Tijuana Boob Job! - Tijuana, Mexico

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I have been wanting to get my boobs done since...

I have been wanting to get my boobs done since before I can even remember!
A friend of mine took her girlfriend down to Mexico for surgery and saved thousands of dollars. This have me the idea to go down and get my boobs done there too.
I did a bunch of online research checking websites such as ISAPS.ORG and Patientsbeyondborders.com. I had a couple doctors in mind and also of course checked the doctors reviews on this site.
I decided on Dr. Carmina Cardenas. I sent photos via email and corresponded with her Fatimeh and Rocio. I also had a phone consultation with Dr. Cardenas as well.
They were very good with responding to emails and answering any questions I had and explained everything.
I sent my deposit to them by depositing money into their Wells Fargo account and then I was able to check out what dates they had available for surgery and I set my date!
I had quite a bit of time to look at boob jobs and watch TONS of YouTube Boob Vlogs and continue researching different types of implants.

Day of Surgery Monday April 20th:
Babe and I arrived at the clinic just before 8am and I started filling out paperwork. Rocio brought us up to my room and I changed into my gown, cleared my balance, the nurse came in and hooked me up to an IV and wrapped my legs.
Dr. Cardenas arrived and I finally got to meet her! I told her I wanted size C/D for my final result.
Originally I was thinking about 300-350cc's but I had decided on 400cc's for my final implant size.
So I got Mentor Silicone Cohesive Gummy Bear Round Textured Implant, under the muscle in the breast crease, Ultra High Profile Implants.
The total weight of my new additions are just under two pounds.
Babe left and I was wheeled into the operating room and the anesthesiologist started my medication which I felt start working immediately.
I never even got nervous for the surgery or anything. I was just super excited!
I was talking with the anesthesiologist and wondering when the drugs would completely knock me out and then the next thing I knew I was groggily waking up back in my room.
I could hear Rocio talking to my boyfriend and telling him I was done and spending the night. This was standard to just to make sure everything went well.
He arrived back and I was in and out of consciousness for quite awhile and then the anesthesia finally wore off.
The nurse kept coming in to check on me and administrator pain medication into my IV.
When I first woke up it felt like there were a ton of bricks in the center of my chest and it was really difficult to take deep breaths. I think it was from being wrapped so tightly as well as the new implants.
It was difficult to move a lot and whenever I made any movements I had to rest to let the pain subside.
However I could raise my arms about ninety degrees and they told me not to raise my arms over my head anyway.
It hurt to laugh and to take deep breaths.
Babe stayed with me all day and then I told him to go back to the hotel to sleep.
The nurses fed me and I managed to sleep during the night, only waking up once to use the bathroom.

Post Op Day One, Tuesday April 21st: Waking up today I felt a lot better. It was still a bit painful to move around but not as bad as waking up after surgery.
Dr. Cardenas came in to see me and unwrapped me and I finally got to see my new additions! They looked fucking fantastic! BIG and ROUND and perfectly shaped! Like, sometimes when people get new implants the implants are super high and square looking but mine were not!
Anyway she took a photo for me and wrapped me back up.
I also have these drains attached to my incisions and the nurse would come in and empty them for me.
Rocio came in and gave me my medications and explained my after care instructions to me and shortly after I was released.
I was told to watch the fluid accumulation in my drains and when they were less than 20 for two 24 hour periods I could have th removed.
Babe and I went back to the hotel and just relaxed all day.
We went downstairs to the buffet for lunch otherwise Babe went out and brought back food for us since he wouldn't let me go anywhere. He's being SUPER amazing and taking excellent care of me! He's the sweetest and the bestest! He says I just need to rest.
I honestly felt FINE tho. A little less mobile than normal but very minimal pain.
I did feel really bloated and fat tho.

Post Op Day Two, Wednesday April 21st: Feeling really good today! Pretty much 100%, no real pain at all.
Stayed in the room all day again today and caught up on the Walking Dead.
Babe is taking very good care of me, helping me with everything and not letting me do anything EVEN THO I'M OKAY!! :)
I still have the drains attached to me and I'm able to shower today but I don't want to yet with the drains attached to me.

Post Op Day Three Thursday April 23rd:
I am still draining so I'm not going to have them removed yet. I finally took a shower tho WITH the drains attached. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
I feel really good today!
The most pain i am experiencing right now is just an occasional sharp pain but it quickly subsides. Other than that no pain at all!
However this compression bra and the band is the worst. The band is actually THE worst part. It digs into my under arms and i hate it! I am suppose to wear the bra and band for six whole weeks tho, 24/7 to help the implants move down so they aren't up to my collar bones! Dr. Cardenas says the pectoral muscles are very strong so we need to help to push them and keep them down.
My arms are good though, I'm suppose to keep them by my sides pretty much and not do any real pushing or pulling but I can push myself up from bed.
Last night I slept laying on my side! Yay! Really tired of sleeping sitting up but Babe did make me a nice pillow bed to be propped up on.
I really just can't wait to get these drains removed!
Also, like a dumbass I didn't bring any pants. Thankfully I can fit into Babe's sweats! Haha!
He finally let me out of the room today! We walked a couple blocks over to an outdoor mall and had lunch at Cabana and walked over to La Torta Plaza for dinner.

Post Op Day 4 Friday April 24th:
I woke up in the middle of the night uncomfortable from this damn strap.
I emptied my drains this morning. They are still draining more than 20 so I emailed and called Rocio. She said to come in at 6pm and Dr.Cardenas' had approved them to be removed. Yay!
Little to no pain so far today. Just a little pressure and heaviness on my chest of course.
So we went to Puerto Nuevo for lunch today, Villa Ortega's overlooking the ocean. Lunch was aiight. We didn't get the right lobster but the Ceviche was really good.
Ugh so I went to see the doctor and she didn't want to remove the drains yet because there was still too much fluid. Disappointing but better safe than sorry. She said I just have to rest. A lot. The more moving around I do the more blood accumulates. She said for the next few days do NOTHING but stay in bed and get up to use the bathroom. Ugh. I will try my best to take it easy and stay in bed. I don't want blood seeping out of my incisions.
She told me to just come back in the morning and she would remove them and also give us a medical pass to leave Mexico in the fast lane!

Post Op Day Five Saturday April 25th:
Feeling fine this morning. No pain, just pressure. Just uncomfortable from the bra/strap. I did put the foam padding underneath the strap tho and it's helping with not digging into my under arm area.
We are going to see the doctor this morning and have the drains removed. And then we are driving back home!
Alright so I met with my doctor this morning. She said there was still a lot of fluid but the good thing is that it was really liquidy, like water. Not thick like blood. She snipped my stitches and pulled out the drain tubes. Ouch! It really pinched but the pain was bareable. The tubes were actually in SEVERAL inches. Ew!
After that she just told me to take it very easy and not lift my arms or do any pushing or pulling as it can mess up the implant because of the pectoral muscle.
Afterwards we went to Avenida Revolution and walked around and ate and then finally headed out of Mexico!
We had the medical pass so we could go in the fast lane and it took us a mere thirty minutes to be out and into California!
Got home this evening and then we went out to grab some food and came back home and watched Walking Dead and ate.
Still feeling really good with no pain. I just have to limit myself on activities even tho I feel perfectly capable!
I took a shower and there was very little blood on the gauze from where she took the drains out.
I hope the stitches dissolve soon!

Post Op Day 6 Sunday April 26th:
No blood on the gauze at all today.
Still feeling good. Went to Walmart and bought some new sports bras to wear.
I measured my bust, it is 34.5 inches. Before my surgery it was 32 inches.
I am waiting for these puppies to deflate because they are TOO big right now!!!

Post Op One Week April 27th:
Officially one week post op!
There is no pain. Just discomfort. I have to position myself certain ways so I can sleep on my side and it's difficult to get comfortable because I have these massive boobies on the way right now!
I can't wait til I no longer need to wear this band. It feels so constricting. Also I'm still not suppose to move around a lot. Babe helped me pick up a few items from the store yesterday so I can just rest.
I do have a little bit of bruising and tenderness under my boobs too.

Post Op Day 8 April 28th:
When I move around too much, I feel a bit of pain near my incisions.
I emailed Dr. Cardenas about weight gain and she said it's normal because I am swollen still. I hate what my scale is showing me! When I left I weighed 120lbs and when I returned home I weighed 129lbs. and my implants weigh less than 2lbs.! I know I didn't eat the healthiest while in Mexico and of course I wasn't able to move around but 9lbs?! It makes me crazy! Anyway I am just trying to be patient and let my swelling go down, also I am almost done with all my medications, back to eating healthy and let my weight along with my boobs deflate!
I am also in touch with Dr. Cardenas and I need to send her photos every few days so she can see how my implants are dropping.

Week of Photos

I am a 33 year old, 5'7" Asian female with one child.
Mentor, Round, Textured, Gummy Bear Silicone, 400cc's, Ultra High Profile Implants.

Two Weeks Post Op!

I sent Dr. Cardenas my two week post op pics and I spoke to Rocio. She said they are looking great still.
I am still stuck wearing this band. Boo.
I have tingly and numbness feeling in my breasts and occasional pain still. When I wake up from sleeping I still feel a lot of pressure on my chest and it takes a little but for the pain and uncomfortableness to subside.
I am also finally really getting used to having BREASTS!
They still look like mountainous headlights posted on my chest, but I am getting used to the size and they do look amazing in clothing ;)

3 Weeks Post Op

My Right breast appears Higher than my Left.
My Left appears Lower and Rounder.
I like the appearance of my Right breast better! EU really like the fullness at the top, adds to the cleavage!
But I guess they are dropping at different rates.
I am paranoid that because I am Right handed my Right breast will be higher than my Left because I use more muscle on my Right side.
If I am in the same position for too long I experience some breast pain. Like when I wake up in the morning from sleeping I am very uncomfortable.
All in all I am VERY happy with my results buuuut I wish I had gone BIGGER!
It's funny because at first I thought they were TOO big and then I got used to them and now I want them to be BIGGER!
I just hope they continue settling and are the same size and shape when it's all said and done!

One Month Post Op

Still loving the girls! - Still wishing I had gone bigger :/ Lol. But they are fantastic and look great.
Like I had mentioned before my Right breast is a little higher and bigger than my Left which is rounder and a bit lower. Dr. Cardenas said they won't be perfectly symmetrical because they weren't to begin with but the difference wasn't enough for her to do two different sized implants.
The discomfort from the implants I was experiencing in the mornings has pretty much gone away completely, not feeling so much pressure on my chest anymore.
I think they are getting softer too!
And my nipple and breast skin isn't as overly sensitive as it was before.

One year update

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary with the girls and they are still amazing and I love them!
I have had zero problems with them, they are soft and natural looking and feeling and AMAZING! I can't recommend Dr. Cardenas and her staff enough!
Pictures posted are exactly from April 20th. The unevenness that occurred before completely evened out and the girls are AWESOME!!!
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