On the other side, 1 MONTH POSTOP, had BBL with Dr. Campos Jan. 8 2013 - Tijuana, Mexico

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Hello, i'm new to realself. Im 20 yrs old and from...

Hello, i'm new to realself. Im 20 yrs old and from NJ. I have always wanted a little extra in my booty so decided for the BBL. Initially I was going to a Dr. in manhattan, NY but while researching bbl on google i found a lot a women on this site who have used Dr. Campos and look great! He also gave me a much better price and added liposuction to more areas than i would have had with Dr. in NY.

I scheduled my bbl for january 8, 2013 and I cant wait!!

I forgot to mention, I'm 5 5 and weigh 150 lbs.

I forgot to mention, I'm 5 5 and weigh 150 lbs.

Hello ladies, I havent been on here in a while so...

Hello ladies, I havent been on here in a while so thought id give a quick update...

Ive gained 10 pounds, and now weigh the most I have ever weighed in my life! Although I'm hating the stomach, im loving the booty! lol Because I gained a lot of weigh though, Im thinking of just getting the lipo and no fat transfer. Im not sure exactly what I want to do yet but I know I wanted nice curves with a slightly bigger natural looking booty. Not sure yet, gottta think this through!

Question: how do you delete pictures posted onto...

question: how do you delete pictures posted onto realself?

1 week left!! i dont know what to feel. nervous?...

1 week left!! i dont know what to feel. nervous? excited? ..i dont know. My only major concern is I dont have american pain killers ;/ i was unable to get any and i dont know how strong the ones Campos provides me are! I want to get rid of as much pain as i can.

Also, Ive gained so much weight in the past year, I dont know if i want fat grafted to my booty.

one more week, until then! - i will update.

Just woke up from my nap, at club med now....

Just woke up from my nap, at club med now. Everyone at club med is so welcoming, it makes you feel like your at home! .. And also relieves the thought of surgery tomorrow morning! The view from my room is incredible. I'm feeling positive about my choice of doctor and recovery home!!

I am currently 170lbs! ive gained 22 pounds since deciding to do this procedure. i will post before and after pictures as soon as I am able to after sx tmrw. im also gonna post a pic of my view right, it's awesome!!
Wish me good luck! :)

It's 5:30 am here in tijuana, today is the big...

It's 5:30 am here in tijuana, today is the big day! Susana said she will wake me up around 630, but I'm already up!

Yesterday was relaxing, went to a local spot to eat tacos with susana, Marvin, nurse Selena and a couple of the girls here, the tacos were So good!!- nothing like the ones back home..we went back to the house and Marvin showed me the backyard. I climbed down the rocks and went onto the sand- it feels as if I'm here on vacation instead of being here for SX.

Unfortunately Dr. Campos cancelled his pre -op scheduled for both me and another bbl sister here- I've yet to meet him, but I'm confident in his level of expertise! I just want to make sure he gives me the results I'm looking for. Call me crazy, but I don't want a big booty. I want a more conservative looking booty, and i want to focus more on the sculpting/lipo part -stomach, back, and thinking Of adding arms when i see him today.

It is tempting though seeing how good his results look- specifically one girl who is here at club med now, her results are unbelievable- beautiful hourglass figure! Her hips to booty ratio is truly stunning! Just seeing campos work in person for the first time,looks even better than in pictures (And pictures already look amazing).

I'm going to start getting ready now! :)

Hello bbl sisters! It's is now 1:17 am January 9th...

Hello bbl sisters! It's is now 1:17 am January 9th and I'm post PO! Never though bbl would have gone this smoothly but it did!

I will start with my experience at Dr. Campos office. Beautiful building as you walk in HUGE windows seems to be a common theme here allowing for beautiful views everywhere you go! My nerves didn't hit me until I got off the elevator and was ready to walk into drs office. Walk up to front desk as Angie greeted me and my bbl sister. We filled out paper work immediately, like 5 pages, basic procedure and waivers, all the kinda stuff.

After handing in the papers and making final payment (half credit card and half cash) I was almost ready for bbl! They sent my bbl sister to a room to begin prepping first. I must've waited like 30 minutes and Angie asked me to walk in. I was sent to a room, it was FREEZING! And I was told to change into the procedure cloths thee gave me, knee high tights, paper shoes, shower cap looking thing for my head, and a typical operating robe with the front wide open and 2 stings to somewhat close it. But before I changed into the operating clothes , a woman walked in and had a white pill and a glass of water and said "take this, for your nerves" after that she gave me a little blue pill to let dissolve under my tounge. I was nervous bc I heard stories that some women black- out shortly after taking these pills, I didn't want to black out yet! I wanted to be able to see dr. Campos, and let him know exactly what I wanted!! .. The pill only made me slightly dizzy, so slight it seemed like almost nothing at all! So I was able to speak to campos and tell him everything!!! I had to explain I didn't want a big booty, but he didn't seem to know exactly what I wanted, then I said I want it to "Be CONSERVATIVE!!" (This is a word I've been hearing a lot when women tak about small booties, and it clicked! He goes "ohhh , conservative, okay!" That made me feel like we were on the same page.

After our consultation , I was placed in a room on a hospital bed next to my bbl sister! It was her turn to go into surgery, I began getting nervous, I wanted to mAke sure everything would be okay with her and I knew I was next! After they took her to the operating room, a nurse came in for me and began an IV of fluid into my hand, she turnd on the tv , gave me the remote and I waited there for like 3 hours. She briefly came into check up on my in between those 3 hrs but finally about what seemed about 3 and a half hours, she came in and added something else to my IV. As she finished , my bbl sister rollsd into the room, finished from SX!! My nerves hit me agin. I asked her a million questions and then it was my turn before I even realized it!! ..

I'm getting kinda sleepy now I'm gonna finish the blog without as much detail, and explAin the rest later.....

So I was brought into a room with a nurse and anesthesiologist. They rubbed some weird warm brown smelling stuff all over the places that I was getting the procedure done. I then lAyed down and he asked my a couple questions and it was shot time! He explained it it a spinal, NOT an epidural. ( a spinal is similar but much smaller) I was turned facing away from him in fetal position while holding the nurses hand tightly, I felt a vet sharp pAin being pushed into my lower back! I didn't scream or anything just held the nurses hand tightly and was heavily breathing in an out - trying to relax myself. After that, legs could move and felt really numb, then knocked out! ..... I will continue the post later, until then!...

.. Continuing from last post, after the spinal, my...

.. Continuing from last post, after the spinal, my legs could NOT move. They pushed me over on my back and from toes going upward to my knees, my body was feeling numb. I slowly knocked out into sleep. And the next time I woke up, I was on my back, there was a blue short curtain dividing my neck from my breasts so I couldn't see anything in front of me but I tilted my head backward and there was the anesthesiologist. He spoke to me but it was kind of a blurr so i don't remember what he was saying but i do remember smiling and laughing a lot! I remember movement of my body thrusting up and down - but don't worry ladies! - I felt the movement from the liposuction of the abdomens but had absolutely no sensation/pain. Everything was still numb! The best way I can compare it do you all can understand is like laying on a waterbed, and someone jumping on the otherside of it you feel your body moving, but that's about it, just movement.

I knocked out for what seems like 5 minutes after ( it really was probably more like 2 hours) and this time I woke up laying on my stomach! I was aware that SX was finished but was a bit groggy and out of it. Campos had said he took out 15 pounds of fat ! But because I was the last surgery, was still drugged on medication, and he took out that much fat they want me to stay overnight. As soon as I realized I might have stayed overnight , I got up really fast!! Haha..I started talking to everyone telling them I feel fine to convince them , I wanted to go back to club med!!

They brought over a wheelchair for me and as I stepped out of bed my feet were still numb , so the nurse helped carry me into the wheelchair. Nurse Selena picked us up, and my bbl sister requested before we went into surgery that she wanted to lay down on the way back. So that's exactly what we did, we were placed in a large car with the seats already back, and blankets and pillows were set there for us to lay comfortably. Did I mention before CLUBMED is the BEST! We got back home, the nurses helped us into our rooms. I felt awesome! No pain because everywhere that was lipo'd was still numb! The only pain that started to really irritate me was my breast. I didn't get any surgery on than at all, but dr. Campos performed lipo on my full abdomen from way below my belly button to right below my breasts. I felt a burning sensation on them and Susanna came over immediately with some type of ointment to soothe them. -Thank god for club med! They have every ointment and medicine you can think of only to make YOU comfortable! They even bought my guest beer! They filled our fridge downstairs with beer just for him!- anyway, after Susanna gave me the ointment, my breasts started feeling cooler, she gave me a glass of water and fed me my pain killers that dr. Campos provided. A couple of my bbl sisters came downstairs to my room to talk to me and check out how I am feeling, then they left and I fell fast asleep with no pain except burning boob lol. That's all for now, going to take a shower with nurse Alicia and see my body for the first time ! :) until next tome! ;)

Took a shower a few hours ago for the first time....

Took a shower a few hours ago for the first time..Nurse alicia came into my room and first gave my a fresh glass of pineapple juice-YUM- she said i needed some sugar. finished half the glass and was ready to get up, as usual procedure, when we want to get out of bed, club med has a remote to lift and/or lower both head portion and foot portion on the bed. I took the remote, and lifted the "head up " button all the way so i could easily slide my legs off. I walked into my bathroom in my room, held on a railing against the wall and both nurse alicia and susana started to take off my garment. This was the first sort of uncomfortable pain I felt. After having tons on pressure on my body, it felt awkward to have my body and skin loose with nothing on it. It is still numb and if I touch it, I feel the sensation in my hand that I am touching my lipo'd body, but my body can't feel my hand (if that makes sense). Also, it was after the garment was taken off, I began to feel really lightheaded. I took like 5 deep breaths while closing my eyes then I was fine and ready to shower. Alicia offered if I wanted a chair to sit on while she bathes me or if I wanted to stand. I decided to stand, I thought it would be faster and more convenient for her. She rubbed my stomach, back, breasts, legs , and arms in about 2 minutes with a washcloth with antibacterial soap. I opted not to have my hair washed until tomorrow. She then gave me the rag and asked if I was able to wash my private parts, but said if I could reach or was uncomfortable in any way that she would do it. I got a conservative booty from dr campos so I was able to reach and wash it, yay! I'm so happy he listened to my request, bc big booty is his specialty and looks slamming on the girls I have seen here!,.. but he listened to exactly what I told him (that I was more concerned with body shape, waist and side booty/hip, but conservative booty from the back in volume)

Anyway, shower was only a little weird and uncomfortable, but only lasted a max of 3 minutes- these nurses know what they're doing and they mean business! Lol all while being gentle and trying to make you as comfortable as possible!

The garment I was previously wearing was put into the wash and I had another garment, but they preferred to just put my squeem vest on after the shower. Wearing the squeem was realty helpful because the next time I had to pee, I didn't have to mess with or tug on the garment like I did before.

The most uncomfortable part of the whole thing so far is probably the drain attached to me and the numbness of my body (just discomfort, but so far no pain). I don't touch the numb part because it feels weird, so as long as im not touching it , I'm fine :).

The attention given to every individual at CLUBMED is priceless! We are given a bell in reach right by the bed and can ring it for whatever reason! They bring me breakfast and food to my bed. They'll ask me what I'm craving, and so far have given me an option of chicken soup with veggies and crackers, eggs with cheese , fresh fruit bowl, salmon with rice and veggies, fruit smoothies, tea, and I'm only one day post op! :) so great to not have to worry how I'm going to do something by myself. I'm going to post a picture of the soup I ate all day, it was full of nourishment! .. Also I'm scheduled for the dreaded lymphatic massage tmrw. I will post about that tomorrow!

I attempted to post about the massage yesterday...

I attempted to post about the massage yesterday but the computer froze.. I got my first massage yesterday (2 days post op) and Lets just say the massage has been my least favorite thing so far! Although my body started to feel pain for the first time during and after the massage, it does feel much better now that I just woke up, I will be getting another one today (3days post op) to help my healing.

I don't want to get to much into detail about it, basically I was driven to dr. campos' office by club med staff. When it was my turn, I was sent into the same room where I was given the white pill, on the day of surgery. I had to take off my garment and first lay on my back on a massage chair with my knees bent. The woman who gave me the massage ( i believe her name was mari-paz) first started rubbing my legs, parts that I didn't have surgery on, she put an oil on that smelled similar to Vicks vapor rub, that part was kind of relaxing . Then, slowly started rubbing toward my stomach. She then had me lay on my side with my back facing her, and when she was finished with that, she had me turn on my other side. The massage lasted about 45 minutes, and for those of you that don't know , if you go to Dr. Campos, and the lymphstic massages are not included in your quote, you will have to pay for each one separate aside from your full payment of surgery. At his office, they charge 40.00 per massage and you can pay with either cash or credit card. Day two post op seemed a bit more difficult for me than day 1 but nothing that any of you ladies can't handle! While I was sitting in the waiting room to get my massage, I met a woman who was waiting for her daughter to get out of surgery, and she put it in a nice way that I haven't heard before, "pain with a purpose". I just took deep breaths and I'm ready for my second massage today! That's all for now.,

Today I am 4 days post op, and feeling awesome! I...

Today I am 4 days post op, and feeling awesome! I got my second massage yesterday, it was definately better than the first!!.. i still felt tons of pain on certain parts (stomach and lower back) and made me tear a bit, but the hips, booty and waist were feeling good with minimal to no pain. I will be getting my 3rd massage today. Im trying to get one everyday so i do not have to fly back home with drainage. I cant imagine that being comfortable at all!

During my massage yesterday Mari-paz told me the next one she gives me (later today), she has to take a small needle to prick my back because there is a lot of fluid accumulating there. Kind of like if you have a blister and there is liquid under the skin, shes going to prick it and squeeze the fluid out. Its going to be different than my previous massages, probably more painful but i cant wait to get it over with!

My booty is definately going down, but im cool with it. As i posted earlier, Im more concerned with the shape of my body than the volume of my booty.

**Club Med has been great! The staff is filled with the most pleasant and accomodating people! My guest asked if they had a fishing pole. They did not, but Susana went above and beyond to call up a friend and asked him to bring over a fishing pole! Her friend came over after work to drop it off with a bunch of supplies (hooks, etc). Marvin, Susana, and staff will strive to satisfy any request ANYONE makes! It doesnt even have to be a patient making a request, they will help the guests of the patients feel as comfortable as possible. They do laundry every few hours of the day, I made sure to pack a pair of sweatpants and tshirts for each day I was staying, and realistically you only need two and a robe. When i change out of one pair of clothes and put on the clean ones, the dirty ones will be washed, folded, and on top of the dresser in my room within 2 hours.

Thats all for now. Any questions feel free to comment or message.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a GREAT day! Ive done so...

Yesterday (Sunday) was a GREAT day! Ive done so much in the past two days I havent had time to update.
I will start with the day before yesterday, Saturday Jan 12th, post op day 4. Saturday I relaxed most of the morning, I stretched as much as I could and made myself drink tons of water bottles because its good for cleansing and quickens the drain. I went in the backyard to soak up some sun and since I didnt take a shower the day before (my last shower was post op day 2) I knew it was shower time!

When you have a massage, you have to be completely naked, taking off the garment is a pain! It feels awkward and uncomfortable and the garment is so compressed when you take it off it rubs and pulls your numb skin down (not fun). Some girls will take a shower (take off and put on their garment) and then have a massage later (and takes off and puts on their garment again). I dont know if I ever posted but MariPaz- Dr. Campos's massaging lady- comes to Club Med for us to have our massages.
(The first massage is required to be at his office, but every one after doesnt have to be. Because she has a good relationship with Club Med, she comes to the house to do the massages)

This is the method I use to take a shower, everyone is different, but I found this works for me... I like to shower an hour or two before I take my massages. So I take a shower, and when I am finished I lay in my bed and leave the garment off. Mari-Paz will come to my room after, give me the massage and help me put on the garment. I prevent myself from having to change into the garment two times, and after my shower and about an hour wait I will rub the areas that she massages to soothe them so it is not as painful as when she just takes off the garment and gives me a massage immediately.

On Saturday, Mari-Paz did the massage the same as usually, then she had me sit on the ledge of the bed with my back facing her, placed a disposable towel looking thing underneath me, I had to lean forward and she pricked a tiny pin-needle in my lower back, right above my booty crack. Some people dont mind this or dont feel pain, but it didnt go well with me. I definately felt the pain! She then started sqeezing all of the fluid underneath my skin. Like a blister she squeezed it all out pushing downward toward that little hole from the pin and I felt all the fluid pouring out and dripping down my booty crack- not comfortable. Once it was all done, she placed my garment on and I felt so much better! My body felt like I could stretch like never before.

Im about to eat a breakfast burrito! and I will continue to post about Sunday afterward.

WOW i just typed an extremely long and detailed...

WOW i just typed an extremely long and detailed update from Sunday until now and it just deleted on me before I could post it! Im so annoyed because it had so much useful information!

Im gonna write detail on what I feel is the important information but go through the other parts briefly...


Best day at club med! Went to the market around 8 am with susana marvin, my guest and one bbl sister. It was awesome, like a HUGE flea market. Fresh fruit, veggies, yummy typical mexican food, like tacos, burritos, etc. We had taquitos at the market for lunch with sourcream and salsa poured on top. There was tons of clothes shopping and souvenirs. We left there around 12:30 in the afternoon. The fresh air and shopping felt good! On the way back my bbl sister and I wanted to go to the pharmacy, we asked susana and she didnt even hesitate to take us. The pharmacy she took us to was huge with everything possible you could use for surgery it is called "Gusher". I bought a whole box of arnica pills for $4.00, my BBL sister bought that really good cream for her tummy tuck scar - i cant think of the name of it right now- but she bought a tube for $35.00 and it normally costs hundreds in the U.S.

Went home to Clubmed got my 4th massage. This was the first massage where I didnt cry or tearr! :)

When everyone was finished we went to this restaurant called "Restaurant Las Brisas" in Puerto Nuevo. About 9 of us went and took two cars. My guest and I split the lobster special for 20.00. It came with FIVE lobster halves, a bowl of melted butter, unlimited rice & beans, unlimited toritllas and fresh guacamole with chips. Marvin always takes his guests here. So if your staying at clubmed and come here, there are other things on the menu but you have to get the lobster special! My guest and I split it for 10.00 each and it was beyond satisfying!

I was in Susanas car and when we finished she rushed to get home. Marvin had a guest in his car and it was the guests birthday so we got home before Marvin, opened the cake Susana had purchased earlier that day, turned off the lights, lit candles and surprised the guest when they walked through the door to sing happy birthday. The quality of service here is unbelieveable!

yesterday, MONDAY POST OP DAY 6

Two BBL sisters and myself had our post-op this day. We had to keep track of our drains in order to determine when they come out. The drain is supposed to turn lighter in color, like more yellowish instead of red, and supposed to be leaking less. Your supposed to empty it and write down the time you empty it, wait 24 hours and if it is less than 25 cc than you are ready to take it off. If it is more than 25 cc you have to wait another day and measure it again. The drain that Dr. Campos provides has measurements on it like a baking measuring cup. I took an upclose picture of the drain and will post it in my pictures so you can see. So we went to Dr. Campos's office, I was having a good feeling about my drain coming off so I drank 3 water bottles while in the waiting room. If the drain is dry I heard it is painful taking it out and you can feel that terrible burning sensation. I made sure that would not be the case for me. I was called in to see Dr. Campos, nurse Alicia came with me. She helped me take off my garment and he came in. He looked at me said im healing great and started to take the stitches out. I had one in my belly button so he took the scissor and snip, it was out in a second and I didnt feel anything. He did the same to the three stiches in my back. he then looked at my drain and did the thing i hate the most! he grabbed it from its origin (at my belly) and squeezed the tube all the way into the pouch (this gets done every massage). Its like squeezing a toothpaste tube when theres a little left to get everything out. But surprisingly it didnt hurt this time! I think its from all the water i drank before I went in. When he did this he was able to measure how much fluid I had and it was less than 25 cc!! I turned my head backwards, held nurse Alicias hand and Dr. Campos cut the stich on the drain that was attaching it to my skin. I didnt feel it, just like the other stiches, he was talking to me and in the matter of a second it felt as if a worm was wiggling out of my body and I didnt even realize it was out! I GOT MY DRAINS OUT!! Dr. Campos said I was healing very well so I was able to get my drain out day 6, the average is 7 days. That whole post op lasted a max of 2 minutes and I was out. It felt good, like I was so flexible again. I could bend my right leg, which I was unable to do after surgery because it would push the drain inside of my body and cause a fire burning feeling.

I was like a little kid in a candy store! Taking the drain out is the second biggest milestone! The first is actually waking up, and getting out of surgery and seeing your body for the first time. After getting the drain out I had the biggest smile on my face for the whole day! After leaving Dr. Campos's office I immdiately went home to Clubmed and opened up my suitcase for the first time since Ive been here. I brought a tight dress to try on after surgery, but i couldnt do that with the drain in and a tight garment. So I put it on and yelled Marvins name! I was so exicted I ran upstairs and showed nurse Alicia and Selena. I ran to show the other girls. I went into Hourglass's room and showed her. Then I literally went in my room than ran over to hourglass's room multiple times to show her every outfit! :)

I had my 5th massage by Mari-Paz, but this was my first one with out my drain! It felt so much better. Because I had a lot of fluid in my back she had to use the pin needle again. I explained this in detail in an earlier post. I didnt like it but it was slightly better because the drain was out and when I leaned forward I didnt feel pain in my stomach.

***I feel so good and I give credit to Mari-Paz for that! I know that everyone talks about how the massages are extremely important but it never occured to me how much they really impact your healing. Before I came here I thought I would get maybe two or three massages and so far I have had one everyday!! It is also important who gives you the massage. Mari-Paz is a massage therapist and has specialized in lymphatic massages for 16 years!! I truly think Dr. Campos is the best in this area so you know hes going to have the best massage therapist! - Especially if its going to directly impact his results! I am grateful to have been at ClubMed because otherwise having a massage everyday would not have been possible! She knows exactly what shes doing, everytime I get a massage from her she drains out TONS of fluid that would have kept my body hard and swollen had I not gotten them. ANd I get up feeling streched and like my body released pressure!

Im going to go out with nurse selena to go to some tequila store with tons of different mexican tequila and to souvenier shops, I will try to post later today or tomorrow. ... I leave Clubmed tomorrow! so sad! okay, will post later!

I'm leaving club med now!!!! :( I'm so sad lol....

I'm leaving club med now!!!! :( I'm so sad lol. Every single person here has been so good to me! .. The bbl sisters I have spent time with were unforgettable! It's a wonderful feeling to have a large group of people around you who are so supportive, who help you, and who can relate to your situation. Everyone knows exactly what your going through because they are going through the same thing! A big shout out to club med staff!!! They feel like family, and I'm already making arrangements to visit them soon! .... Marvin is taking us to San Diego airport. When I come back home I will answer all unanswered questions, messages and update! .. I will never forget this life changing experience, Such a bittersweet moment!

Real self finally put my pics back up!! They added...

Real self finally put my pics back up!! They added my captions as well but left out/mixed up some words and stuff, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Tomorrow I am three weeks post op! I am feeling and looking better than I ever have before! I took pictures last Tuesday January 22, 2013 to show my results 2 weeks post op so I will post those right now. :)

I still have a lot of info I want to post of things I wish I knew before sx. I am going to make a list and post in on my next blog.

Yesterday was exactly 4 weeks- 1 MONTH post-op and...

Yesterday was exactly 4 weeks- 1 MONTH post-op and I'm loving it! Each week I see and feel improvements in my body. I will post pics soon but I wanted to write a post on what I should've known before hand about DRAINS.

While down in MX, I had to extend my flight one extra day because I wasn't guaranteed my drains were coming out. Not only did I pay $70.00 for my flight insurance for two tickets (which didnt do anything for me). I had to pay an additional 175.00 EACH, so a total of $350.00 extra while I was down there to book my flight an extra day; Then I paid clubmed for my extra night.

I booked 8 nights for club med. The first night was before surgery so I end up with 7 nights post op. No one from the Doctors office really explains to you while booking, but after I arrived in MX, Dr. Campos says you need at least 7 days of drainage before he can take the drain out. I didnt know that before, had I known that when I was booking Clubmed (months ago) I wouldve scheduled to stay like 2 more extra nights. So for agressive lipo and grafting drainage takes average of about 7-10 days. Campos says for tummytuck with bbl average time drains comes out is 10- 14 days. So ladies if I have any advice, book even one extra day! each day and each massage makes a huge difference for healing. As soon as the drain comes out, you become more flexible and can move more things that you were unable to move (with the drain in).

6 months post op!!!!

Hello all! sorry ive been MIA! ....Loving my results, last I left off, i made a comment that my hips were slightly uneven, bc its my body and ive paid so much money for this SX I think I was being critical on myself. But Campos did great!!! My family and friends LOVE my results, I get told how beautifully curvy I am from complete strangers every day!! Ive never felt more confident with my beach body than i have so far this summer! :)

Anyway, because I havent been on here in a long time its going to take me a while to catch up with comments. Give me some time ladies!
Also, will be posting pics soon!

8 months post op, WITH PICS!

Its been a while! ... i started my journey january 8th! ... today, september 17th makes 8 months and 9 days!!!

I emailed marvin today telling him how much i miss everyone at clubmed. Need to take a trip and visit them soon! :)

Anyway, ive been promising pics so here they are!

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