40 Y/O 2 Kids, 5'6" 150lb -BL with Implant, Going from 32F to 32C - Mexico

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Let me just start out by saying that I literally...

Let me just start out by saying that I literally cannot remember a single day in my life that I was ever happy with my breasts. At the age of 11, I found myself with DD boobs overnight. They were not cute. They were long and saggy right from the start, and shaped like bananas. My aureolas were about 4" across. Since I was one of the first girls in school to have boobs, especially such big ones, I was of course teased mercilessly by the boys. It was a very shaky start to a terrible relationship with my tatas.
After breastfeeding 2 children, they were much worse for wear. Then five years ago I decided to get into the gym and get fit! I went from a flabby 168 to a toned 145. This unfortunately highlighted the lack of awesomeness in my boobs, as they turned into what I lovingly referred to as "rocks in socks!" It was at this time that I began to look into plastic surgery.

More backstory, my journey to 32F saline breasts

So five years ago, I decided to do something about my dad and sorry "rocks in socks" boobs. I saw a few surgeons, and they all said I should consider just using an implant to fill them back up again and a mini donut lift rather than a full lift in order to avoid the multiple incisions. They were pretty convincing, and having limited funds to make this happen, I decided to go with their less expensive idea. What a mistake. My original doctor who practices out of Beverly Hills and Upland, CA, recommended saline over the muscle and no cup size was discussed before I went under. (I won't mention his name on this review, but if you want to know who it was, you can message me.) We decided he would just get them full and happy again. I went in at a long and squishy 36D and came out at a hard and gigantic 36F. I was shocked when I woke up and looked down. My husband had no words. My kids were embarrassed. My friends were just like WHY?? I mean, I've always had huge boobs but this was insane!! Luckily, they were pretty high and perky despite the size, so I decided to just deal with it. What else could I have done?

How I selected my doctor

This website is so wonderful. There's no way I would have felt so confident choosing a doctor for this major surgery without being able to see so many examples of their work and testimonials from all you lovely ladies.
I started researching doctors in my area and didn't see anything that I liked at all. I am in the Palm Springs, CA area and I just feel like there should be so many more and higher quality plastic surgeons in this area but I'm just not seeing it. Most of what I saw that I liked were out by LA area which would be quite a trek just for a consultation. I have several girlfriends who have gotten surgery down in Mexico over the last few years, and so the taboo I had in my mind had started to fade, and it seemed like more of a viable option for me. I'm about 3.5 hours drive from Tijuana, so I used real self to look at doctors over there. At first I was so excited because I found that I could get much more done for much less across the border, and the first doctor I spoke to wanted to do the BL/BA with Lipo and BBL and labiaplasty all for $9,100 with 10 days at their recovery spa included!! I originally only wanted a BL with implants if neccesary, with a labiaplasty. He talked me into adding liposculpting and BLL, which I didn't really think I needed, but at that price, why not? It sounded amazing and I began to try and hunt down more before and after photos. There weren't too many. I joined a couple of Facebook Groups which consisted of only this doctor's patients and prospective patients. There were a lot of stories, tips, and photos, and that's when I started to notice that I did NOT like the way he does breasts. Many of his lifts were square-shaped (I hate that) and had very large aureolas. So I thought to myself that I would see who else is in Tijuana who is a bit more talented.
I found Dr Victor Gutierrez on real self and checked out his website. I was very impressed with his work so I went back into Real Self and started to read his reviews. They were excellent so I reached out for a quote. Because I now had the full package stuck in my head, I asked for lift with implant, labiaplasty, and Lipo with BBL. The quote was great.
They had a date for me and I went about securing the finances!! It all happened so fast. I decided to leave out the Lipo and butt, since I work out quite regularly and have been building my butt quite nicely in the gym already, and the cost for just the two procedures would be much more reasonable.
On Wednesday before surgery, my date was booked and I made plans to get down to Tijuana!

Before Lift and implant exchange

More pics for you to see why I was so unhappy with original surgery. Five long years but it's all about to change!


My surgery date was set for Friday April 8th so I came down to Tijuana on Thursday to get all my tests done and have my face to face consultation with Dr Gutierrez. I had already gotten a CBC done on Wednesday and sent the results down before I got there.
I was greeted by Elsa, Dr Gutierrez's patient coordinator. She was great. I got totally lost driving around Tijuana trying to find the clinic, not realizing I had the wrong address the whole time. An hour later, and after several calls to Elsa, I finally found the building across the street that she was using as a landmark, and she walked over in the rain to get me so I wouldn't get any more lost!! My recommendation to you is if you are going to have surgery in Tijuana (or really spend any time down there) you should park on the US side of the border and walk across, getting a taxi or an Uber on the other side. They can drive that crazy city much better than we can and they know where they're going! It's it's very cheap, about $3 for Uber and $5-10 for taxi! Totally worth it.
Anyway, a cardiologist came to test my heart, and I got more blood drawn to make sure I was fit for surgery. I passed all my tests with flying colors and then it was time to meet with Dr G.
Right away I felt very relaxed and comfortable with him. He just has a way about him that made me feel at ease and like I was in good hands. We had lots of conversation and he answered all my questions after I answered all of his, and then we talked about expectations. After all of that, Dr G measured and mapped his surgery. He was extremely meticulous and measured and remeasured before marking, double and triple checking everything which made me even more confident. He took almost two hours to get everything just right, then since it was evening now and dark outside, and I was alone, he walked me out and made sure I got into my Uber to get to my hotel.
I of course could not take a shower because I needed to leave the markings on for the morning, and the hotel room didn't have a bathtub. That meant I also couldn't wash my hair (bummer!) and would have to live with it being dirty for a few days at least. My hotel by the way was fabulous, I stayed at the Hyatt Place in Tijuana and it was $85 for what I would consider a $300 a night hotel. Very nice, and they let us do a late checkout at 3:20 for free. Well I did manage to stick my legs in the bathroom sink to at least shave them before I get laid up for a week!

Surgery Day!!

The night before surgery, my husband was able to drive down to be with me, thank goodness! I was so relieved to see him, he didn't think he'd be able to get the day off work but it all worked out. I know I could've done this alone and just got picked up after, as I am a strong woman and the doctor's team had everything under control and were quite caring, but of course it was a great comfort to know my husband was close by.
We got up Friday morning and grabbed an Uber to the clinic, where they took me back quickly and got me all set up. By set up, I mean they got me in my robe, hooked up to the IV, and wrapped up in my compression socks and blankets. I'll admit I felt a bit nervous, but I think that's pretty normal considering I was about to go into major surgery.
Dr Gutierrez came in and held my hand, and told me that he was going to have to see if my breasts would accept an implant considering how much of a huge flap he would be taking. I was quiet and he said, "Don't be sad, I need to make sure you will be ok! I'll do it if I can." Honestly I think that made me trust him more, knowing that he just wanted to make sure health came before aesthetics. I told him to do what he can, and I trusted him. He left and the anesthesiologist came to answer any questions I might have.
Then they rolled me on into the surgical suite and started strapping me down... That's when things really get real! But I wasn't around for long, because the next thing I knew, I was waking up in recovery and they were asking me how I felt! They immediately grabbed my husband out of the waiting room and he came to be by my side.
One of my first memories after waking was feeling the tops of my new boobs to see if there was an implant in there... And there they were! Thank goodness!! I already knew I had absolutely no breast tissue left and I just wanted to make sure I would be a good C cup.
The doctor came in to see me and he brought my old implants in with him, hubby and I each held one in our hands and couldn't believe it. They were so freaking huge!! And the edges were just nothing but ripples, those nasty ripples that were showing through right into my cleavage! Dr G said that surgery took 6 hours but was very smooth and that they wouldn't need to keep me overnight. I was relieved, I just wanted to be at home in my own bed. So after a few hours of waking up and being monitored, I took a walk around and we all decided it was time to remove the catheter and get dressed. An hour later my IV was removed and I was released! By the time I got home 3.5 hours later, I really felt just fine and got right into bed. I got up a few times in the night to go to the bathroom and had a hard time sleeping, but it was really more the position I had to be in, not the level of pain.

One Day Post Surgery!

I am in love with my boobs!!!!!!
I know they will change a lot in the next several months and probably won't look much like this but just the fact that they are so much smaller is absolutely thrilling to me!! Every time I get up to go to the bathroom, I have to keep checking my side profile because I just can't wrap my head around how small they are! I'm beyond excited!! Pain level is fully manageable and I should mention that the pain killers I am on are non narcotic. I thought I'd be in much more pain but I stay at about a 3-4 out of 10. Now and then I do start to feel claustrophobic in this surgical bra and these awful compression socks, and have to sit up and unhook a little so I can breathe. It passes and I lock it all back up until the next time. It's not so bad. I'm trying to stay focused on just laying here and not doing anything which is super hard. But I know it's important for my healing.

Two Days Post Surgery

Still feeling just fine, laying around and watching Netflix all day, feel like a lazy bum but it must be done!
Dr G messaged me today asking for pictures of my legs (to see if it was safe to remove the compression stockings) and breasts. He said it was ok to take the socks off now (thank God, they were so hot and irritating!) and that my breasts are looking fantastic. I have to agree!!
Pain is staying at a 3-4 and I'm definitely having some swelling at the bottom incision sites.

Day Three Post!

Ok after I write today's update, I will be all up to date :)
Today (Monday April 11) is day three post op. I am still feeling just fine, and last night I actually got some good sleep. Still not used to seeing myself so small!! The pictures make them look a bit bigger than they look in person.
A couple of points I forgot to mention in my earlier posts. After I had woken up, Dr Gutierrez told me that I would not have been a candidate for Lipo therefore not a candidate for the BBL either, so even if I had wanted to get this it wouldn't have worked! He said I do not have enough fat to consider it. I could however, come back next year for a mini tummy tuck, which I have also considered for some time but is not as big an issue for me as my breasts were. Also wanted to mention that the six hours I spent in surgery were not all for the BL/BA, because I also had a labiaplasty which I will most likely review in a separate review post.
Anyway, I'm feeling good and will attempt to take a bottom half only shower today, I feel pretty gross! Apparently the bandages on my boobs are supposed to stay on as long as possible, up to 3 weeks, during which time I can't get them wet :( This will be difficult. I am supposed to start a new job one week from today so figuring out how to be clean and presentable as well as hiding this huge ugly surgical bra in professional clothes will be a bit of a challenge, but we will see how it goes!!
Not any changes that I can see, but in the interest of being thorough, here are some day 3 pics!

Day 4 - So Happy!!!!!!

I went back down to TJ to see Dr Gutierrez for a check up today. He was beyond thrilled with the results and so am I!! He said everything is perfect so far, to keep wearing this compression bra, and come back in a month. Hopefully he will release me from this bra jail in another week or so, I do hate it!
I took the bra off to wash off the blood stains and put a tank back on while it dries. My husband took one look and said "WOW that is a NICE rack! They're perfect!!" Then I had him feel the side to see how soft they are and his eyes got all wide, he was like omg they feel REAL!! Lol what a nice change after those cold hard water bags I had!!
Side note: One of my old implants is now famous hahaha! If you go see Dr Gutierrez you will see my old saline implant right on the reception desk in its place of honor! They said they just had to keep it on display, as it is the biggest saline implant they have ever seen!!ni put some pics of it in here as well.

Day 5

And the itchiness begins!! Didn't sleep well at all last night, I'm not in pain, I'm just so darn uncomfortable!! I tossed and turned all night, well as much as one can toss or turn while staying on one's back!! Well I will try and have a nap today as I'm not back to work just yet, hopefully that will keep me going through the rest of the day!

4 Weeks Post!

I. Love. My. Boobies.
Lol that is all :D
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