Round 2 BBL After 24 Months Anybody with This Problem - Tijuana, MX

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I originally had chosen Dr.Pantoja back in 2012...

I originally had chosen Dr.Pantoja back in 2012 but chicken out after reading about a patient MM. I really haven't gotten the whole story but I do think their was some bad mouthing that made me change to Dr.Cardenas. But as you have read my prior post I wasn't to happy *++ now I have a deflated booty. Again it has been 24 months. Im going to have surgery with Dr.Pantoja I like his protocol on ekg, labs and a day of recovery and his booties. Ladies he did tell me bbl's are not permanent! Wtf. You guys having this issue too...having to go back g or refills?.

anybody experiencing deflated booties after a 1 or 2 year make?

Please need some info ladies on this problem. I know you lose volumes in the first 3-6 month's but I was told by Cardenas that after that mark my volume would remain. This didn't happen till I noticed losing and losing so I started eating to gain the volumes I lost. And now I need Lipo on my arms back and tummy. I gained 12lbs even more since my surgery back in 2012 ;

Ok I had to get a second opinion.

I admit I wanted to see what the hype was with Dr.Campos and the easy access from Dr.Pantoja office was literally next to his building. So I was running late and was not welcomed by Dr.Campos girls. They were rude and said Dr.Campos was leaving and they continued to lock the door behind them. I urged them to please let me speak to him for a minute. Well I was overhauled rushed through the exam literally no question just bam bam this is what will be lipo and you dont have enough fat uhh skin will be loose blah blah, not what I wanted to hear! Wait not done I get rushed to other room for my quotes and damn are you kidding, is this a joke $4700.00 ?? I asked where my discount is being that im having surgery with a friend. ..ahh here it is -$800.00 okay so what he was trying to say is that his original fee was $5500. 00 for minor lipo and fat grafting? ? Uhh we are not in Beverly hills! That is insane Sorry Dr.Campos your fees are ridiculous! And honestly if his fee was even close to what I hoped fir I still would not hire him as my surgeon. The appointment was about eye opening experience basically contradicting where I didn't have enough fat but still charged for 5liters ! Lol no thanks

Cont. 2nd opinion

Oh btw ladies his staff even had the audacity to try to get me to pay for a 1/2 not even 3/4 of an appointment! Uhh nope I said no way! I dont what all the hype was about Dr.Campos his work is comparable to Dr.Pantoja and you get alot more from Dr.Pantoja. his staff is always polite and eager help. Really what is expected from a doctor is safety, experience and results not to mention cost. I really feel im getting all my checklist from Dr.Pantoja. and ladies really if it wasn't for this site I would have never had the support and eagerness to go into a different country to have surgery. I am so grateful for Real self. Thanks.

Nervous & Anxious

Do my surgery is next week im so nervous I will post pre-op photos and post op. Im concerned about sciatic nerves and anesthesia I read a horrible story on make me heal about sciatic nerve damage from a previous Pantoja patient and getting nervous. Im praying GOD guides Dr.Pantoja . I am thankful for this sight as I get support from you ladies.

wish pictures

Worried about lumps after lipo.

Hi ladies my surgery is tomorrow and im so worried my stomach will not be as smooth at it is today. I had a tummy tuck. With Dra.Cardenas and did like my tt. But I have gained weight so I want that S shape my stomach looks great laying down and straight up also but when I sit now my little rolls are visible. I promise to post my Post op photos for comparison!

roll when sitting

No biggie.

before lipo surgery pictures

Ok this is what I look like. Praying my surgery goes well.

Pantoja Recovery Room

Beautiful comfortable and very impressed with Dr.Pantoja went above and beyond to answer all my extreme questions and SAFETY is his main concern. He even showed me his state of the art Vasor Lipo Machine.

Round 2 BBL Dr.Pantoja Not worth it!

Ok its been 3months, I went back to Dr.Pantoja at my post 1month visit in tears. Lady's this blog is about Honesty and I got to let you all know he is a very sweet man that takes all safety protocol but in regards to paying attention to your results damn he dropped the ball! I went back to demand which many cc's he i njectioned and he changed the subject I also informed him I woke up during surgery with his assistant working on my bbl! Dr.Pantoja while I woke up asked where my desired pictures were so he can dictate how many cc's his assistant would inject! He denied his assistant did the work! Well really his nurse screamed out before he could speak for himself. I am extremely disappointed with the butt Dr.Pantoja or his assistant did. I look exactly the same except for the great lipo.

2 Year Update on BBL Dr.Pantoja

Ok my booty has completely deflated and has Severe uneven I am need a redue. My booty is square and spreads out to sides when laying down. It's awful I'm thinking between Dr.Pantoja and Dr.Cardenas, I think that Cardenas gave me a great frame. I had so many complements from her transformation. I'm going to have a consultation with her. Although I don't like her staff.

2 years after 2nd BBL Pantoja/ Deflated!!

I can't decide who to choose from after the experience with Pantoja and end results. I hate my booty!!! Hate it. It's now square and wide! I complained about the results Dr.Pantoja gave me because he didn't listen to my request min. prior to surgery I had photos of wish pix. Well during surgery my photos were back in the room and Dr.P asked me for pix while I was under anesthesia and woke up to him asking for them while his assistant was pumping me! So now I clearly in need of a honest doctor whom an provide lasting results! This will be my 3rd liposuction Need help!!!!

2 years postoperative Dr. Pantoja

Look at my deflated booty 2 years postoperative
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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