5'1" 120 lbs BBL/LIPO/TT w/ DR. PANTOJA

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Hey loves! So a little bit about me.. I am 26...

Hey loves!
So a little bit about me..

I am 26 years old and have one child. I am 5'1" and weigh 120 lbs. I know, I'm pretty petite. I used to go to the gym all the time and do squats and leg presses. I was very proud of nu legs (still am!) My butt is pretty perky. I actually like my butt a lot. But the problem I see when I look in the mirror is that I have no side booty! There's like a dent in the sides of my butt. So my figure from the side is bomb as fuck but the view from the front is not that great. I definitely tried building muscle there with different exercises but.. that side booty did not grow! And that is how I started looking into BBL.


I stopped going to the gym in December. I'm on the eat what ever you want to diet! I started growing a belly :) It's so funny because I'm so thin with a belly! Looking all pregnant and shit. I do have plenty of back fat and armpit fat now but it's okay! It will ALL be worth it.

Anyways, I scheduled an appointment with DR. PANTOJA for WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 7th! Did my deposit and everything! How exciting! *does happy dance* At first, I didn't know how to tell my BF but he's actually very supportive. I think it's because I always complain about how I got no hips! My waist is small and curves out but then falls flat down. Need to fill that flat dented area with fat! I can't wait!!

BBL Checklist:

I'm such a last minute person but I am surprised that I already started checking things off of my BBL List! Almost done getting everything and my sx date isn't until September 7th! Is there anything else that isn't on my list that I should get? Please let me know dolls!

Wish Pics

Here are my wish pics. As you can see, I am looking for a heart shaped booty. I feel that my wish pics can be met with Dr. Pantoja's help. I can't wait!!

La la la.

To answer some questions.. Yes, I had a virtual consultation and the Dr. Said he can definitely do it for me. I can careless about the butt area! Like I said, I have a butt. A bubble butt. Bubble bubble bubble butt. It's not flat whatsoever. I just want hips. I want to fill in those dents that I have. That's all I want. And if I happen to have extra fat, then Dr. Pantoja can go right ahead and add it to my butt. Haha! & Yes I did gain weight. My healthy normal weight is 110 lbs. I am now 125 lbs.

Recovery Homes

Recovery Home:
- La Casa de Lila: $140 per night
- Club Med: $155 per night
- Recovery Boutique: $150 per night
- Beauty Care RH: $160 per night

Lymphatic Massage:
- $30 at Dr. Pantoja Office
- $40 for nurse to come to RH.


So after the surgery, I will be staying overnight at Dr. Pantojas office. Then I will be staying at a RH at La Casa de Lila for three nights ($140x3). So that's four nights total with a nurse's care 24/7. I am planning to get my massage starting on the second day. I would like to get it everyday so I can heal faster ($40x3).

I think I'm going to check into a hotel after my stay at the RH. Maybe for 2 nights so it can be 6 days total and travel to Dr. Ps office to get a massage there ($30x2). Idk, the hotel is a maybe! I live only 30 minutes away from the border so traveling back and forth would not be a problem. Especially because Dr. P gives you a medical fast pass to beat all the heavy traffic to get back into the country.

It is recommended to get 2-3 massages per week for a month.


I made an Instagram since I noticed a lot of you dolls do not accept friend requests unless it's an SX page.

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