3 Weeks and Working Out, Scars Slowly Healing from HappyMom - Tijuana, Mexico

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I'm 41 years old, 5'5 123 lbs and in great shape....

I'm 41 years old, 5'5 123 lbs and in great shape. I do interval training 4x week, but I've always had a pear shape I inherited from my mother and thought I would share my journey to help others. Before I nursed my children I was a small B. I have a small irregularity between left and right nipples, as far as how my little bitties now point. Now with interval training and post-nursing my breasts are really deflated like pancakes and after about 2 years I'm going to do it!

It was a very difficult decision for me. I am a Christian, and for a long time I thought mutilating my body for vanity was just wrong. There might be others out there like me, so if you are struggling I really believe Jesus is most concerned whether we'll become vain and self-centered. The Bible says God looks at the heart, and what I know is that I have control over whether after surgery my breasts and body become an obsession or something I feel more feminine about. I do not plan to start dressing differently or acting like I'm a "hot shot" because of my bigger chest or anything. I am excited to have some beautiful breasts, something I've never had and I feel empathy for others who have lived with small breasts their whole life.

I'm carefully planning to go to Tijuana - I did research about medical tourism and found a clinic I'll probably go with for experience and cost. I am thinking 350cc silicone, under the muscle. Round shaped not teardrop.

For those who are considering traveling to Mexico or another country I'll be sure to post lots of details of my process.

So far, I screened them by asking for examples (knowing they'll only show me 'good' examples but this is a place to start.) Then I did internet research on the facilities themselves and read the surgical details they used and compared to the U.S. Right now I'm waiting for a clinic to get back to me on how it irrigates during surgery etc. I'm going to stay overnight at their hospital and then probably fly back home to Tacoma the 2nd day, where my mom will meet me and take care of me at home. At least that's my plan so far.

I want to be a full C with lots of nice curve at the top and from the side. You can see my ribs are wider than my current bitties!

It's a go! 2weeks and 2 days until boobs! I gave...

It's a go! 2weeks and 2 days until boobs! I gave the Mexico clinic my deposit and confirmed surgery for Aug 7. I'll fly to San Diego the 6th, stay the night in their hotel, consult on sizing and surgery the next morning. Then I'll recuperate that night in their clinic, fly out the following afternoon. So, I'll fly about ~24 or 30 hours post op.

Clinic care coordinator was really practical and 90% of their patients are from the states so I am more comfortable. Also they use Natrelle silicone exactly like in the U.S.

In order to address my sterility questions I asked them to describe if they used any of the following. I'm including here in case anyone else is considering traveling abroad. There's definitely risk, like what if something happens post-op, I can't go see my ps, I'll have to see a local one. So I considered their surgery procedures, experience, plus the risks in making this decision.

I got this list off one of the realself Dr's who advertises a special quick recovery process, & asked my ps:
- potent antiseptic solutions prior to draping
- a skin sealant to seal the surface of the crease where you'll cut and on surface of areola
- treat capillaries so they don't bleed into cavity before cut
- irrigate with full-strength Betadine before
- a saline solution containing three antibiotics to irrigate during (which can be modified in patients with an allergy to any of the antibiotics in the solution).
- a paper funnel to insert the implant into the pocket
- surgeon doesn't touch cavity with gloves

Of these, the ps doesn't use skin sealant, doesn't use paper funnel and does touch cavity with gloves. He follows the others. So, I'll probably end up with "average" recovery like described by others rather than "quick" recovery. I'm going to see if maybe I can buy the skin sealant and have him use. Not all ps use it but it sounds like another way to be extra-sterile.

T minus 11 days: I have been sooo at peace with...

T minus 11 days: I have been sooo at peace with getting new bigger boobies! every time I look at myself think, only a few more days of you (talking to current boobs) before i get my new ones! I went camping and just got back, and it is the last time I will wear that blue and white bikini with my flat chested self.

tip: don't take aspirin 2 weeks prior to and up until surgery. It thins your blood, makes it harder to heal right after. also i have started a multi vit a couple times a week and eating lots of spinach...like popeye eating iron to build up.

Mom bought her plane ticket, she's ready ti meet me in Seattle when it's over!

T MINUS 9 DAYS: So I am ALMOST certain on moderate...

T MINUS 9 DAYS: So I am ALMOST certain on moderate plus profile but my ps uses mostly HP so suggested these. Since I'm doign this whole Dr thing from a distance it's been email back and forth and 1 phone call. He passed along thru the coordinator that bc of my flatso chest high profile's his recommendation. But, I really like the back and forth swinging of the mod-plus boobs. Yea I want girls that swing when I move, I've been super flat all my life and only jiggled when I was nursing and that came with milk! ha ha

I've pored over your profile pix of HP and ModPlus, thank u everyone for posting their afters! That is helping me so much!

I need to see my Dr's before/afters, which won't happen until right before surgery. No time to change my mind, I'll have to be decisive. I also really, REALLY want to be a full C/small D which I can't wait to get, it will make the rest of my body shrink. I have such wide hips, really, which I am so comfortable in my own skin but knowing that it is possible and soon to be my own reality to have proportionate upper and lower body extremeties is just such joy.

To those who don't know, I'm flying SOLO to Mexico and flying back the day after surgery. I've weighed my risks and my Mom is meeting me in Seattle to drive me home & stay a week, so the 6 hr drive to the border & flight back will be the trickiest. Lucky 4 me I am pretty sturdy and will stick to Dr orders.

How to fly solo 1 day post-op, you ask? So glad u asked! I am going to take no luggage, only a fanny pack! Yes, me and my bigger-than-my-luggage boobs will be flying back with nothing but my clothes on my back and my Magiver pack of precious essentials.

Here's a peek at what I'm tossing around what might win a trip into my fanny pack:
- Ziploc of Oxy face wipes
- Ziploc of extra strength Tylenol
- Passport
- cashier's check
- 1 pair undies
- couple Brush brite teeth wipes (no toothbrush, ugh breath...)
- International phone card
- trail mix

More later. I'm beginning to feel like this is really going to happen.

Bought a possible post-boob bra at Walmart. Clip front Danskin size 34D. Perhaps too large. Won't know until later. Am leaving on tags, sensible me. :)

Also exercising more to "load up" for the 3-4 weeks post-op. Oooh, post-op!!

T MINUS 7: exactly 7 days to go. I went to bank...

T MINUS 7: exactly 7 days to go. I went to bank today, got $" emailed my care coordinator and she confirmed my ride to and from airport. I am very, very excited. I keep smiling a secret small smile thinking, only a few more days until i get curves.

I need to shop for home stuff, but mostly I am wanting them to turn out beautiful and perfectly fitted for me. It is so hard to know what size I would even like because with the doc termite I cant try on different dozers. So I have been cruising the profiles, looking at others wh oare bigger or smaller and their new boob sizes.

Thanks sooo much for the pix, this has been a real life saver for me these past couple days.

i am thinking about 350 mod plus profile silicone. The care coordinator, when I asked her if he doc noticed mhpy uneven size btwn the left and right now, said doc did not notice. Hmmm. Well i do and I hope the doc looks closer at the pix I sent. It is slight but it might affect the way they hang and look when the implants are in. Anyone who's got experience with this let me know.

I saw a doc locally just to have someone to talk me thru the basics, and he was the one who pointed out the diff.

The Mexican lady said they would take a little fat from my belly and inject it into the smaller breast if they see that i need that. It was good to hear they have experience doing this. I am not sure how I feel about that. How awesome is that, small lipo for free? But then who wants a doc messing with size if not needed? So many questions, I will have lots to report after next Tues.

Size size size! Perhaps 330 silicone is enuf to get to full round C. Don't want ppl gawking at my shelf and wondering how much it cost. Gott be larger, for sure, but natural.

T MINUS 6 DAYS : I have nt told anybody except my...

T MINUS 6 DAYS : I have nt told anybody except my Mom and Dad. my Mom is supportive and understands why iI am choosing to spend money to increase my breast size, because of course I inherited my little size from her. I am not ashamed but am doing this because I have this awesome chance to get more proportionate, and it feels like exercise to me, like I am getting into shape and if people notice fine and if they do not notice, fine. And I am purposely avoiding the lecture I know would c come from well meaning friends who would worry I am going to Mexico.

ZONKS now I see that in writing and I am not afraid of my friends, if they cheer me on great, if they are neutral that is okay and if they are negative I will love em anyway. Well! I've just talked myself into telling my friends. you know, I am going to be real about my not so real boobs.

Will let u know their reaction and how I feel about it after. Ta ta for now!

T MINUS 3 DAYS : I told my best friend Nd she was...

T MINUS 3 DAYS : I told my best friend Nd she was very casual sbout it. She did not ask me any questions and I wish she would have, because getting implants was a such a huge decision for me. I am glad to have my mom ti share my experience with even tho I am going alone and flying bsck alone, she will be a great emotional support.

I tried my fanny pack for a test drive. Tomorrow is prunes, water and getting my insiders starting to work on easy pooping. Yuck right but we do need to help our bodies be as ready as possible. besides I love dried fruit! Ha ha

I leVe super early Monday am and will be back in the states midnight Wed. I cannot wait to be done the waiting is becoming very difficult.

I go a pool party Sunday after church and it will be my last time without breasts. wow so close. a few tips-

1. It is ok to ask questions multiple times
2. Be prepared for your recovery to be unique to u, that is one thing where am not making any assumptions. But am calmly expecting my body to heal pretty well based in my fitness and my previous healing.
3. U know what o arks for u, so if it is heat or ice or Tylenol or pain meds .
4. Balance checkbook, pay bills, shave and do household stuff the few days before so u do not have to worry about those things later.
5. Final laundry tomorrow and confirming mh flight details.

I do not know what size I will get so I. Ill post that information post. I am getting silicone and probably moderate plus. Will ve inframamamary incision with compression bra post.

T MINUS 2 DAYS: OOH I am sooo excited to my new...


OOH I am sooo excited to my new boobs, It is planes trains and automobiles to my new bigger breasts!
what an adventure, I take the bus to the airport, fly to LA, change planes to San Diego, hop in a car across the border and then spend the night in the hotel before my consult where I choose my size and then immediately get my new girls! then one night st the hospital then do the whole trip in reverse. Whew.

Love camping. Love the challenge of packing for a boob job with no luggage allowed. I am officially taking:
- passport
- cashiers check
- visa, all of above in a thin metal case to prevent card reader theft
- foodstuffs hard boiled egg, carrot stix, trail mix, prunes in Ziplocs
- 2 hairpins
- lipstick
- Extra strength Tylenol
- inflatable plane pillow
- earplugs
- 1 undies
- Oxy wipes in ziploc
- teeth brite wipes
- 2 pieces gum
- cell phone

Weighing.....drum roll...less than 5 lbs . Lol.

styling this pouch with a button up shirt, jeans and flip flops.

I will be the kangaroo looking woman at Seatac early Monday a.m. And cannot wait to show off my bigger boobs and feel feminine and. Curvy and all the wonderful things that will come with.


T MINUS 2 DAYS: OK so I leave early tomorrow at...


OK so I leave early tomorrow at 5 a.m. and then return at midnight Wed. night. I am taking my iPad in order to keep in touch with my family, and if I have internet access and feel well enough, I will provide an update while in Mexico or possible San Diego. I won't push it, though, because traveling down and back will be exhausting enough no matter how good a shape I'm in.

I am full of joy knowing I will soon have breasts. I have such sympathy for women who lose theirs over cancer or who have small breasts and they feel less like a woman. Although that is just a big fat lie, boobs do not = womanhood, I do feel such sensitivity for those who are affected by small breasts because I am one of them. I too have always been disappointed in my lack of curves and am thanking the Lord that I can get this changed. I am still the same happy mom but soon I will look on the outside how I feel on the inside.

My fanny pack only weighs 2 1/2 lbs. Grin.

Hoping for full C / small D.

Talk to you on the other side.

QUICK UPDATE: Thank you everyone for emailing...


Thank you everyone for emailing today. all your emails make me feel not alone and so cared about, and I needed it more than zi thought. So I am safe in Tijuana and have my surgery at 7am tomorrow. Flight was delayed in LAX so I m praying that does not happen on the return. Riskiest thing Ive done is drink the tap water. do not want monteczuma's revenge although perhaps useful! Lol. Thought tap is better than dehydrated for sedation tomorrow.

Will update post surgery! I have a hotel with air conditioning, it is literally in the next tor over from the clinic and it has free wifi, so the arrangements are pretty good. not clean like ours though I rinsed out the cups etc. Gatorade tomorrow, avoid the water completely to be safe.

good night!

SURGERY NIGHT: Writinig because i can't sleep....


Writinig because i can't sleep. Forgive typos. So now that I have even through this there are few things to be aware of if u are considering Mexico vs us.

I felt only a little worry this morning, met at7am and surgery was supposed to be right after. But they squeezed in a lipo patient ahead of me because I needed a lot of time to talk bout size. First they took my pix, then I met the doc. He was there for less than five min. He squeezed both boobs, said i had enough fat to go c or d as I wanted then said I would look great. He said to go 500 for a c or 600 for a d silicone over the misled.

Woah that really took me bald. I. The states they always go under muscle and my research id it is because lasts longer, doesn't jiggle around as much and less likely for contracture. I stated these reasosns to the coordinator and she really thought i. Should go bigger too. So trekked Dow. The hall with a 400' 500 and 600 in hand. Stuffed into my bra and looked, looked looked.

I already knew I would reuest under the muscle - I'm 41 and want these to last which the weight of silicone will sag inside your skin over time.

After much looking I chose 415cc silicone under the breast. I am pretty little and this will hopefully look big enough on me. I was really helped by looking st the woman who went from A to full C with 375cc under muscle. Being a big bigger than her would my perfect size in my mind.

It was the care coordinator who explained in my details. since doc was no hElp I barraged her with questions. Went in at 11:15 and out about 2. I am now at the hotel taking care of myself. Ok so this was not a good idea. I can totally ,ove around but the bed situation is intolerable. Need one of those medical automatic beds that adjust. I am laying on 3 pillows plus half the blanket/comforter combo rolled up like a sausage so I can lean back padding.

My chest does not hurt at all. I am wrapped up in gauze and then tape from ribs to collarbone. What hurts are my ribs and back. OW! I feel exactly like I WAY overworked myself with lateral rows and ran into something hard on both sides of my ribs. No deep breaths bc it is like a corset. Boobs perfectly good today. I wiggle wiggle as much as I can without using peck muscles, drink my water, wait for time to pass.

it is worth it, so I am tolerating the Dull pain. Can't take any pain meds until 3 am. Part of me wants to pop that pill right at 3 but part of me want to wait and get a shot in my butt like they gave me post surgery. Now that worked better. also want to switch off the pscriptions stuff asap, my goal is by tomorrow night be on XS Tylenol.

Brought my iPad along, def. Do that if u come to Mexico all the reputable hotels seem to offer free wifi so can stay connected.

Did I say 415cc? This real self thing doesn't let u scroll back. So that was my size!

Talked to my mom and dad, the clinic called them long distance for free, very nice of them.

2 DAYS POST OP! Yeah!! I am 2 days' post op and...


Yeah!! I am 2 days' post op and am so far very, very pleased with my new boobs. Who knows what size but they are nice and even and not too high even tho' they are under the muscle.

As promised here's what happened in Tijuana:
So I arrived the night before and stayed in a high rise hotel that is connected to the clinic. The hotel was pretty nice and just like ours except the glasses and bed had dust bunnies from not very many tourists obviously. I was so excited I didn't sleep much. Fasted, no food or water starting at 7pm. Woke up, went to clinic promptly at 7am for my big discussion and consultation on size.

So what freaked me out a bit was after they took pre-op pix, I was shown a room to meet with Dr. Salas. He came in, squeezed my boobs and announced I had enough fat to go to a C or D as I wanted. He told the nurse either 500cc or 600cc silicone and left. I didn't get to ask him any of my questions, and I am not an idiot. We need to ask questions of an elective surgery. So anyway, I spent a couple hours talking with the care coordinator about size and details. I insisted he go under the muscle rather than over. Going under the muscle you need a smaller implant to create a larger size, and I knew 500cc was way too big. I'd be ginormous!

I tucked the 600, 500 and a 400 into my bra and admired self in bathroom mirror. I relied heavily on EVERYTHING that I learned here on this site and from you ladies, so thank you so much ! details are critical! I could accurately guesstimate that somewhere between 400 and 500 would be best, and selected 415cc silicone high profile under the muscle.

Apparently under or over the muscle is equally performed in Mexico. This is totally different than stateside which is preferably under the muscle or plane (shared).

Finally went in and done in about 2 1/2 hours. I've been able to raise my arms immediately but it's sore past my ears.

So all in all I'm glad I saved so much money, I just strongly advise you not to rely on your Spanish-speaking clinic to provide information. The language difference and geography, for me, created information barriers. I speak Spanish though so I was able to make myself understood and understand. Some nurses did not speak English, some did. They always had an English-speaking person on hand to translate throughout my care.

I checked out after surgery and recuperated at the hotel. I drank LOADS of water, and Yes! ha I braved the tap and no Monteczuma's revenge! I drank a full cup of water every half hour. Peed like nobody's business but had no side effects from surgery, no nausea at all.

I feel okay, just super tired because the compression bra is squeezing all the extra fluids out of my ribs and is so tight. I can't distinguish between soreness from surgery and from this crazy corset bra.

Day 2 recovery: I have some fluid retention, very little pain. Took only 2 prescription pain pills and switched to Extra strength Tylenol yesterday no problem. Flight home last night was long but again, because I need some sleep not because of boob pain! Ate only jello and apple juice on surgery day; ate yogurt, carrots, prunes and handful of trail mix yesterday. Egg white omelet and coffee and water so far today and bowels worked like normal! Credit large amounts water and bland eating.

I was and am in extremely good shape and that makes all the difference. Work out is my advice and get strong and fit beforehand! Because of my training I feel really well and strong. I am laying down to heal my boobs but not because I'm exhausted. Plus my body is bouncing back super fast. I am in great spirits and excited for my boobs to soften. They are rock hard and swollen.

I will post pix probably tomorrow. A big shout out to everyone who sent me encouragement. I had all of you with me plus Jesus Christ and my surgery is a huge blessing! I feel so feminine already, and I am taking my healing one day at a time.

2 DAYS POST OP Hello all, i updated but the...


Hello all, i updated but the darn site did not save it. Will retry.

My boobs are super swollen but not painful, I am getting those nerve shooting twinges through my nipples already which i consider a good sign. mom helped me shower today, rebandaged my stitches and I laid around, watching movies. M

I will post about the adventures and what it was like in Tijuana later, this is what I posted earlier that got erased and i want to share for those of you considering heading south what to expect.

I am safe at home though from Seattle this morning st one a,m, just super tired. I can upload photos of my new girls tomorrow. i am also a bit awoken but mpthe rest of my body is functioning just fine, I am so glad for the innards LOL!

also no bruising to speak of yet, just a lot of swelling. Remember to ice, that feels so good and I am switching between reusable soft ice packs and veggies. I ice for 20 or 30 minutes and that numbs the tightness and ache for another 30 min or hour. I quit the pain meds after two doses on purpose and am using XS Tylenol and Advil.

I think i am a full C, too early to measure or shop. I feel better tonight and am headed to bed to sleep in as much as possible.

DAY 3: I took a picture in my compression bra...

DAY 3:

I took a picture in my compression bra and uploaded it. I had to go retrieve my car from the park n ride a few minutes ago because I had driven myself down to catch the bus Monday and as I drove my pectoral muscles kept twinging. They felt weird, not painful but they are not ready to use.

Tip - You've read it on other profiles too; ice really helps the pressure and swelling. I feel so much better now that I've started icing.

Another Tip - My boobs are rock hard and the compression bra stretches right across the stitches on the underside of my boobs, and it is giving me bruises. So I figured out a way to get the ice under there; I lay on the couch and tuck the ice packs up again my bra, then use my shirt to anchor the ice there with some pillows.

Another Tip - Sleep or at least rest! I didn't realize how we get sleep deprived because of how uncomfortable it is to move. I read many, many stories but just didn't connect so the idea that it would be hard to sleep came as a surprise to me. It is hard because your boobs are so tight and you are sore all over. Plus if are retaining water or feel bloated that makes it even harder to sleep. It is like I'm living through nursing my children again. I am laying down and closing my eyes, catching little naps whenever I feel tired. Then at night I am laying still and not moving around as much as possible. A full 8 hours of sleep is impossible, at least for me. Hopefully by next week.

Also - If you have to wear the presto-chango corset bra, I gently stretch the bra underneath away from me and give my tender skin little breathers from the squishing. It feels wonderful to not have the bra squeezing right where my stitches are. The bra itself is giving me bruises, so I am listening to my body and unhooking the last 2 hooks while I sleep. I know that I will still heal fine even though I'm not completely bound up. My stitches are the dissolving kind, I can't wait until they go away. Probably another 10 days.

I want to really enjoy my new boobs but they are too sore right now. P A T I E N C E, so hard to do!

DAY 4: Question to you all: How long before I...

DAY 4:

Question to you all: How long before I will get a full nights sleep? the sleep on my back propped up thing + the stinging stitches + corset bra = sleepless in Seattle. Anyone? Bueller?

Numb on sides, tender in center, spongy skin all around... am like a steak getting BBQ'd. Lol.

DAY 4 is stinging, slightly hunched day. no better no worse. Painted faces at a kids carnival and ate a nice dinner. Mobile for sure, and not pain as such but for under the incision site which I admit is more hurtful than an annoying cut but less than moderate injury.
Since i was in such great shape I know my energy and recovery is much better than would be.

My Advice to others, do not expect immediate results or perfection. that sets you up to be really unhappy and even a bad patient on your own healing. Expect pain fading to discomfort changing to natural beauty.

DAY 6: My mom flew home this morning and I have...

DAY 6:

My mom flew home this morning and I have been dealing with serious bruising. I would love to hear from some other women who went through bruising and how long it takes to heal.

My stitches are okay, they are stinging or feeling numb. this is normal but what I don't like is that the compression bra was zoo tight it gave me rows and rows of bruises under my breasts which are very tender and painful.

I had my mom take pix and phoned the doc along with sending the photos this morning. A nurse looked at them and said that my bruising is nothing to worry about. however they should have told me the bra might make bruises and to watch for that! I didn't notice until day 3 and my mom commented that I looked worse under my boobs.

I am sure they are not a hemtoma but the result of he bra being too tight. no wonder I kept feeling like it was a corset. Since three days ago I was afraid to stop wearing it altogetther but I expanded it to its loosest hooks and have been wearing it as large as it expands. anyway the care coordinator this morning said I could make it bigger which I've already done. I am really annoyed at the nurse for not telling me to watch out for the bra because i could have avoided these new bruises I have to heal from.

I have to go to work in two days for six hours, i will let u know how that goes. I will drive there it's 20 min. I am also doing anaerobic exercises about ten minutes each day...squatting against the wall, holding out my arms, etc to keep my muscle tone. It actually feels pretty good.

the only other symptom is the tightness of my skin. Wow it takes a while for our skin to stretch to it's new size. It is shiny almost glossy looking! Im going to put almond or coconut oil on it, see if that helps after a few days.

overall my energy level is great, pain is minimal. I continue to take 2 anvil two or three times a day, usually with breakfast, again in afternoon and then evening before bed. I finished the 5 day pills for swelling, have another 5 for antibiotics. Loads of water. Eating lots of veggies and protein. I know that once I get to start fully interval training again I will quickly get back into shape. no muscle quivers today! progress!

sleep a little better - slept half the night before i woke up feeling glued to mattress on my back.

I hope to post good news about my bruising in a couple days. Let me know if you've experienced this!

Day 8: So I sent my brusing pix to my Doc. in...

Day 8:

So I sent my brusing pix to my Doc. in Tijuana and they advised almond or coconut oil because my skin is tight underneath the breast at the incision. Duh! That's where it hurts and feels stretched!

Anyway, I also posted a Q on this board and multiple dr's all concluded the same - my bra was too tight. Now I'm only using the single hook in its center and expect in the next 2 or 3 days to feel much better.

Also, Arnica cream! Picked some up at GNC. If you get ANY bruising this works wonders. Didn't believe it 'til I tried it.

My right boob is higher than my left and I'm feeling ready in the head to go shopping but my chest skin is just too tight. I think it's because I'd developed my ab and oblique and pec muscles in my training, so when the doctor went to insert this balloon like object the muscles were super tight and are now having a hard time stretching out.

Also, so I know that most doctors advise no exercise but I just wanted to pass on that I've been successfully doing anaerobic exercises without any soreness or problems with my boobs. Now please, please listen to your body and don't take this as advice to hurt yourself because of a few missed weeks of exercise. But I feel so good, it actually feels like I'm getting stronger faster, overall. None of my pain is related to doing these. My soreness is my super tight skin and the bruises.

Anaerobic exercises are things like holding a squat position for as long as possible; pressing your hand against a wall, lifting your leg and holding the pose, etc.

9 DAYS POST A quick note, guess what? I went to...


A quick note, guess what? I went to Walmart to return the sports bra I bought, it was 36D and too loose. I tried on a few other bras because I've been patiently waiting to (1) get more comfortable, (2) let swelling subside a bit.

Right now I am a small D, which I hope I keep this size. I feel so lovely!

My skin though is still tight and it's still pulling on my ribs and back, so I am massaging 2 things:
- Arnica cream into bruises - This stuff is wonderful and immediately soothing
- Almond oil - I pour a generous puddle into my hand, start at my waist and rub upwards towards my breasts, working the skin up in slow strokes. I try to get around toward the back of my ribs too as much as I can reach. If you suffer from tight skin this does relieve the tension. I'm at home still so I do this at least 3x a day, sometimes I'll go in the bathroom and just do this for 10 minutes and afterwards my chest and especially under my boobs feels so much less stretched.

I think because I went relatively large for my frame (5'5, 120lb I was a small A) it's just taking longer.

Stitches are dissolvable and are just begining to dissolve - a week and a half in. Case anyone wants to compare.

Days I am not lifting anything yet, only like garbage and light groceries. Twice. LOL. I gotta maximize my healing because in 3 more days I have to get to work and then no easy street! Lifting, unpacking books & office supplies, etc. for my classroom, I'm a teacher. So I have someone I can ask to help move the heavy stuff, and even though he is really slow and grumpy - it takes him a week if I ask for a different desk or table - I'm going to ask away. I need the help, and with all the time, $$ and energy invested in my new curves it's good idea to get help, I have no problems asking.

I uploaded a ~1 week photo of me post in bikini. I feel so, so curvy and am loving my new shape even though I'm still healing. I hope my right drops, it is definitely higher than the other. I've been massaging under my right armpit and at the collarbone already to help the muscle relax. Feels good, just don't push too hard. I did a couple times and ouch.

On bra being too loose - Previous bra was 36 and...

On bra being too loose - Previous bra was 36 and I'm still a 34 :)

2 WEEKS POST: Hello enthusiasts, my routine for...


Hello enthusiasts, my routine for the past week is Arnica cream, Neosporin, Almond Oil, Strap it all into the compression bra. Wait 4 hours, redo, 3x/day. It's been working though. Good news is that my bruises are slowly fading. Especially the less beat up right side.

My left is still higher and numb on the bottom half of my boob.

Guess what? I've started doing my interval training again but leg and thigh only. So if any of you wonder when you can safely start working out, 2 weeks seems to be fine with me. I feel so much better and stronger. I do squats, leg lifts, sumo squats, lunges, etc. I think it's because I was doing interval training right up until my surgery night and so my body is really snapping back into shape. I have to admit it has been more of a mental thing, not wanting to gain weight while healing. But you know we are MORE than our looks and that's been true even before my surgery, so as I realized that I was beautiful on the inside and out just the way I was - and am - then my weight is okay. In fact I didn't want to push it and mess up any healing or make it take longer! So I am not back to full-on interval training but doing modified training. I'll wait another 2 weeks until I'm a full month healed to do all of it. Just little by little we go...

I think at 2 weeks we see some changes in our boobs. At least mine have begun to relax on top. I asked my doc how long before all the numbness and tightness goes away and they said it could take 3 months! Zowie!

I've been grabbing at my boobs which sometimes just squeezing feels so good now. I've got the usual nipple sensitivity and sometimes squeezing and pushing them back towards my chest just helps.

Also been gently rolling my shoulders back to get my muscles to straighten out my back. Still have a hunch because the skin's tight.

Only a little morning boob, and rolling my shoulders, taking several deep breaths and elongating my neck and spine and poof, it's mostly gone! Oh, and I push up the skin on my ribcage for the first few minutes. That skin is still not in the right place, it's got a little more to stretch.

I got myself a Playtex 18 hour bra to switch off my compression. It's ugly but does the trick. Believe me, I still need the support. My boobs feel like they are going to rip through the stitches without a bra. Eww. With bra it's totally diff, it helps my posture.

I'm loving, loving having real breasts that are high, and fake-looking now, but will be so soft and wonderful in a few months. Hopefully they will start to soften soon.

I wondered if people would notice - nope. No one's noticed, but then again, why would they? People do not normally look at other people's chests. Even my kids haven't, but I'm like many of you and wore the padded push-up, so my new girls are just a tad bigger than the stuffed old ones.

3 WEEKS Between week two and now I have hit...


Between week two and now I have hit these healing milestones...those of you who might wonder when your body recovers with different things, I wanted to update with this-
- Numbness is gone except in a small patch on my lower left boob around the edge of the crease
- Gently able to lift arms fully over my head
- Tonight I did a full interval training, not total intensity but I did do small push ups and ab leg lifts without pain
- Stitches are nearly all dissolved I can just barely feel them in three places
- scar is red all around the edge and just starting to itch a little
- breasts are moveable, yay
- stopped the compression bra and now can wear a wireless bra

I mentioned this before but wow my abs and ribs were surprisingly the worst as far as pain and healing. I wish my doctor would have told me to stretch my abs and side and back muscles out more. This probably would have prevented some of what has taken me so long to get over as far as pain goes, And that has been the intense stretching of my muscles and skin all along my ribcage. I had strong abs from doing all my interval training so if you are a trainer or have developed your abs then I suggest you really stretch out these torso areas a week leading up to surgery.

I am loving my new girls, and it feels so wonderful to have curves on top after having just curvy hips and nothing up top. I am so happy I did it, although I planned for plenty of time off...two whole weeks...no one told me about the hunching and skin issues that I have experienced as my chest adjusted to a bigger thing inside me.

So having learned all this another thing I suggest is getting back to modified exercise and physical activity as quickly as your body lets you. It helps with getting your insides going, helps you sleep, and helps your metabolism.
I am not an expert on phys Ed so a lot of doctors say no exercise or only walking. I just know for me that I regained my strength and energy once i started doing gentle and modified workouts.

I am waiting to post new pics until its been a full moth, then we should see some dropping.

I contacted a medical tourism coordinator agency and they found certified surgeons, then sent me referrals. I went from there. Here is my ps -- Dr. Luis Salas in Tijuana. http://clinicadecirugiacosmetica.com/ BUYER AWARE: Dr. Salas popped in and out, I did not have time with him. I got all my medical info from the care coordinator, who spoke English. I believe it was because English is his second language that he spent so little time with me, but I downgraded his clinic because he should have gone through the procedure with me. However he did stunning work and has over 20 years experience, plus teaching his colleagues so I'm pleased with the quality. The sanitation and facilities were outstanding. So, all in all a mixed review. I would go to him again, but for others who want more personal time with the doc versus another clinic person,

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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