Ok ok fisher it is!!!

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Hello ladies ive been on this site a few times...

hello ladies

ive been on this site a few times and decided to join.

theres so many stories that motivate me! you women are very strong and im going through the same wanting a bigger butt... right?? and some curves to!! :)

well i have been considering dr.campos in mexico having seen so many going to him and the results are fantastic! i already went for 2 consults with 2 different dr's one was dr.ghavami in beverly hills wich he was awesome i really love his results but the prices were a little to high after seeing what dr.campos charges. and i also went for a consult with dr.bandy in newport beach she was a little more expensive than dr.ghavami but for some reason she didnt convince me. so i said let me do a little more research and i bummped in to real self!! and started seeing all these results different dr.s and all you wonderful women sharing your stories!! so with that said i JUST SEND AN EMAIL to the office of dr.campos ! i tried calling and that didnt work out can somebody tell me whats the best way to reach them for an appointment??

Ok so i got a response from hannia and i have to...

ok so i got a response from hannia and i have to send some pictures in!! im soo excited i will also upload some pictures on here ladies....

Ok so im having difficulty taking some good...

ok so im having difficulty taking some good pictures...any suggestions????

I sent my pictures to dr. Campos and he replied...

I sent my pictures to dr. Campos and he replied the following day!! Which amazed me because I hear a lot of ladies say it took him a long time to reply with a quote . So here i am expecting to hear from him in a week. And i get a response the following day but Now I'm a little bummed out because he said I needed an extended tummy tuck? Really I don't think I need one I'm planning on loosing at least 15 lbs if not a lil more before I go in I no I can do it I've done it before... PLEASE ladies I need some feed back on this one!! I will post my pictures

I need help what do I need before surgery ?? ...

I need help what do I need before surgery ?? What's good to take along with u??

Thinking if becoming a yily doll!

I haven't been in here for a while ! But I'm back at it again. Well I've been seeing alot of yily dolls! And let me tell you ladies are looking fabulous! Omg she is the bomb! Now my question is what's the fastest way to get into contact with dra yily for a consultation? Please let's
Know ladies! Happy healing :)


I'm glad I just keep looking around and I think I'm set with my dr. ! I've seen great work all you fisher dolls look awesome and he's in the states! Nothing against going out of the states but I think I scared myself out of going. Any suggestions or comments on dr fisher? What's the easiest way to get a quote?
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

i heard of him on realself!! :)

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