Today is my Big Day...BBL ...- Tijuana, Mexico Pics Added

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I am at the Travelodge in San Ysidro,CA (the...

I am at the Travelodge in San Ysidro,CA (the border town closest to Tijuana) as I surgery date is today but the site will not let me put today's (5/7/2013) date in for some ODD reason.

FYI- The nearest hotel/motels on the American Side nearest the Tijuana Border are:

Travelodge (28.00$/per night)....a little over half a mile from the border.
190 Calle Primera San Ysidro, California 92173
(619) 428-4486
(This is an old hotel that needs some newness spread across clean as to be expected for 28.00 per night.. I just wanted to be cost effective and close to the border..and I knew I wouldnt sleep much. I brought my own flat sheet to lay across the bed after I threw that nasty comforter on the floor...Anthony Melchiorri.. of Hotel Impossible says that they are all nasty and remove them from the bed IMMEDIATELY!! question it..just go with it..
Roadway Inn (70$/per night)...half a mile from the border
643 E San Ysidro Blvd, San Ysidro, CA 92173
(619) 428-2800

I have been lurking on this board for some time and I am ready to post..I think! :0

My nerves are torn DF up....sheesh

Here are my stats.
Race: African American
Height: 5'1
Weight: 140
Age: 35
Pregnancies/kids: 3 vaginal births
I have always been kinda curvy but my butt has never been the best of butts. I have yoyo dieted for years I am sure that the up and down weight has contributed to my mushy gushy butt. I played sports in hs and I remember people making reference to my butt being jiggly- even back was never tight. :-l

No one in my family knows that I am here and that I am having the surgery today. I am from a very judgmental family and I just preferred not to the here the BS from them. My ex-husband and kids think that I am on a business trip. #lilwhitelie

Only my best friend in the world knows. He is just as excited and nervous as I am! :-l...I have had to calm him down this morning....guys..gotta love em. He is ringing my phone every hour on the hour.

I have only had 2-3 hours of sleep..which is what I expected. I am a big bundle of nerves..I collected hydro's from my friends and some Phenergan and retrospect...I should have collected some dang Xanax!! :(

I flew in yesterday from Tennessee on Frontier Airlines to the Aiport in San Diego (SAN) and rented a car (

Airline ticket: 545.00
Rental car: 35.00 (for 2 days)
Motel: 28.00

I plan to check out of the motel in an hour of so....I will drive to the border..there is a parking lot near the border..for 7.00 per day during the week and 10.00 on the weekends. (Fenced lot)

Border Station Parking
4570 Camino De La Plz
San Ysidro, CA 92173
(619) 428-1422
Wed-Sun 9:30 am - 7 pm

*I plan to fly home tomorrow at 3pm. I work from home- so I will be able to recover from home. I know that's not ideal...but it is what it is.

I am health and have never had any health problems. I am confident that I will do fine.

I am supposed to stay over night in the clinic and be released tomorrow at noon. I am gonna try my best to make it back across the border and to the flight leaves San Diego at 3pm. I will be cutting it close..*fingers crossed.

Yes ma'am I made it home last night to Nashville...

Yes ma'am I made it home last night to Nashville about 11;30 pm. I drove myself home with my boppy pillow and I was very stiff and sore but...Im okay.

My boyfriend came over during his lunch break and help me to change my pads that I had in the garment to suck up drainage.

Thank so much for the support. I will put my pics up in a few days. I had to get back babysitting situation could only handle 3 days.

The swelling is unreal but I have been up and about all day I even picked my kids up from school with my trusty boppy pillow.

More updates later ladies.

Kind Regards,


Hello ladies. I am 4 days post op and I am...

Hello ladies.
I am 4 days post op and I am feeling much better. I am up and around and I have ony taken 1 pain pill today. ;)

The pain is really not a pain...its more of an extreme muscle soreness and stiffnes..kinda hard to explain lol.

Results...while I am not exactly happy with my results...I understand that my body was shaped in a certain way that most likely made the results that I wanted impossible. I wanted a defined crease under my butt cheeks. I am very hippy and I feel that to get what I wanted would have made the doctor have to take alot of my hips and it was probally not a consideration.

Dr. P looked at me and told me that he would do his best...I am confident that he did the best that he could with what he had to work with.

Everyone was so nice in TJ. I will say that it was not as scary as I thought it was. I walked right over the border.

I got in a taxi as soon as I went over the bridge and told /showed the taxi driver where I wanted to go- he said "you are still in the States" and then he pointed me to border crossing. I crossed the border without a is where it got a little dicey!

As I came across the border and down the steps (at 8:15 am)...I see a long azz line! I was thinking dayummmmm.....I will never make it to the doctors office by 9 am from the looks of the line.. ;-/

While I walk about a half of a mile and get into the line and I stand in the line for an hour and a half...this line was long af and barely moving.

I ask the mexican lady in the line from of me if she spoke English and she said...a little...I ask her how long does this line to get into Tijuana usually take?! She looked at me like I was crazy as hell and said "this is the line to get into the US...your alreay in Tijuana!"... I felt so stupid as I got out of the line and walked to the taxi...

After getting in the taxi and giving him Dr. P's address- I was in the lobby of th building in 10 minutes. The taxi ride cost me 5.00 US Dollars.

Passport Clarification: I didnt need a passport or...

Passport Clarification: I didnt need a passport or any form of ID to get into Tijuana. There was not anyone even standing at the just open a big door that says MEXICO and walk right in. *shrugs

I did however need my passport to cross the border to get back into the United States...them fine as California border patrol are serious about their jobs! #realtalk

I told Nadia on the day of surgery that I would need someone to drive me back across the border....I didnt want any part of standing in that long ass line. sheesh

A nice lady named Mariana came to take me across the border. She had a small boppy in her van and she took me across the border. Nadia gave Mariana a med pass and we went into the med pass line. I was back at the parking lot where I parked the rental can the day before- within 20 minutes of leaving Dr. P's office.

Dr. Yily, Campo and Pantoja recommended a tummy...

Dr. Yily, Campo and Pantoja recommended a tummy tuck for me- but I didnt get one.I want to see is the epi foam and a waist cincher will do the trick before I comment to that big ass scar.

* I was charged 40.00 to be driven back across the...

* I was charged 40.00 to be driven back across the border.

Drains and Stitches- I just took the resume of my...

Drains and Stitches- I just took the resume of my drains out and my stitches. One of my drains in the from got pulled out somehow yesterday.

I used some finger nail clippers to cut under the knot and just pulled. My bf took out the ones in the about sweemish...sheesh..he acted like it was the nastiest ish he has ever done lol

I didnt let Nadia and Dr. P know that I was leaving California on the day after surgery.. I know, I know.. not cool but could not stay longer. She told me to return to the clinic on Saturday to have the drains I knew that they could be removed to day. I am a nurse (I work at home as a Telephonic Nurse for an Insurance company) I knew how to take out the stitches.

When I was getting ready to be picked up to be...

When I was getting ready to be picked up to be driven across the border an american yt southern talkin lady named Lana came into my room and tried to get me to come to Grace Recovery House. I told her no- but she seemed nice. She gave me her card and told me to let her know if I needed anything or if I changed my mind about staying.

I went to a Mother's Day Lunch at the Cracker...

I went to a Mother's Day Lunch at the Cracker Barrel today and I drove myself by sitting on my boppy pillow and even took my boppy into the place to sit on. They looked at me a lil crazy..but I acted like I didnt even care. Inm tryin to protect me 3600.00 investment! shoot

I just posted some pictures in a dress. I am still...

I just posted some pictures in a dress. I am still swollen but it looks like its coming together pretty will. I am 6 days post op........I looked in my closet for some form fitting dress and didnt have any! smdh...I dont usually were that kinda stuff.....but thats about to change!!! #teamPantoja

I ran out to the store to try on some tight...

I ran out to the store to try on some tight dresses!! My short term plans are plans are, gym,squats,lunges, Memphis in May, Bonnaroo and Essence Festival!!! #bodycon Woo hoo :)

I added my Epifoam inside my garment today. Nadia...

I added my Epifoam inside my garment today. Nadia instructed me to put it in after I was thru draining.

Had my first lymphatic massage today. All I can...

Had my first lymphatic massage today. All I can say is please take a Hydrocodone/Percocet or the strongest pain med that you have before it. Whew. It hurt me.

10 days post op

I am 10 days post op and I am pretty happy with the results. All of my swellin has went down with the except of my back. My back is so swollen that I can hardly stand it. Dr. Pantoja was my doctor. Does anyone have any ideas about why only my back is super swollen?


15 days post op Pics!

I am 15 days post op today. I wanted a lil more projection but overall...Im pretty dayum happy. My butt looks delicious from the back. I had some tights on at the mall yesterday and All Eyes on Me *in my Tupac voice. :)

Round Two...

I am in Tijuana right now in my room waiting on surgery this afternoon.

I was happy with some of my results from my last surgery with Dr. Pantoja. After the swelling went down, I still had a good figure with clothes on but my butt is full of dimples and my thighs still have too much fat on them.

I want a more defined crease under my butt and my thighs slimmed down and more projection.

I am at Dr. Laura Cardenas' office/clinic now.

I was quoted 1500.00 for lip of the fronts, backs and sides of my thigh down to the knee and fat grafting to the butt. They sent me an email 1 week ago saying that they are having a 15% discount for the month of January. I have the money so I just jumped on a plane and headed for California. The price with discount is 1350.00.

I am hoping that the results are good. I will post an update after the surgery.

Wish me luck!!

8-9 months post op before and afters

Here are some before and afters from my first surgery. I will post more from my round two today or tomorrow- depending upon how I feel.

I am only getting lipo from my thighs and grafted to my butt to hopefully smooth out the dimples and slim down my thighs.

About my stomach....

someone sent me a message about my stomach results. I was recommended a tummy tuck and I refused. I am ok with have a lil pudge but I would not be ok with that scar. I understood the outcome. I each her own and to me my own.

Here is a picture of me 6 month post round 2

I think Dr. P was good its just that when the swelling went down my butt was still big it just was not full. I went Cardenas for round two because of price only. She was great too. I wish i had had the tummy tuck. My stomach is pretty flat but the extra skin is not allowing me to show it. I am wearing high jeans. Good luck everyone.

My 8 month post round 2 review.

I am very happy with my results. I really feel that if you tell the doctor to make your butt as big as possible, there will never be a need for round 2. I ask Dr. P to be conservative and It came back to bite me after the swelling went down.

I have some much more confidence and I am getting a massive amount of attention from males. It was a little intimidating at first honestly. I am not used to all that attention and it took a minute to get used to. I can’t go anywhere without men being all up in my face or yelling across parking lots and stuff.

I am enjoying it to some extent but dang…men are soooooooo visual.

Men that I have notice in past but never gave me a second look are sweating me now. It kinds hurt my feelings…like dayum my pretty face wasn’t shit to you before but now that my ass is phat you all up on me. NEXT!

Even the little 21 year olds and 25 year olds etc are ON me.

I’m 36….I’m single and dating and my options have increased, but I have to really pace myself now and try to figure out who is really serious and how really just wants to see my naked.

Good luck to everyone and feel free to ask me whateva you want to ask. I’m going to lighten my skin a few shades and see what happens with men. Yep ..lightening..dont trip. Lol
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr. P is good. He hooked me up. I went to Dr. Pantoja for Round 1 and I went to Dr. Cardenas for Round 2

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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