2nd Round BBL with Dr Pantoja. Mexico, MX

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Hoping Dr Pantoja can fix the messed up job...

Hoping Dr Pantoja can fix the messed up job another doctor did on me. doing full back, and abdomen area lipo, arm pit if needed as told by nurse over the phone with transfer to butt. Goal is obtain much needed volume with some nice round looking shape. first doctor gave me a square butt. I trust Dr P will do a good job based on the review by other girls

Leaving for TJ

today is the day I leave to TJ. A friend is dropping me off and I am scared to be all by myself and go through this alone. I pray that everything comes out okay. I want this so bad.


so Dr Pantoja couldn't perform surgery today! doctor back home had me on atibiotics for a stomach infection and because of that Dr Pantoja said it was best to wait at least a month before having surgery :( ughhh I am so saddd and frustrated. but I know he was thinking about what was best for me :/


Today I called to check on getting a date for surgery next month, and they gave me March 29th wish it was sooner but oh well. can't wait.

Hotel Booked

I booked hotel for a week! hoping it's enough time. I am asking my sister to come along and help me out.

Almost a week

Almost one week away from surgery! Super excited...Can't wait. I want to see what Dr. P can do with my body! I can't help to think that I would be so happy if I had gone to him the first time around. Hoping he can make my back look amazing and give me a nice looking butt....

today's the day!

At hotel getting ready to leave to Pantoja's in a bit! so nervousss! :/

I wish it stayed this size forever

But I know it looks this big in part to swelling. Did not ask how many cc's. I will ask on 2 week follow up. drainage and stiches removed

Really sad

so I guess the volume was due to swelling? today my booty is looking square shaped. I have an akward looking silhouette. no projection. :( Bra rolls starting to show

Fail for a second time!

I'm so embarrased to even go outside! people expected me to look like I actually got something done and I would too after two surgeries. Maybe is not meant to be, or maybe i wish tdr would've mentioned implants. I wanted something noticeable and round. my booty is the saddest squared butt ever! Dr P said he injected all he took out and that it was not much... and I'm here wishing someone should've brought up implants! if you wish to see pics please inbox me! I'm too embarrased to put them here. I'm at the 1 month mark already almost! no there is no fluffing coming up bc there was hardly any fat injected and my own booty already had will not fluff. wishing for a miracle

I am not blaming my doctor! he is best at what he does

I think results are due to lack of fat in body! my sister has been telling me that for this procedure the more fat the better and is true.

doubted it but here's a pic!

since they can't be inboxed. you can see my butt is heavy at top part but not bottom. also the squarish looking where end of waist is. when i touch it feels like stubborn fat, This is from the doctorbI went to first time. first time doctor horrible manners. dr pantoja for 2nd round very caring and greeat staff.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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