34a-25 Yrs/ 5'0 116 Lbs No Kids - Tijuana, Mexico

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Im getting surgery on August 21st ! I'm still...

Im getting surgery on August 21st ! I'm still can't decide between 335cc and 350cc ,the dr said that he would recommend 335 on me but that if I want a result like my wish pictures we have to do 350, it's confusing because he said I will be a c with both I've seen that some girls with similar stats end up smaller than full c with 335-350 and some other end up bigger then D with 335-350 ! It's so confusing ! the doctor said that because of the size of my frame hp under the muscle is the best option. I'm hoping to be a full C ! Definitely not d or dd ! But I don't want to end up smaller either! I see almost everyone in here have gone through the same struggle !
I've been wanted to do this procedure since I'm 15 , it's always made me insecure! Excited for new boobs ! Any advice ? :)

Say goodbye to my little friends (tony Montana voice)

Last 9 days with my small boobs... I can't say I hate them because they are part of me after all, I will only upgrade them :) !
Has anyone felt a little emotional saying goodbye to the old boobs , or is it just me ? Haha ! Exited !!!

BA so close ! 3 more days !

I think I'm going with 335cc hp silicone ..... Still indecisive!! I want a full c , small d is ok ... But Definenitly not bigger ... I was considering 350 cc's ... But reading some reviews some girls end up with double d's with less than 300, and I got scared of ending up too big. My sister just had her BA a month ago with same Dr and she got 315 cc silicone under muscle HP and she ended up too small for my taste. She's a C cup doesn't have a lot of fullnes , idk if it's because she was 32aa to begin with ... I'm 34a and The dr recommend for me 325, I showed him some of my wish pics and he said that were at least 350cc but mentioned they would look big on me... Hmmm not sure, I'm thinking he prefers small boobs based on the size he recomended to my sister... I will probably make the decision on the last minute :S
Dr Miguel Parra

He's a very nice doctor , A lot of my friends had their surgery with him

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