25yo, No kids, BBL ROUND 2 - Tijuana, Mexico

My motivation this time around was getting rid of...

My motivation this time around was getting rid of the rest of unwanted fat i had esp since i gained some weight in the holidays! Plus lets keep it real ladies! I wanted some more booty!! Lol PROS: more shapely body & bigger fuller buttocks! Waist to hip ratio insane! Clothes nit nicer! CONS: recovery sucks! Painful bruising swelling, numbness, Lol Constipation! I just wana take a shit already! Lol damnit haha! Time off work sucks! Cuz im missing out on this money lol takes 4-6 weeks to fully heal! 3 weeks or so of NO SITTING ON THAT ASS!! & its hard to find clothes that fit ur perfect body! The outcome is awesome!!! So happy with my updated bbl lipo procedure! Dr p & his staff is the best!!

Day 2 post op

Here are some pics from a side view

A day 2 post op frontal pic

I am so happy with my round 2!! Dr P is the best! I just had to have more ass goddamn it!!! Lol im greedy like that!! So heres a pic of how i look in the front

Another day 2 post op pic!

I love how he sculpted me!!!

Pre-Op pics

I uploaded my preop pics in my first bbl review, but i shouldve uploaded them here!! So here they r!!

Day 2 post op with clothes on

I had my faja under! Frontal view of how i look with clothes on

4 days post op!!

Backside view 4days post op!!

5days post op!!

Another backside view!! Wow doctor P is the best!!

5 days post op!!

how i look with sweatpants on!! Goddamn!! He gave me hella ass!! Now this is what i wanted!! & i have my faja on which kinda flattens it cuz of the compression so i can only imagine how i look without it!! Lol

6days post op!

Another back side pic!! Wow i am loving my big fat ass!! I feel like an IG vixen! Lol thats the look i was going for! Go big or go home! Dr P is an artist! Im feeling ulrta bootylicious! Im feeling sexy!! Im feeling so fine right now!!

Even tho in reality ive been in so much pain crying in bed lol & didnt even shower cuz i just cant get up for shit! But as i lay in pain & look at this pic im so amAzed!! Thank u to my BBL daddy dr Pantoja! One of the kings of barbie!!

& ladies that r reading this! Just do it!! Just do it! Dont ask or listen to opinions do what u want!! Fuck it!! Get the body u want & deserve!! Idgaf!! Lol

1week post op pic!!

This time around recovery has been killing me!! Lol idk maybe im getting too old lol i dont remember being this drained & in pain!

Heres some pics! Forgive me there not the best photos in the world but its something! I just have no energy! Im being ultra lazy!

Last round i was out & about! Walking around being active!! & this time i don't/havent even want/wanted to get out of bed to go grocery shopping & run errands bcuz usually my roomate will b my driver since i cant sit on that ass lol!! I was supposed to go grocery shopping last night & i couldnt even get out of bed lol

lol sorry girls/guys just venting!! Any round 2 girls out there feel the same way?!! Maybe he was extra aggressive this time round? Idk? I member doing computer work in my hotel last round & was out & bout in Tj running around & loving it! & this time i didnt even leave my hotel room but like 4times!! This time around im just not having it!! Lol

9days post op pic!!

So for u ppl following me! like in my last review after 1week post op I start updating weekly after that!! &

U kno I try to update & take good results pics & give good info out!! I feel when u make a realself profile it's sorta a responsibility to do so!! To pay it forward & let u chicas know!!

Sooo I felt bad with the last pics I posted!! I've just been in hella pain this round!!

Cuz I felt that they weren't as popping as all my other pics I post so here's a day 8 post op pic to make up!

9day Po pic

Wow it didn't upload! Have never had internet issues

9day PO

Wow it did it again!! Anyone having mobile site issues or is it just me??!! Grrrr

9days PO

Wtf stupid internet or website is not working grrrr


Upset cuz realself not working!!! They don't want me to post pics or what? Lol

day 9 post op!

uploading from my laptop! lets try this again!


So I guess realself is having issues cuz I'm not able to upload photos


Day 9 post op

So there was site issues yesterday which is the reason the pics weren't uploading!! So I'm gonna try again!!

2 weeks post op

Its been two weeks!! Wow i feel like my butt has gotten bigger!! & the swelling has gone down alot!! In my back & waist after my ultrasonic massage today!!

3 weeks PO

Wow i cant believe its been 3 weeks! I love my new updated body! I keep getting hit on & getting lots of compliments! (Blushes) lol haha

I had my weekly ultrasonic wave therapy with my medical esthetician! She said Dr. Pantoja did an amazing job on me! & that he does amazing lipo!!

She said Cuz he left me so smooth & perfect!! She also said she has seen Some ppl get lumps & unevenness after lipo!

Tbh i havent noticed until i was naked lying down on her table & she pointed it out bcuz i have been wearing my faja 24/7 & i have been recovering not really looking at my body lol

So I was happy she complimented me & dr. Pantojas work!

It makes me feel so good & more happy that i chose him as my Plastic Surgeon!!

Oh! Heres some pics!!

3 weeks 2days PO

Wow just amazed on how small he left my waist! Im having a i want to show the whole world my body moment! Lol my Doc (The King) Dr. Pantoja sucked all the fat out my waist!! Oh & 1 more thing! Ppl have been asking for my measurents but im not measuring myself cuz im still swollen so it will not be a realistic measurment results! I will post my measurements after im at least 1month or 2months PO

1 month 2days post op!!

Wow i cant believe im a month already!! That ass is super fat!! Ive been feeding it!! & maintaining my weight!!

2 month post op pic!!

life has been so busy after the bbl earlier this yr!! with work n family n life all around!! it has been gr8 tho!! body is super nice!! i love it!! let me update u guys on the months i have missed!!!

3months PO

loving my results!!

4 months PO

body still looking hella good!!! Dr. P is amazing!! still cant believe i have this body!! lol it hasnt hit me yet hah

5 months pO

now im caught up with y'all!! everything has been looking awesome!! loving my body sooo much!!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

He is so nice! He is Amazing! Knows exactly what u want!! So honest! Mexican docs r the best! They treated me so good!!

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