Breast implants with lift and bbl with Dr.Laura Cardenas - Tijuana, MX

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I'm getting butt implant with fat transfer to butt...

I'm getting butt implant with fat transfer to butt and hips. I got the all inclusive package including 7 days. I hope to get the FDA approve semi solid implant. I'm thinking about going 300cc or 350cc. I recieve butt transfer twice with another doctor. The problem with the bbl, they don't last long. It's fine in the beginning but after 6 months, it goes back down. I'm hoping to smooth out my cellulite also, I'v been doing my research and this is the best way to achieve my results without being disappointed after the fat is gone. I'm also getting lipo to the thighs and tummy. Wish me luck. I will post updates when I arrive.

4 days to go

I posted some pre pics of me. As you can see after 2 full lipo, I still have back fat. The third time is a charm so I should be gone. Can't wait until my butt is transformed. I will post pics when I arrive.

Advice ladies

Please pick your Surgeon wisely. Everyone body is different and some doctor produce better bodies then others. Just because some came out great don't mean you are gonna come out with the same results. I had to learn the hard way and this is my third attempt to get it right to my standards. Everyone has their opinions on what looks good to them. I often read people asking someone why are they going for round 2 or 3 or maybe 4. We all have our own vision on how we wanna look and feel confident about our bodies. It doesn't matter others think, it's what we feel inside. Hopefully this doctor will get it right and I have a wonderful experience. If things go right, I will get breast implant with lift on the next round. Good luck to everyone!!

I'm here

I arrived at the clinic finished my paper work and now I'm at the recovery house. Everything went smooth.

Made it to the other side

My experience here is wonderful. I met the doctor and she was very sweet and gave me her honest opinion. I didn't get the butt implant, the doctor said I didnt
need it so I went ahead and recieve breast augumention with implant, and bbl.
They did a good job keeping under. I didn't wake up at all. The recovery house is very clean and so is the doctors office. Everyone here treated me respect and dignity. I do recommend Dr. Cardenas for those who wants to see her. I will post body pics when I feel better.

One day post op

My recovery is going well. I'm not in no pain. The doctor came a visit today. Dr. Cardenas is very sweet and straight forward about my surgery. She did put enough fat under my butt muscle to fill out the dents I had. Last night was great. I was able to sleep. I didn't get a bladder infection,I was worried about the catheter. Everything good so far. They do make sure your not hungry here.The nurse is very nice, they do always check on u

I didn't get the butt implant.

The doctor advise me not to get the butt implant. I got a bbl revision and breast implant with lift. My breast are 275cc both breast. My bbl is 160cc left, 260 right.
The doctor only filled fat on the bottom of my butt. I didn't need a full bbl.

Closer pics

Here are more closer pics. She lipo the hell of my back thighs to smooth things out.

Pic that didn't load

Closer pic

More pics

I updated more pics of my tummy and Breast. The doctor lipo the lower part of my tummy, it's still swollen, it looks a lot better Now then before. The incisions on my breast are healing well.


Everything is turning up great so far, my boobs are dropping slowly,
My bbl is holding up nicely and lipo is still healing. I started wearing tighter faja. She lipo my tummy so good that I don't need
to wear a corset. I will post better pics later.

Quick up date on how I'm healing

I will post more better pics when I'm one month post. I'm still healing well, the only negative thing is a had a open wound on my right breast. I was told its a scab that peeled off.


Measurement now are 34d, 27, 45. My bbl hold very good, I lost about 20% of volume. I'm waist training right now. Im not planning on excercising until I'm completely healed.I will post more pics when I'm healed, I ran into a complication I went to the hospital and was put on antibiopics. I had a tear on my breast from the lift. It's healing right now and I'm doing great. Dr. C is very good at communication if you run into a complication. It's not the doctor fault, it's common if you had a lift.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I give her high marks. Very professional and honest doctor.She have me the body I wanted. She even lipo my bottom tummy. She is an amazing doctor

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