compression sleeves to flatten out arm scars.

Summer sun

Just bought some SPF 100 for my scars and tattoos.

9 months post op

Here are my boobs at 9 months out.

Breast Lift with Implants and Arm Lift

I had the best experience when I went down to Tijuana . This was the second time to Tijuana . I went down on March 2013 for Gastric sleeve. Tijuana is very safe and very much like America. 

I met Dr. Aragon and her husband, Dr. Cervantes. They are both extremely sweet and make you feel very welcome. I felt safe and secure in my choice to use Dr. Aragon.
I love my new boobs. They are perky and

Arms and boobs at a year

Well, I am still in love with my arms and boobs. My boobs healed perfectly. They are very natural.
My arms are perfect except for my scars. Not sure why they spread like that. I assume it's because I spend a lot of time in the gym. Lifting heavy ass weights. Either way I love my arms. I will either get a scar revision or just tattoo over them.
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