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So I am 23 years old and I'm 165 lbs. I have had...

So I am 23 years old and I'm 165 lbs. I have had one child. I had a tummy tuck, BBL, and BREAST lift about 2 years ago. Unfortunately, I did it when I was 190 and I lost weight so now I'm trying to get another BBL from Dr. Pantoja. I had my priors from dr campos though. I am currently just waiting on a reply from Dr. Pantoja for a date. I would LOVE to go May 19th !! I plan on staying at club medical(aka our friends house) for 10 days. I loved staying there last time so I'm going to do it again. I already contacted Marvin. Since this will be my second time I feel more prepared. I'll put up my inches next time.


So I am back again for round 2 and I am waiting on a quote from Dr. Campos and Dr. Pantoja. I like both of the doctors so its basically whoever gives me the date I want which is August 3rd. Nothing to update until I get the quotes back.

Quote from Pantoja

I got a quote for 5,500 from pantoja and I would like to go August 3rd which is VERY soon and I'm hoping he has that date available but idk if he will. I'm still waiting on campos. I'll get measurements later.

So August 3rd was taken...So maybe August 28th

So I found out today that the date I wanted is already taken so I am shooting for August 28th which is the next available date. I just emailed Nadia back and I am hoping to send in my 500 dollars today so I can save my date. I am also about to contact OUR FRIENDS HOUSE aka club med to reserve a spot for me and my girlfriend.

QUESTIONS?? #pantoja

So Nadia has been GREAT with my questions. I put down my 500 dollars and now I'm waiting for OUR FRIENDS HOUSE to email me back so I can send them the 350 for my 7 day stay with them. I'm super excited but a little scared because Pantoja is known to be a little too aggressive with the lipo in the stomach which leaves it looking a little weird if your skin isn't tight already. I shouldn't be too worried because I've already had a tummy tuck so I'm pretty tight already but still. I'm more concerned about my arms because I'm getting those lipoed but they are not tight. I'm hoping that the faja works for my arms or I might have to get a arm lift ???? btw I'm getting my arms, inner thighs, full back, full abdomen, and waist lipoed with a breast lift. I'm unsure if I need a breast implant or not to add fullness. What do you think? Also do you know anyone who still Layed down on their stomach even with a breast lift?

Questions !!!!

How will I sleep if I get a breast lift with implant and BBL? Any advice? What should I use?

Obviously Realself has changed and ladies don't help each other anymore

So Ive come to realize that the ladies don't help each other anymore on this site. I will still continue to document my journey. So I put my deposit down for Our Friends House aka club med and now I just owe 7,075. I did my measurements which came out to be the same as when I had my first surgery lmfao. So I had another surgery before this (BBL, BREAST REDUCTION, AND TUMMY TUCK) and i looked at my old profile and i was 5'6 183 with a 33 inch waist and a 43 inch butt and nothing has changed lol new measurements below

170 lbs
33 inch waist
44 inch butt

I will obviously measure again right before surgery and after weekly. Although I am not too concerned with inches more with shape. I am kinda scared that my results will not be that great because I might have to sit on my booty because of the breast lift with implant. I will do my VERY best to avoid that and susana from our friends house told me that we will make something work. I plan on buying memory foam and bringing it with me so i can still lay down on my stomach and be lifted enough so my breast won't touch. I just wonder how gravity will effect it but i don't think it will be too bad because my bra was really tight the last time i had breast surgery so I'm assuming it will be the same this time. If anyone every wants to give advice I'm here !! lol but anyways i talked to susana from OUR FRIENDS HOUSE and she answered all my questions and she knows what she talking about.

Random info

Got my loan for surgery so that's great ! Also I'm on my period so I guess the inches will be different once I'm off and I taped myself in the middle of the day so this is what it is now.
32.5 inches waist
43 ass

Should I pay off all my surgery now?

23 more days until surgery

So I took some more pictures in clothes that I will compare to when I'm two weeks, 4 weeks, and six weeks. I will take random photos and post those as well. Idk why, but I am not as excited for this surgery as I was the last one. IT might be because my body looks fine now and it not causing me any real discomfort besides my breast being all saggy. Maybe when I get closer to the days I'll become more excited for the procedure. I am very excited to see Susana and Marvin again though. (They run Our Friends House Recovery Center). Oh yeah I've been trying to lose a little weight too. I would like to be 159 or 158 before I leave for surgery then I'll be the weight I've always wanted to be. That makes me nervous though because idk where he would get the fat from. I will buy my waist trainer once I get home and buy all the other items I need once I make it to Mexico. The good news is that I found a BBL buddy !!! I'm too hype about that. I will have someone going through it with me. Well anyways that's all lol


Okay so I've been taking my iron pills and two days ago I started taking a multivitamin on top of that. I ordered a BBLPILLOW online and hopefully it gets here soon. I checked my measurements today and I am

Height: 5'6
Weight: 166.2
Waist: 31.5
Ass: 43
Left arm: 13.5
Right arm: 13.5
Left thigh: 24.5
Right thigh: 24.5

I have not been eating that healthy, but I have been working out and drinking water. I've managed to lose around 3 pounds and I have 3 pounds to go then I'm just going to stay at 163 so then I'll be 8 pounds away from my goal weight. I'm sure he will still have fat to pull from such as my big ass arms and huge ass monster thighs. I am also trying to get this double chin to go away with this weight loss but who knows if it ever will. When I have surgery I plan to let him know that he needs to suck my arms dry of fat lol also I want a tiny waist !!! I'm thinking like a 27 inch waist with a 45inch ass would look perfect on me. Shit I'm actually hoping he can make my waist even smaller than that lmao so I have my list that I'm bringing to Mexico and the list is below.

Birth certificate
Social security card
Cell phone
Contacts with case and liquid
P.Js that button up
Comfy socks
Big panties
One decent outfit
-stretchy pants
-medium t shirt
Comfortable shoes
Sleeping pills
Iron pills
Abdominal board
Lipo foam

I am also thinking about bringing my lawn chair so I can sleep with my butt going through it and not have to worry about fucking up my tits or my ass. But anyways that's all folks. Any questions just ask :)


Okay so I got my BBL PILLOW in the mail. It's in the pics. It's very firm which I am so happy for the only problem is that it actually says "BBL pillow" lmao I don't want people to know I got my ass done and that's why I'm sitting on this pillow. Lol anyways I'm buying my lawn chair tomorrow. I'll also post a pic of that. I will be cutting out the butt part once I make it back home. Also I'm starting to realized that money wise this surgery is way worse than my last one. I'm like super broke preparing for this surgery :( I'm literally having to add up every single penny. Oh yeah I go to check my iron on Monday so I am very interested to see what it says. But anyways nothing new. I'll update my measurements when I am off my period.


Okay ladies so I bought my chair today and it was on sale for 50 dollars at sears. It is a lawn chair that leans back so I will be able to sleep as well as sit in it. If you read my previous post you know that I will be having my breast and ass done at the same damn time lol so i needed a way to sleep AND I FOUND ONE !!! so I measured the chair and my ass and cut out a section for my new ass. If i need more space I will cut it in Mexico. I will be bringing this chair and will spend majority of my time in it unless im walking around. I plan to make it comfortable with pillows under my thighs and head. I also bought a mumu (which is what i call it lol) it zips up and down so its easy for me to get in and out of. I have two of those mumus so when they are washing one I can still wear one. I also bought some sleeping pills so i can sleep because I have a bad habit of staying up all night. Well thats it yall. I posted some photos and please excuse the mess.

7 more days until surgery

So I will probably be going through this alone now :( so I'm not really happy. Just ready to get it over with.


Okay so I made it to OFH (CLUBMED) and it's just as beautiful as the last time. Marvin picked me up from my house because I live in San Diego and the ride was cool. We talked a lot about Mexico and it's history and stuff then we made it to the house and it was super nice and Susana remembered me which made me feel special. We also got authentic tacos and went shopping. I also did my blood work today and tomorrow is my appt at 930 ! I'm super excited to be here :)


This will be a long one. So I woke up at 6am because I was so anxious around 8 I took a shower and watched everyone eat breakfast and was at my appt by 9. Once I arrived I did my EKG and it was fine. I was the second person to go in and I was SUPER pissed about that because I was so hungry but whatever. I ended up going to my recovery room and sat around (had a couple fights with my GF) and then we made up right before surgery. Side note: PLEASE BRING SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HOW TO SUPPORT YOU IN EVERYWAY DURING THE SURGERY PROCESS. So i got dressed for my surgery and went in. They put something in my IV then I fell asleep and they used the spinal block. I woke up feeling great I was falling in and out of sleep which was cool. I was sitting on my butt but I figured I would be. Around 6am the nurse came in and put me in my garment which was cool with me. I looked down a briefly checked my body and it looked great !!! I'm currently in a large garment. Around 930am I realized that one of my boobs was WAYYYY bigger than the other and I let Pantoja know. At that point he said it could be fluid but he didn't t want to risk it and re did that breast to make sure. So yes ladies two surgeries in two days :( but Dr.pantoja was GREAT ! He is so funny and cool and he made me feel way better about the second surgery. My breast are the same exact size now and I have a drain in it. My body looks great in this garment but then again everybody's body does. It's out of the garment that worries me. My waist looks small but who knows. I'm back at the recovery house and it's great. Susana is taking great care of me and I broke up with my girlfriend in the process. She freaking left me right after the hospital to fucking go buy beer like seriously ! So I'm back on the market :( also don't mind the photos I will take better ones later when I can. I'm going through so much right now. On another note my chair is working out super great and I love it and that's about it. Any questions just ask.


I'm so down today it's not even funny. I've slept for maybe 7 hours in the last 3 days and it sucks sooo bad. I'm never comfortable. And I'm thinking none of this is worth it. I'm literally hating life. I had to have a catheter and drains (which I expected) and it's horrible. This surgery is mentally and physically draining. It makes me wonder if this is even worth it. Please time pass by faster.

1 week review and possibly last review

So today I've decided that I'm too damn weak to be trying to do this so I've made the decision to give up on the booty. I will sit on it and say fuck it. I'm over this shit and it's only been 7 damn days. I tried to be strong but this shit is too damn much. I had my titties and ass done at the same time DO NOT DO THIS. Just focus on one recovery at a time. Idk why I did this dumb shit. And by dumb shit I mean two surgeries at once. Btw Pantoja is a great fucking doctor and I wish I could have taken better care of his work but I need to be comfortable. My sleep is more important than my ass at this point. I will not be on realself anymore unless it's about my breast. My BBL results will not be on me and NOT the doctor. I simply give up. I know I wasted money but it is what it is. Have a good one ladies.

So it's been awhile

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Pantoja is the best !! I have met a lot of doctors but he is the most skilled and caring. I loved everything about him. He truly does care about his patients and he makes that clear. He did my second surgery free of charge and did not even mention money. I'm very happy with the doctor I chose.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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