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Will add details here later. But let me say the...

Will add details here later. But let me say the price quoted below was for a PACKAGE deal - somehow I think I got an especially good price. I had lipo on arms, back/flanks, a bit on thighs, full tummy tuck and breast life (no implants). You must also consider the cost of your aftercare & ALL your supplies, lymphatic massage, etc. do NOT scrimp on your aftercare. A friend of mine said "if you can't afford the aftercare, you can't afford the surgery" I think she was right. Do not scrimp every penny for the Doc - who only has control on the surgical table & then SCRIMP on YOURSELF for the MONTHS of aftercare you will need to get a good result. Recovery depends on you!

I definitely feel like I've had a longer recovery...

I definitely feel like I've had a longer recovery period than some ( I'm sure a lot of that due to my iron levels dropping so much after surgery).

The first 3 weeks I could fit better in my tops & then into even smaller ones. Yay - but those same first 3 weeks I was up a size or TWO in pants- that was a teeny bit depressing. I kept willing myself it HAD to be temporary, but, ya know, the LAST thing I want AFTER reduction surgery is to b bigger!!!!

Anyway, as of right now I'm definitely down at least a size :-)

The clothes that fit before surgery, way to lose now. Went shopping for some shorts because all mine were to big. I automatically chose my "pre-suergy" size & then thought " what the heck, I'll bring the next size in the dressing room, too" . . . . Well had to go out & get a size down from THAT & bought em with a big ole smile on my face.

Ab swelling is for sure a daily occurrence, but seems to be decreasing. I don't check vigilantly, but seems like maybe I gain around an inch during the day right in the belly - 1/2 way between BB & incision line- whereas before (weeks ago) I was gaining up to 3 inches there of swelling in a single day.

Finally getting a bit of my swagger back & feeling like I look pretty good. I look & feel best down one more size & that will come with time. Right now I have committed the first 12 weeks to RECOVERY not " improving my figure, dieting, trying to get back to 'normal' or whatever - but strictly self care, nourishment (mental & physical) & ease on self for recovery - very HEALTH centered. My 12 week mark is right after/at the Labor Day holiday & I figure THEN I can start trying to get back to (a new) 'normal' ( build stamina again, begin exercising, more housework & activities outside the home, etc).

Even with a few speed bumps along the way, I have not regretted this for a single minute & I know a year from now when all the time consuming wound care, etc is past, I will be ECSTATIC!

It is absolutely thrilling to put on a smaller size & not be trying to tuck in your loose skin everywhere or hide it under less than stylish/flattering clothing :D

I did weigh myself this week (on a different scale than I had been using) & according to it I was down 6 pounds. That's fine with me. I wasn't expecting something magical & I'm guessing most of that was removed with lipo & the extra tummy fat/skin.

All I have to do is look at that sitting picture of me with the belly sitting on my lap & my breasts HANGING down so far & compare that to the post-op sitting pic & I feel almost like its a miracle. I could have never got those results by just losing more weight (I know, I've done it) & those old pix just make me SAD, my body looks so worn out & that's NOT how I feel.

I feel so much mo vibrant & personable, I don't think I realized the extent to which I was sort of retreating from meeting people & doing things because I had become (slowly, over time) so embarrassed of my body - I was hiding not just my body, but ME!!

Looking forward to this new confidence sending me soaring towards my dreams ;)

Almost 7 weeks post op & doing pretty good. I...

Almost 7 weeks post op & doing pretty good. I just started using Mederma scar gel in the a.m., let it dry while I get ready & then put on the scar away silicome strips. Have actually gone to the beach a couple times in a bikini :) not that I have a rockin bod, but compared to before it IS!!!

Vertical incision on left breast still struggling to heal & may need scar revision later - first it needs to close up & generate more skin. It's just one of those things that happen & wasn't anyone's fault (well, maybe mine for not getting clear instructions on how to keep incisions dry back in the very beginning). Everything else is coming along pretty well. Never had any pain with the lift- some achiness around wek 2-4 (like when on your period or early pregnancy)

& they look great. With just the lift & back lipo, I think I'm about a 36D- haven't bought or tried on new bras as Dr is adamant about healing first. But - - I could go w/o a bra for the first time I can remember, sexy!!
My energy is closer to normal. My tummy gets tight when I sit for a long time, so I get up & walk around quite a bit when going to movies, baseball games, dinner, etc.

Have lost 10 pounds, down 2 sizes (not sure how...

Have lost 10 pounds, down 2 sizes (not sure how that works, but it's true). Down 5-6 inches EACH around belly button & "belly" (right @ TT hip scar area). Down 1.5 inches in thighs & 2 inches in hips (7inches below BB). Also down one band size in bra (froma 38 to a 36) bye-bye bra fat/rolls :)

Well, I will say that I finally figured out TODAY...

Well, I will say that I finally figured out TODAY that "feeling" healed is not necessarily TRUE. I realized that one can "feel" healed in their BRAIN (ie; confident, strong, alert, healthy) *but* that does not always mean one is healed in their BODY. I mistook the two for one and the same :( Using my abs more to sit up out of bed rather than turn on my side, lifting things because I "feel" ready - well my brain feels ready - my body is letting me know it is NOT. I got all mentally bent out of shape (sad? Jealous?) Because 1 of my friends really picked up her diet/exercise routine after not seeing me in months. Ive always been the "fat one" & didn't want to be left behind & now that im the thinner one didn't want 2 b the fat one again!!! So. . . .I overdid Otto the point that my whole abdomen hurts & Ive needed Ibuprofen the last 2 days & I hadn't needed it in WEEKS!!! My Doc wont release me to exercise for another month (3 mo mark) and I need to listen 2 that. I saw 1 Dr on one of these sites say "You have the rest of your life to get into the shape u want" (& don't jeopardize ur Recovery/healing/audited/RESULTS u paid good money for) by pushing yourself too early or too much. You have to consider yourself a beginner @ exercise when u DO start up. AND I'm reminding myself that not only have I *not* used these areas/muscles for much in months. . . They also - on top of that!! - went through a great deal of (controlled/supervised) trauma.
What would I say to my best friend in the same situation? "Get on the stick!! Exercise! ! Diet!! What's wrong with you?!?!"
SO, anyway it was healing for me to be able to post this truth here, because I have kept my surgery private from so many, I'm not sire who I could have SAID it to.

It was a surprising thought process & physical experience for me

4 months to the day today & I am 100% glad I did...

4 months to the day today & I am 100% glad I did it :) My left breast took awhile longer to heal due to the stitches getting wet on probably day 2 (keep em dry, ladies!!!) THAT has been a downside - but other than that, I feel confident all the time & love getting dressed now. Sure, the scars aren't "all that" but I feel I look SO much better than before that it was worth it!! Still love Dr Pantoja & I've been back to Mexico several times without a single problem ever, even driving my own car. I've been using the Mederma scar gel & scar strips - not sure it's helping because I don't know what it would look like w/o using them.lol Quit using my garment pretty much on/around month 3 to the day but was pretty darn faithful about wearing it until then - I think that is probably a really important step that if you don't follow, you cannot go back in time & correct. There were many days around month 3 that I still really could tell that I wanted that compression back on my belly & that I felt it was pooching out more when not wearing it. But now @ month 4, I do not feel that way at all. I have kept my weight steady since my 1 month weigh in (probably not a good idea to weigh yourself before the 1 month mark).I'm down about 10+ pounds since operation date. My measurements have stayed about the same (not gone down which I was sorta hoping for, lol - - but haven't gone UP either!). I still feel tight in the belly sometimes when sitting for a long time, but it is getting less & less noticeable & it doesn't hurt, just feels like it's tight when I first stand up. Don't feel that I have any other noticings or bothersome issues at this time. Will be curious to see how scars look at 1 year.

Just a quick note: When I reread my update from...

Just a quick note: When I reread my update from earlier today - I wrote that my measurements weren't any less - I meant from LAST time I measured myself. Then I got curious to see if that was really true, so I pulled up my excel spreadsheet where I have been logging my numbers. I only checked my waist & thigh. I *am* down another inch in my waist since I measured 2 months ago.

.....AND.... I am down 25 inches !!! (arms, thigh, waist, belly, breast, hips, calf) were my 7 measuring areas since my pre-op measurements 4 weeks before surgery. I've also lost 15 pounds since pre-surgery.

WOW, that explains why @ 5'3 1/2" & 150 pounds I am wearing some size 6's - I have NEVER put on a 6 even when I weighte d10 pounds less than I do now!!! AMazing, so, so, so happy to go get dressed beatuifully for today (& getting undressed is pretty fun these days too

6 month Anniversary yesterday.....12/12/12 - wow!...

6 month Anniversary yesterday.....12/12/12 - wow! Yay!! I'm happy as ever with the procedure. Will post some pix soon, but noticing I put on a few pounds, so wanna get those back off first. I CAN say that being able to wear more fitted clothes makes you more conscious of your figure & keeping it in shape - - BUT also it feels like I'm effortlessly "in shape" now... I mean.... I have a stomach people envy & with nary a situp (besides the ones I did before surgery). Anyway, I think that thinking got the best of me & I'm up 5 pounds & most of us know what a slippery slope THAT is - so PRONTO I am back on my protein shakes to bust it back off - THEN new pix!

So, some noticings: Things are not as tight as they were immediately post surgery - - I've noticed my breasts are dropping a little - they STILL look awesome (nipples pointing in the right direction for starters & still feel like I CAN go w/o a bra if I really wanted to w/o being embarrassed at the size/shape/location of them)! but DO notice they are not as "high". Also, tummy skin is a little looser now - now I get the little "wrinkles" most normal people get when they sit down, but didn't have those before. Guess it all makes sense that when it was freshly stitched it was all "snug" - - realizing now that I will NOT get away with the perpetually not-excercizing routine.Ah, well, it's been a fun 6 months.

Having a new body has been fun, *and* it means dressing every day is "different" - I think about how I put things together more (definitely like accentuating & adorning my body) ....this is a good thing - but it's weird how I used to dress in terms of "how best to hide parts I didn't like" & now I think about showing it off - and sometimes have to even be cognizant of am I "overdoing" it for a 40+ year old?!??? so, anyway - just noticing there is a shift in thinking/processing - how you perceive your body. For some people (oddly enough?) there might even be a little grief with the *change in thinking* not the change itself, but just the shifting/changing of your life - not sure that makes sense....

Also, have noticed (& had heard about this) that when I do put on a few pounds (the same few keep fluctuating up & down - AARGH - - and now a couple more came along...) Anyway, it used to be (b4 surgery) that if I gained I first noticed in my stomach & now that my tummy is FLAT :-) I think I am not as aware when I gain a few pounds - I think it now goes more to my thighs. Of course you notice it pretty quickly if your zipper doesnt zip, but I think in general pant legs have a little more room, so theoretically it *could* take me longer to notice, so the scale is really important to me now! I think my legs get bigger & then it makes me look even more out of proportion cause my tummy still looks so flat.

Scars are still fading a bit, but slowly.

Also feel like I'm noticing "fatness" in my back again, just by gaining 5 pounds. I think THAT skin is loosening too & gravity takes over that 40+ year old, loose skin (that afterall, wasn't removed like tummy skin) & seems like I'm getting some (baby/beginning) rolls again - I was **SO** happy to be rid of those - man it makes an enormous difference in your profile....anyway that helps me want to lose those 5 pounds + a few extra for "insurance". And I'm sure exercise to tighten up the muscles underneath would help! I haven't really done any exercise to speak of since the surgery - - some walks about 1 x week up to a few miles & yoga every couple weeks....eeks! time to get back to maintaining & staying in front of father time - otherwise I know I WILL lose the battle to him at some point & I sure dont need to contribute!!

Anyway: that's about it for now - just thought I would share.

Best of luck to all :)

Will do my "1 year Anniv" update soon, but I'll...

Will do my "1 year Anniv" update soon, but I'll post pix from today of the boobs so the peeps who've been asking all have an update! I'm still delighted with it all. For more updates read through my replys to questions. The one thing I can mention is that I have not regained full sensation in my tummy. It doesn't bother me and I don't notice it unless someone is touching me there - from about the mid-ribcage to the scar, the skin can "feel" but needs more pressure, not gentleness for it to really register - not sure at this point that will really change. It's a bit disappointing as for the first time in my life, I wouldn't mind having my tummy caressed and now I cant feel it! "Murphys law" LOL - I would NOT go back to my old tummy just to have the sensation tho - and I'm sure everyone is different. I had to prev C-sec as well (tho I suppose the part right above that scar was cut off, I had reduced sensation in the lower abdomen anyway from the last c-sec, so I'm guessing this is an extenuation of that - and maybe that's an area that doesn't heal for me as much, esp due to the prev surgeries). Still some reduced sensation in the outer upper thigh where lipo was done too. But I don't notice it unless I scratch there or something, so to me it's all worth it. Happy surgeries to all :)

1yr 3months post op

Hard to believe I'm writing that! Can say I'm still super happy I did this-best thing ever. I have been struggling with 10EXTRA pounds the last few months, so have been reluctant to post pics. The weird thing about gaining after surgery is you can REALLY feel your skin pulling! After having loose skin for years gaining and losing a few pounds was not "feel-able" in my skin (in my clothes, yes). I also notice I "gain" most in areas I HAVE fat and less so in areas that had lipo...interesting. I will say I am (bummer) still numb-ish in many areas (whole center of tummy from TT scar to few inches below breasts) but not out towards ribs, and tops and sides of thighs from lipo. Also certain, but not all areas on breasts(tho nipples are 100%ok!). It's not the numb like when u go to the dentist, I can't "feel" or notice it unless I have an itch or I'm being caressed/massaged -then I notice reduced sensation. Worth it tho, IMO. Doing well, glad I did it-will update when I feel I look as good as I did in my earlier pics. I look "ok" now, but I'm "rockin" when I'm thinner :)
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